Explaining EXIN's ITSM program by David Clifford


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Presentation belonging to EXIN's 1-hour webinar on EXIN's ITSM program based on ISO/IEC 20000

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  • COULD DO12 training days €2,88012 lost operational days €4,800Total cost €?????MUST DO33 training days €13,86033 lost operational days €13,200Total cost €?????
  • Explaining EXIN's ITSM program by David Clifford

    1. 1. EXIN’s ITSM Qualification Program (within the scope of ISO/IEC 20000)EXINVersion 3.1February 2013
    2. 2. 21. Program overview
    3. 3. Key Philosophy rather than try to do everything that we “could do”, why not focus on everything that we “must do” initially? the training result would beclearer, simpler, quicker and arguably more effective IT Service Management
    4. 4. Program philosophy 4• Consider the role of the individual – Feed them what they need, when they need it• Recognise existing investment – Side-entry routes allow fast tracking• Recognise this is a commercial world• Gain industry recognition – Recognised by itSMF International’s priSM® for application points and CPD credits – Recognised as part of the complementary qualifications for ITIL®
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. There is life outside ITIL® 6
    7. 7. Framework neutral ITSM 7 Customers Service Management System (SMS) Customers (and (and other Management Establish Resource Governance of Documentation other interested Responsibility the SMS Management processes operated Management interested by other parties Parties) Parties) Design & Transition of New or Changed Services Service Delivery Processes Capacity Service Level Information Security Service Management Management Management Services Reqs Service Continuity & Service Reporting Budgeting & Availability Accounting for Management Services Control Processes Configuration Change Release & Management Management Deployment Resolution Management Relationship Processes Processes Incident & Service Business Request Relationship Management Management Problem Supplier Management ManagementSource : ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Part 1 Service Management System Requirements
    8. 8. ISO/IEC 20000 & ITIL® 8Key - most important aspects of ITIL® for initial focus navigate to initial “must do” aspects navigate to initial “must do” ® aspects “must do” navigate to initial “must do” aspects “could do”
    9. 9. Program structure “must do” ITSM
    10. 10. FoundationKey elements Foundation and Foundation Bridge• 2-days training (15 hours)• Aimed at basic understanding of IT service management based on the scope of the latest version of ISO/IEC 20000 and awareness of the ITSM Program• Main principles, concepts and relationships related to ITSM and ISO/IEC 20000• Terminology of the quality approach to ITSM• 1-day Foundation Bridge for people with ITIL® Foundation (or equivalent)
    11. 11. AssociateKey elements Associate (5-days training)• Strongly focused on the plan, do, check and act activities of Deming’s cycle (PDCA) across the SMS• Focus areas : Service delivery processes, Resolution Processes, Relationship Processes and Control Processes.
    12. 12. Associate BridgeKey elements Associate Bridge (3-days training)• The Associate Bridge is aimed at professionals who have obtained at least two (2) ITIL® Practitioner or Intermediate Certificates• It provides those professionals with a short cut to achieve the Associate Certificate
    13. 13. “New” AuditorKey elements Auditor (3-days training)• Provides practical knowledge and practice of the audit cycle as applied to IT service management• Provides training related to external audits• Provides training in preparing Management reviews• Successful candidates will receive an internationally recognized confirmation of their ability to apply auditing knowledge and competencies in an IT service management environment based on ISO/IEC 20000
    14. 14. “New” Auditor…Prerequisites Auditor certificate• The ITSM Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000 or an equivalent• ITSM Associate based on ISO/IEC 20000 or an equivalent• The IT Service Management Auditor training course with an EXIN accredited training provider (ATP), including having successfully fulfilled the three (3) practical assignments as part of the course
    15. 15. Consultant/ManagerKey elements Consultant/Manager• Target audience includes… Top executive, management position, management representative for IT services Supplier, sub-supplier to an IT organization• Focused on how to implement and maintain management systems in compliance with best practices and the international ITSM standard• 5 days training
    16. 16. Executive Consultant/ManagerKey elements Executive Consultant/Manager• Highest level in ITSM• 2 facilitated advisory sessions on development opportunity for candidate• Project spanning 3 to 4 months with remote consultant support• Presentation to the exam board
    17. 17. 172. Program benefits
    18. 18. Program Highlights• Based on the latest edition of ISO/IEC 20000• A concise program for ITSM: - Practical usage - Encourages a quality attitude (service improvement is not a project) - Role-based modules - Framework neutral• It is people that provide IT Services, not books and standards
    19. 19. Program highlights• The EXIN program supplements the essence of ITIL® with the quality- and consistent- thinking of the ISO approach• Past knowledge is valued: - Foundation Bridge for ITIL® Foundation candidates - Associate Bridge to level for ITIL® Practitioners and Service Managers
    20. 20. EXIN ITSM: Role-based
    21. 21. EXIN ITSM – CandidateWhat’s in it for the Candidate?1. Not just process but attitude and behavior focus in IT Service Management2. Encourages them to focus on delivering the solutions that their customer is asking for in a simple and direct way3. Save time & money on training compared to other programs in the market
    22. 22. EXIN ITSM – CompanyWhat’s in it for the company?1. Become better customer-oriented and service-oriented2. One common language, focus on the essence, and achieving good and lean IT Service Management3. Saves time & money to get your employees certificated4. Save time & money on implementation and maintenance compared to other programs in the market5. Faster results against lower costs and increased customer satisfaction
    23. 23. EXIN ITSM – Partner What’s in it for the EXIN partner?1. Distinguish yourself from the more theoretical programs in the market2. Add a program to your portfolio which is based on a globally accepted standard with a growing number of implementations3. Offering your customers a very good method to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction
    24. 24. 243. Comparison to ITIL®
    25. 25. ITIL® QS & ITSM QP objective : from a qualified education perspective, take an ITSM professional from initial involvement in service management to being able to competently “analyze, evaluate and create/perform1” service management activities/products, or in other words, to be a “service manager” bloom levels as interpreted by EXIN 13 days 3 days * 5 modules 5 days 2 days 5 days 5 days• Course €720 • Courses €6000 • Course €2000 • Course €480 • Course €2000 • Course €2000• Exam €170 • Exams €1210 • Exam €242 • Exam €170 • Exam €303 • Exam €363• Operational • Operational • Operational • Operational • Operational • Operational downtime downtime downtime downtime downtime downtime ITIL® ITIL® ITIL® ITSM Foundation ITSM Associate ITSM Consultant/Manager Foundation Lifecycle MALC 23 days 12 days €10,342 + €5,316 + operational operational downtime downtime “Could do” training Wide and deep focus “Must do” training Critical elements and integrated focus “could do” “must do”
    26. 26. 264. Further information
    27. 27. 4. Further informationAdditional information• Basic Training Material on extranet• No accreditation fee for the Foundation (and Bridge)• The Foundation level is in line with the book “Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000”: A Management Guide written by Michael Kunas.• Go to www.exin.com for: • Preparation guide • Sample exam • To book an exam • Frequently asked Questions • Fast Track calculator
    28. 28. EXIN’s ITSM Qualification Program (within the scope of ISO/IEC 20000)EXINVersion 3.1February 2013