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- Technology innovators with open source roots. Founded 2001.
- 150+ technical employees including developers, designers, QA and infra specialists
- Specializes in technology consulting, enterprise software development and product development.
- Savvy on agile methodology
- Headquartered in the Philippines with development offices in Manila and Cebu
- Global customer success stories -- spanning Asia Pacific, US, and Australia

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Exist Fact Sheet

  1. 1. w: www.exist.com t: @existglobal f: www.facebook.com/existglobal HEALTHCARE Improving clinical care processes by implementing an electronic medical record system that integrates patient information from disparate systems. TELECOMS Designed and implemented portals and a payment service platform for some of the telecom providers in Asia Pacific. Exist started in 2001 and has its roots in designing and building breakthrough, disruptive Open Source innovations. Today, we’re a global, multi-awarded consulting and technology engineering solutions leader operating in Manila and Cebu with clients in Asia Pacific, Australia and the US. Focused on a collaborative value creation strategy, we push the boundaries of technology to help our customers seize the next-generation of business-driven IT solutions. CLOUD & WEB Fusing bleeding edge technologies to deliver scalability and interactive experience for a next-gen web builder platform. FINANCE & BANKING Building a payment services platform that helps businesses collect, store and send money from within their mobile and web applications. LOGISTICS Modernized a system for placing and tracking orders to help a logistics operator streamline operations and provide better customer service. TECHNOLOGY Delivered a Java application platform which made waves as IBM’s first Open Source acquisition and was eventually integrated with the IBM WebSphere suite of products.
  2. 2. w: www.exist.com t: @existglobal f: www.facebook.com/existglobal What We Offer TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Design and architecture. Healthcare IT expertise. Re-engineering. Big Data. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT End to end engineering services. HEALTHCARE IT SOLUTIONS Healthcare IT consulting. Hospital information systems. Health exchange and electronic records. OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT Liferay. Java and Ruby on Rails development. ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Consulting. Custom development services. QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES Functional testing, performance testing, etc. CLOUD SOLUTIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES Private cloud deployment. Hosting and managed cloud services. Say Hello How can we be of value to your team? Start a conversation with us! Email: sales@exist.com Call: +632.687.4091 / +1.310.728.2142 loc 5304 JAVA J2SE, JEE, Liferay RUBY ON RAILS Ruby, Rails, REST, Rake, Mongrel, Capistrano RELATED TECHNOLOGIES Web Services, SOA, JSON, YAML, SOAP / WSDL, Workflows / BPEL (jBPM, OSWorkflow), Struts, Jasper Reports, Spring, Hibernate, Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, Apache Geronimo, WebSphere, JDO, Toplink, OpenJPA, Ibatis, Jpox Lucene, Oracle AS, Webwork, OSGi, Eclipse SWT, JBoss Seam, JSF, JGraph, Jung, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Hadoop QA & TESTING Maestro, Apache Archiva, Apache Continuum, Apache Maven, JUnit, Selenium, OpenSTA, JMeter DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Subversion (SVN), CVS, Git, Redmine, Eclipse INFRASTRUCTURE Multi-environment deployment with focus on Linux, Pf / PfSense, Untangle, Web Servers, Trixbox CE, Virtualization, Nagios, Zabbix, Monit, Puppet, Eucalyptus, EC2, S3, Cloud-based deployment