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Exist Customer Success Stories


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Portfolio of Exist, software & technology services provider w/ development offices in Manila and Cebu.

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Exist Customer Success Stories

  1. 1. Customer Success Stories A track record of successful customer stories We are technology innovators. Over our 11 year history, Exist has focused on creating software that disrupt and impact the way our customers do their businesses. Established in 2001, we were the first software outfit in the Philippines to establish an enviable Open Source capability. In 2005, we delivered a revolutionary Java application platform, Gluecode Joe, which IBM bought in the same year. This earned us in 2006 the Red Herring Asia 100 award as one of the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation. Again in 2007, we had another breakthrough with the development of the first open source Service Oriented Architecture platform, LogicBlaze Fuse, acquired by Iona in 2007, and subsequently acquired by Progress Software in 2008. Within a few short years, we had grown to become the requisite innovation partner of software product vendors and technology start-ups; consequently achieving ZDNet Asia’s Top Asian TechnoVisionary award. Essential to our success is our unique ability to create innovation platforms with an Open Core strategy and an open source mindset. This disruptive model gives customers, who are our business partners, their own innovation engine that optimize their ROI. In 2007, Exist delivered a groundbreaking solution for one of the leading finance institutions in the US that marked our entry to the enterprise market. And in 2008, the Philippines' Department of Trade and Industry ranked Exist as the Most Progressive Homegrown Company in the field of Software Development, outperforming hundreds of offshore development companies in its class. Today, we continue to deliver cost efficiencies for our business partners with the highest level of technical expertise. With the help of our business partners, we’ve started to serve enterprise industry segments such as Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Transport & Logistics. Our commitment to our business partners has seen us form long-term partnerships with many of them including IBM, National Payment Network, Swiftstar, RMN, to name a few. We take pride in some of our client partners who have grown with us while the bigger partners refer us to new business. This is a testament of the collaboration, shared values, and the relationship nurtured through the years. Learn about the challenges that we have helped businesses conquer and let’s talk about how we can help you. Expertise in Delivering Enterprise Solutions We work with enterprises to develop applications to serve their business demands. We know that creating an application is only half the battle; and we go the extra mile by providing technology consulting to enable scalability, reduce costs, and allow our customers to take advantage of what they currently have. Our enterprise customers consider us their technology partner. According to them, Exist is an indispensable architect who knows technology inside and out. A partial list of clients is outlined below: ✴ National Payment Network, a leading provider of loan acceleration programs for the auto industry in the US ✴ Swiftstar Logistics, a transport and logistics company that provides cargo forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management services in more than 20 major cities in the Philippines ✴ One of the leading hospitals in the Philippines, for which we built a new healthcare system that included admission, ordering, billing, discharge, out- patient and other subsystems, and an ancillary results management system ✴ The Philippine Star, a leading publisher of newspapers and magazines in the Philippines ✴ One of the leading telecom providers in the Philippines, for which we designed and implemented portals and a payment service platform.
  2. 2. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Finance National Payment Network (NPN) Development of CustomPay, a loan acceleration software application for simplifying finances Challenges ✴ NPN, a leading provider of loan acceleration programs for the auto industry in the US, needed an integrated solution to facilitate process innovation for customer and partner relations ✴ Confronted with aggravating manual tasks in the daily operations, the company felt the need to enhance its existing back and front office loan system by integrating its application tooling that included a CRM application, in-house lender and drafting engine facilities, and different client software applications from its affiliate banks ✴ Financial security is its primary focus and as such, NPN needed to continuously implement state-of-the-art technologies and process designs to ensure the integrity of all fund transfers ✴ NPN needed the solution to be implemented iteratively to clinch quick wins on high-priority requirements Need to automate and streamline your business processes? Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at Solution ✴ NPN made the strategic decision to outsource development to Exist after consulting with a previous customer (of Exist) ✴ Exist contributed a total of 5 software engineers and an architect; together with a project manager from the customer's side, they formed a joint project team that worked through the development phase ✴ Exist developed for NPN a secure, fully managed and customizable portal for loan payments, implemented with Java and Ajax, business layer on Spring framework, data access layer developed using Hibernate, and database using Oracle ✴ The project was executed using agile development model Results ✴ Phase 1 of the project that included components for customer service, partner account management, and integration with bank affiliates was delivered in 6 months -- accomplishing the project on time ✴ Succeeding development phases were meritorious; Exist has successfully implemented the application and delivered it to the customer ✴ With the help of Exist, NPN is now able to offer the most advanced, secure automatic debit technology to its customers ✴ Using CustomPay has transformed formerly manual processes into streamlined, efficient operations ✴ NPN has shifted its focus from admin to higher-value activities that directly benefit the company ✴ CustomPay has helped thousands of NPN customers take real control of their core loans, retire their debts faster, and manage their finances more effectively
  3. 3. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Healthcare Leading hospital in the Philippines Partners with Exist to Deliver World-Class Healthcare Application to Clients Challenges ✴ Faced with a portfolio of incompatible legacy systems that hindered its ability to compete, the customer required a radical improvement of its healthcare system in order to operate more effectively ✴ Customer sought to have a high quality web-enabled system (for its new facility) that will be capable of seamlessly integrating and interfacing with external systems ✴ Requirements for usability, reliability, performance, and scalability of the software solution were very high ✴ The customer's in-house development team -- plagued by ineffective testing mechanisms and prolonged testing cycles -- fell short of the expertise needed to move the project forward ✴ Requirements often changed and rapid time to market was indispensable; customer needed to work with a team that can rapidly deliver a technically challenging solution Solution ✴ Following an endorsement from one of Exist's respected partners, the customer made the move to outsource one module to accelerate the development of its new system ✴ Exist was tasked to work on a small project at the onset and succeeded in proving its capacity to innovate and deliver ✴ Given Exist's experience, the customer eventually turned to Exist to fully develop its new hospital management software solution ✴ Working collaboratively with the customer's Business and Systems Analysts, the Exist team conducted a review and established with the customer the overall technical architecture for the new system ✴ In-house engineers played a supporting role while the internal QA team played an instrumental job during post-development iterations ✴ Best practices were shared to the in-house development and QA teams Results ✴ Based on a 9-month engagement -- including both a design and a rapid development phase, the new healthcare system, which included admission, ordering, billing, discharge, out-patient and other subsystems, and an ancillary results management system were deployed in production at the customer's newest facility, in time for launch ✴ Addressing the inherent limitations of the legacy system, the new system promoted efficiency and provided management with timely, accurate, and complete reporting of information ✴ Customer commends the Exist team's outstanding capabilities as the perfect complement to the excellent patient care that it has always been recognized for ✴ The created solution became an important instrument for the client to strengthen its market position and significantly improve operations Looking to gain competitive edge in your market? Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at HEALTHCARE Demand for top-of-the-line healthcare services is continuously increasing and advances in technologies have intensified competition in the industry. Healthcare institutions need to effectively implement top-notch technologies and systems with high levels of quality and efficiencies to gain competitive advantage over other healthcare institutions. How We Can Help ✴ Exist can help you identify specific needs and design a solid foundation on which to build world-class healthcare solutions ✴ Our deep experience in the crucial components of healthcare applications enables you to focus on higher-value business requirements ✴ Our technical expertise helps ensure a successful product outcome -- high-quality healthcare software solutions that match, if not exceed, what is envisioned ✴ Implementation of agile development along with best practices in software development, distributed project development, unified communication network, risk mitigation strategies, and comprehensive project documentation lays a solid, flexible foundation for your organization’s capacity to improve time to market ✴ Exist’s automated build and test tooling, and quality assurance methodologies and experts ensure world-class applications that conform to requirements, standards, and objectives
  4. 4. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Transport & Logistics Swiftstar Logistics Development of a Web-enabled Logistics Management System Challenges ✴ As a transport and logistics company that provides cargo forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management services in more than 20 major cities in the Philippines, Swiftstar wanted to manage more efficiently and effectively its logistics operations in order to provide better customer service ✴ Swiftstar sought to have an online system for placing and tracking orders for transportation of cargoes to replace error-prone, unsecured, rudimentary spreadsheet documents ✴ Swiftstar needed a solution that addressed its unique business processes ✴ Rapid business growth necessitated usability and scalability in the logistics management software solution Solution ✴ Given Exist's capability in delivering high-quality enterprise software solutions, the customer selected Exist to develop its logistics management software ✴ An Exist innovation pod composed of software engineers and an architect was built; the team worked collaboratively with the customer in transforming business requirements into usable software functionalities ✴ Exist developed for Swiftstar an easy-to-use, fully manageable system implementing technologies such as Java, Spring, Jetty, Hibernate, and Postgres ✴ The project was executed using the agile software model Results ✴ Phase 1 of the project was delivered over a period of six months; the project’s agile and iterative qualities enabled frequent release of small changes that made transitioning to the new system hassle-free ✴ After the successful deployment of the project, Exist started a long-term development engagement with the customer building out additional functions as needed ✴ From a crude to a fully integrated and automated booking and monitoring system, Swiftstar now has achieved greater management insight and efficiency over its operations ✴ Swiftstar has effectively streamlined the training of new employees, subsequently creating more sales opportunities Looking to automate and streamline business operations? Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at Development of a web CMS using Alfresco and Liferay Challenges ✴ Customer needed a global-scale content management system (CMS) that allowed for user participation to form a cumulative knowledge base ✴ Solution has to organize and manage the efforts of the customer across dozens of marketplaces; should be reliable and required for rich media functionality in delivering content to end users ✴ Company needed to improve the quality of information shared among its global departments Solution ✴ Exist designed the architecture of the system to leverage open source solutions such as Alfresco (as the document library) and Liferay (as main framework) to improve time to market ✴ Outside of the file upload and version capabilities provided by Alfresco, the project -- essentially a portlet running in Liferay -- included components that allowed for comments, search, rating (mark as favorite), and viewing of PDF files, made available using Flash ✴ Exist utilized Spring Portlet MVC, Hibernate, and DWR for communicating with Alfresco from the portlet while front-end was developed with Ajax, Flash, and HTML technologies Results ✴ CMS was delivered on time and within the budget limits ✴ Customer was able to enhance user participation and collaboration using an online platform that enabled an easy-to- use interface, utilizing rich media technologies
  5. 5. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Telecommunications Designed and implemented portals and a payment service platform for a leading telco company in Asia Pacific Challenges ✴ The project required for the Exist team to work on a component of a vendor portal that will enable merchants, such as phone reload shops, to buy and manage purchases and payments online. ✴ These merchants are customers of a telecoms provider in the Philippines Highlights ✴ The payment service facilitates and provides transaction management services for purchases of load wallets and other products from the customer for their network of merchants ✴ Components of the payment service include: payment authorization, fraud detection, request for payment transaction data/history (credit card and via the customer’s digital currency, recurring payments), billing management, handling dynamic (and conditional) discounts and promos pricing management (customer and merchant defined), billing/ transaction reporting, transaction notifications via email and SMS, User Management, and web integration services for: security / public cloud authorization, Admin Directory, single sign-on (SSO), and integration with the customer’s supplied shopping cart and / or API's for merchant supplied carts ✴ Liferay, an open-source enterprise portal, was used to develop the said vendor portal; data/content (notifications and alerts), products and pricing, discounts and promos, as well as fraud detection rules and basic rules for pricing and recurring payments were executed in Java ✴ Team of 6 composed of project manager, team lead / architect, three Java developers and a quality assurance specialist worked on the project ✴ Project took approximately 5 months to finish Testing in Agile Software Development ✴ Exist has deployed a dedicated QA team to help Ace Metrix with functional testing. Exist is also exploring automated testing opportunities on their platform. ✴ Ace Metrix is the new standard in television analytics. Television advertising represents a CMO's biggest risk and largest expense, yet has some of the least effective measurement tools. Ace Metrix solves this by bringing digital technology, analytics, and speed to TV. They measure creative effectiveness for every ad, every single time, in real time– making media dollars work harder.xist has a dedicated testing team working with Ace Metrix's development team. “Given the complexity of our software, Exist team has evolved quickly and demonstrated a good understanding of our tools which has allowed them to deliver results with a high quality. Exist records results into our tracking systems with excellent detail which enables our engineering team to diagnose the issues quickly.” -- Greg Falzon,VP, Product Engineering of Ace Metrix Do you require independent testing services or looking to get started with testing involved on day 1? Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at
  6. 6. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Cloud & Web Philstar Migration of a news site to Drupal and maintaining high availability of the site Challenges ✴ The current site was running on ASP and was encountering scalability and security issues both on an application and infrastructure level which was highlighted by site attacks by hackers. ✴ The challenge was to migrate the current site to a platform with a structurally sound framework and infrastructure configuration that is both secure and scalable to meet the growing demands of functionality, features and user volume to be competitive on the market. ✴ Once migrated to the new platform, the next challenge was to ensure that the site is highly available and disruptions are kept to a minimum. Since the skillsets required to troubleshoot and configure the site infrastructure is still being developed inside Philstar during this time, they needed an Infrastructure support team. Solution ✴ Drupal Framework Exist recommended the use of Drupal as the primary framework for the site primarily due to its existing CMS features that easily supports Philstar’s requirements and because Exist team believe that it’s a solid, extensible and scalable framework to build the site on. ✴ Infrastructure and database configuration Exist recommended on reconfiguring Philstar's existing infrastructure platform to ensure scalability and security of the site: • Changing of OS from Windows NT to Centos 6 • Updating versions and configurations of their reverse proxy, caching server • Added load balancing configuration • Optimized database configuration and indices • Data redundancy and high availability setup ✴ Managed Service To ensure that high availability of the site is maintained and all configurations are optimized, Exist and Philstar entered a manage service support agreement that would allow Philstar to readily access Exist's infrastructure engineer for any infrastructure related issues and concerns. Exist's infrastructure engineer monitors the health of the site servers and provides L3 support while Philstar’s IT team provides the L1 and L2 support. This allows Philstar to concentrate more on their core business while being assured that their infrastructure is being monitored by highly skilled infrastructure engineers. Results ✴ Philstar is now one of the most read online newspapers in the Philippines. They have effectively improved their search engine and page load performance, community interaction and reader engagement. ✴ Since their launch in November 2012, Philstar’s unique visitors increased by 50%. The site now has over 5,000 concurrent users daily at its highest. ✴ With Exist’s Managed Services, Philstar was able to save an almost 70% Collaborating with Morphlabs to deliver award-winning cloud solutions Background ✴ Morphlabs is the world’s leading provider of converged dynamic infrastructure for Cloud Computing ✴ Market for cloud services is predicted to grow tremendously from 2011 and beyond ✴ Exist has proven success in building world-class technology solutions, accentuated with an expertise in open source technologies and development process Highlights ✴ Morphlabs is collaborating with Exist to accelerate its product development ✴ As Morphlabs' technology partner, Exist provides design to engineering services, system integration services, as well as technical support services ✴ Key technologies used: Ruby on Rails and various open source technologies ✴ Morphlabs is able to scale its development team easily and quickly with the help of Exist ✴ Exist is also instrumental in building Morphlabs' website and native iPad application of its cloud platform Do you want to offload routine infrastructure management to an experienced manage service provider? Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at
  7. 7. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Social Network Community Site 3eep Development of SportsPassion, a sports community website Challenges ✴ 3eep, an architect of online social communities based out of Australia, wanted to build an online sports participant community for amateur sports teams and participants to extend their passion for their sport in an online world ✴ Recognizing the niche between dedicated team management solutions and social networks, it wanted to develop a site, which would enable sports aficionados to interact a lot easier with a lot more fun ✴ 3eep was looking for a solution that could be delivered rapidly, easy to maintain, and at the same time scalable enough to grow as the community grows and as the company included more features on the site ✴ Shifting business environments compelled flexible software solutions Solution ✴ After collaborating for a solution to grab the market opportunity, the Exist team set out to create a sports social networking platform ✴ Ruby on Rails was used to accelerate development time ✴ A small team of 3 worked on the first prototype that was delivered over a period of three months using the agile software model; long term goals were defined in bi-monthly milestones while short term goals were defined to include bug fixes; small feature enhancements identified by the Exist QA team are released as short-term releases ✴ After the release of the initial prototype and having proved that the idea worked, Exist started a long-term development engagement with the customer building out the additional functions that the customer had envisaged ✴ The completed sports social networking platform provided components that included a community platform (blogging, forums, user management, groups, etc), team management and communication, clubs management, competition management and numerous small features Results ✴ Initial launch of the social networking platform enabled 3eep to raise funding for further development of the sports community service ✴ 3eep applauds the Exist team for their commitment to quality and enthusiasm throughout the entire project, extending to even after project completion "I'm very impressed with the way the Exist team worked with us during the entire project. Their commitment to quality, extending to even after the project has been completed, was always evident. Their attention to detail and enthusiasm contributed to SportsPassion’s success. Having Exist as an innovation partner gave us an edge over other emerging tech companies in Australia." -- Rob Antulov, CEO of 3eep Ruby on Rails Experience One of the early adopters of Ruby on Rails in Asia -- Exist started its practice in 2005 with a small team of developers building a lightweight bug-tracking system. In 2008, the Exist Ruby on Rails team merged with Syndeo Labs to prove its commitment to being the unrivaled RoR software development services provider in Asia. Some of the applications we’ve developed include: ✴ an employee management system that offers timekeeping and leave management ✴ a social networking platform for exchanging ideas through a structured debate system ✴ a social community service designed to encourage the composition and publication of short stories ✴ a social networking tool that defines relationships of members in an organization ✴ a Web 2.0 database development tool that allows members and stakeholders of an organization to develop the structure of a system's database via a wiki ✴ several interactive websites ✴ and many more
  8. 8. Customer Success Stories Case Study - Newsletter Generator Devex Development of an Enterprise 2.0 solution Challenges ✴ Devex, a social enterprise that becomes the largest provider of business intelligence and recruitment services to the development community, needed an automation tool that would manage their newsletter creation easily to facilitate effective communication with its members. ✴ The company had been using a proprietary tool, but the tool lacks usability and flexibility. ✴ Create an efficient newsletter generator that can automatically extract content from the database to the newsletter template. Solution ✴ With Exist Agile Development Process as well as expertise in developments tools that bring results in a short time frame without sacrificing quality, Dexev chose Exist to develop their Newsletter Generator. ✴ A team of 3 developers (1 serving as team lead), 1 QA engineer and a Project Manager worked closely on the project with the customer. Together, both created detailed feature list and updates, using the agile SCRUM software development methodology. ✴ The newsletter generator was a web based tool automating the process of creation of newsletters. ✴ Currently, the tool can generate 6 types of newsletters done through Liquid and allows users to have access levels on certain features. Admin can create the template and set which sections of the newsletter are editable while other user can only use the template and create an actual newsletter from the template. Results ✴ The working prototype was delivered in 1 month and final phase was accomplished for another 5 weeks. Exist team successfully accomplished the development on time and within the budget limits. ✴ Faster creation of newsletter resulting to more responsive communication with members. Technologies Applied: ✴ Ruby on Rails (RoR), MongoDB and Liquid Ruby on Rails Expertise In our Ruby on Rails projects, our team gained experience in / with: ✴ integration with common utilities such as Lucene, a Java back-end search engine ✴ using different e-commerce payment modules to enable payment options such as PayPal ✴ integration with popular social media / social community tools such as and Digg ✴ Web 2.0 mashups using Google Maps and Flickr ✴ and many more Each member of the RoR development team faithfully applies RoR principles such as Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY), which emphasizes code re-use and portability, and the belief that 'less is more,' which means building comprehensive features in just a few lines of wellwritten code. Need to deliver a project rapidly? Exist delivers powerful Ruby on Rails solutions so that you can capitalize on new opportunities, and even save on costs. Visit for information about how we can help. Or contact us at
  9. 9. Customer Success Stories Expertise in Delivering Technology Software Platforms and Solutions Exist has delivered products and applications and has helped enhance existing solutions for a number of software and technology vendors and start-ups around the globe. Products developed by Exist are used in the manufacturing, airlines, travel, telecommunication, and software industries. As your software innovation partner, we offer: ✴ strong Open source rooted enterprise development expertise that enables creation of an innovation platform that helps customers optimize their ROI ✴ transparent, collaborative engineering that takes advantage of the agile development model to reduce time to market ✴ distributed engineering that allows our team to deliver value rapidly even on small projects ✴ full life cycle pods, working with you from the early stages of development to completion** Need help with a technically challenging solution and assistance to accelerate development of applications? Contact us at and let’s discuss your project. Exist Innovation Pods Exist deploys scalable, highly-productive teams to deliver your application requirements. An Exist pod is composed of a project manager, an architect, engineers, UI engineer/s, and QA engineer/s. Each member in the pod is chosen meticulously to ensure that the pod has the right mix of skills needed to create your software. At Exist, it's not just about building solutions from Open Source. It's about building solutions with an Open Source mindset. While we're not not that big, we do have the ability to scale and deliver on projects rapidly. We enable our customers to take advantage of global distributed resources and existing technology to create their strategic IP. For more complex projects, we deploy several Exist pods depending on the project scope and timeline. Contact us today at to discuss your project. About Exist Exist started in 2001 and has its roots in designing and building breakthrough, disruptive Open Source innovations. Today, we’re a global, multi-awarded consulting and technology engineering solutions leader operating in Manila and Cebu with clients in Asia Pacific, Australia and the US. Focused on a collaborative value creation strategy, we push the boundaries of technology to help our customers seize the next-generation of business-driven IT solutions. For additional info, visit OUR CLIENTS We have worked with global software and technology vendors to provide the technical expertise and help them deliver software applications on time. Copyright 2013 Exist Global All Rights Reserved