Hiding from the people factor david clifford


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Presentation by David Clifford on behalf of EXIN at the SDITS event in London on the 24th and 25th of April 2012.

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Hiding from the people factor david clifford

  1. 1. Hiding from the people factor?!David Clifford FSMCM!Executive Consultant with enterprise-DNA Limited!!Fellow in Service Management (FSMCM) and !Global Vice-President of The priSM Institute® !!Consultant to EXIN!
  2. 2. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Are we all agreed on the following…?!•  Our people are one of the biggest differentiators in our industry!•  Supporting our teams through continual professional development is crucial!•  Our budgets are tightening, investment is looked at even more closely these days!•  We need to get value from our investments!2
  3. 3. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Then why do service providers tend to…!•  Focus on the processes and the services!•  Concentrate on implementing the toolsets!•  Produce role descriptions that serve to satisfy only HR!•  Review and feedback individual performance only annually!•  Provide little in the way of formal mentoring or coaching! Metrics and KPIs tend to support these areas, so…!3
  4. 4. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Considerations when setting targets!•  Ask yourself a couple of questions…! •  Do the KPIs for my team integrate and reinforce the measures for other teams?! •  Do they encourage the people to work as an optimised unit to deliver the value to the customers?!•  Define KPIs that give a positive influence on behaviour and overall business results!•  You need to consider the whole management system when doing this…!4
  5. 5. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?! Be careful what you wish for…in ITSM! Customers! Customers! (and! Service Management System (SMS)! (and! other! Management Establish Resource Governance of Documentation other! interested! Responsibility! the SMS! Management! processes operated by Management! interested! other parties! Parties)! Parties)! Design & Transition of New or Changed Services! Service Delivery Processes! Capacity Service Level Information Security Service! Management! Management! Management! Services! Reqs! Service Continuity & Service Reporting! Budgeting & Accounting Availability Management! for Services! Control Processes ! Configuration Change Release & Deployment Management! Management! Management! Resolution ! Relationship ! Processes! Processes! Incident & Service Business Relationship Request Management! Management! Problem Supplier Management! Management! 5Source : ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Part 1 Service Management System Requirements!
  6. 6. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?! Be careful what you wish for…in ITSM! Customers! Customers! (and! Service Management System (SMS)! (and! ! other! (A) See focus get other! (A) Measure interested! lost and the latest interested! everything! Parties)! issue being the Parties)! hot topic ! Design & Transition of New or Changed Services! (B) Measure (B) You get people qualification pass rates/scores! Service Delivery Processes! exam can passthey who but can an apply learning? ! Service! Services! Reqs! ! (C) See service productivity Control Processes ! ! (C) Measure! decline ! quality of service ! !(D) Set a short Resolution ! Relationship ! 1st line call Processes! Processes! escalation time! (D) See incident data quality fall and resolution times extend ! 6!Source : ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Part 1 Service Management System Requirements!
  7. 7. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR? Method versus Result measurementMethod based (METRIC)! !Result based ! (KPI)! !!1st line incident data capture in 5 minutes !Problem resolution time improved leading to improved ! ! ! !service availability!!Financial budget produced on time ! !Budget produced within +/-10% tolerance and planned ! ! ! !investment is realised !!Passed ITIL® Foundation 85% ! !Efficiency & effectiveness of change approval improved!! Focus on the results, not the methods to! drive performance improvements!7
  8. 8. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Delivering value or a certificate?! •  How many of us check for positive effects in our service management businesses following training/education?! •  Or is the over-riding KPI, “did you pass the exam?”! •  We can’t afford to take this approach anymore…!8
  9. 9. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Effective training results! •  The readiness of the trainee to participate in the session! •  Are they suitably experienced to get the most from the experience?! •  The quality of the trainer or facilitator! •  Do they have practical and current knowledge of the subject area?! •  The training syllabus! •  Does it feed them “what they need, when they need it”?! •  The training environment! •  Does the delegate feel relaxed and able to concentrate/contribute?! •  The method of training/education! •  What is the most effective method that the individual will respond to and is it appropriate to the subject matter, e.g. e-learning, experiential learning, classroom learning…?!9
  10. 10. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?"Level 1! The Kirkpatrick Four Levels™! Level 2! Level 3! Level 4! Reaction! Learning! Behaviour! Results! How did they feel The resulting Extent of The effects on about the increase in behaviour and the business or training?! knowledge or capability environment Did they enjoy it?! capability! improvement and resulting from the implementation/ person’s Did they consider application! performance! it relevant to their needs?!10 Source : http://www.kirkpatrickpartners.com/!
  11. 11. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Ongoing support! •  Provide mentoring/coaching support where needed when back in the office:! •  itSMF International’s priSM® institute provides an independent mentoring programme as one of its many benefits (www.theprisminstitute.org); ! •  enables a one-to-one, non judgmental relationship in which an experienced individual (the mentor) voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another (the mentee);! •  Supports the on-going learning, career development and continual professional development (CPD) of the mentee;! •  Assists in increased motivation and self-confidence.!11
  12. 12. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Research results…! “Qualifications are sometimes expected rather than viewed as a differentiator.! ! So you (course attendees) need to prove that their efforts are indeed changing the organization for the better.” !12 November 4, 2011 © 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited !
  13. 13. Be careful what you wish for…! ! focus on the result based KPIs that promote the desired behaviours and that deliver value to the customers! !13
  14. 14. HIDING FROM THE PEOPLE FACTOR?" Contact details…! • Executive Consultant/Manager! • David Clifford ! ! !david.clifford@enterprise-dna.com ! ! ! ! ! !+44 77 9090 4527! • Visit enterprise-DNA’s website !www.enterprise-DNA.com ! • ITSM consultancy, programme management! • ISO/IEC 20000 experts! • Visit EXIN’s website ! !www.exin-itsm.com ! • Exam/course specifications! • Sample exams! • To book an exam! • Frequently Asked Questions!14