Career Development in Exigen Services


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Presentation by Angelina Zhuravleva, Training Department Head

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Career Development in Exigen Services

  1. 1. Career development in Exigen Services Angelina Zhuravleva June, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• About company• Opportunity for students• Career map• Ways of professional growth• Career development tools Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  3. 3. Introducing Exigen Services Exigen Services specializes in IT transformations. We commit to outcomes, co-invest with clients, and apply unique tools to maximize value. Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  4. 4. Global Presence Riga St. Petersburg Nizhniy Novgorod Kazan R&D Center R&D Center R&D Center R&D Center San Francisco New York Headquarters Europe Eastern Europe Wuxi US London Asia-Pacific R&D Center Minsk Suzhou R&D Center R&D Center Frankfurt Odessa R&D Center Dnepropetrovsk R&D Center Adelaide• Founded in 2000• 1’500 professionals Vilnius San Paulo R&D Center Christchurch Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  5. 5. Exigen Academic Program T0/P0 T1/P1 IT College 2-6 months internship Employee ExS University courses Students’ study projects DiplomaWinter & Summer Practices3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year Graduation Time 5 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  6. 6. Exigen Career Map Managerial Path Delivery Regional Project Delivery Manager Director of Manager (PM) Director (DD) (DM) Development SW engineer / Test Lead / Trainee / SW Test engineer / Team Lead /Technician Architect (SAR) / Tech Lead Analyst (BA) Chief Tech Project Tech Delivery Function Lead Technology Lead (TPL) Manager Officer (CTO) Technical Path7 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  7. 7. Way of professional growth How? • Junior Software Test Engineer - Software Test Engineer - Senior Software Test Engineer - Lead Software Test Engineer etc.Where?• Grow inside project • SW Engineer – Technical lead, Team lead, SCRUM• Rotation Master, System architect etc. • Technical lead, Team lead, SCRUM Master – Project manager, System architect etc. • SW Test Engineer – SW Engineer, Business analyst etc. 8 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  8. 8. Success Stories Vitaly, Developer P1 Maria, Test Engineer- – PM in 3,5 years HR director CIS in 4,5 (N.Novgorod) years (SPb)Anna, HR analyst- Sergey, DeveloperBA in 3,5 years (SPb) P1 – SAR2 in 4,5 years (Minsk)9 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  9. 9. Career development tools Performance The model of review competence Career planning Training programs and Assessment Rotation10 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  10. 10. Performance management• Formal performance review • at least annually (each 6 months recommended) • by resource manager• Formal project manager feedback: performance & skills • each 3 months or project/assignment end • by project manager• Purpose: • improve employees’ understanding about the company expectations of the employees • identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses related to work they perform • make specific plans for employee’s performance improvement • and acknowledge the employee’s contribution11 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  11. 11. Performance review form• Performance evaluation • communication skills • customer focus skills • etc.• Objectives • for previous period • for future period• Overall performance and suggestions: Final evaluation • Start doing -2 – Not acceptable • Stop doing -1 - Improvement expected 0 – Meets requirements • Continue doing +1 - Sometimes exceeds requirements • Trainings required +2 - Always exceeds requirements 12 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  12. 12. Career development• Formal career development review • by request of employee or on performance review • by resource manager• Principles: • employees are responsible for their own development • managers provide information and opportunities for employees to develop in a supportive environment• Purpose: • improve employees’ understanding about career development opportunities • make specific plans for employee’s development 13 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  13. 13. Career development: competencies• Customer service skills area • Foreign language (English) • Customer focus• Teamwork and team management skills area • Teamwork • Team management• Professional skills area • Test engineers • Developers • Analysts • etc. 14 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  14. 14. Training programs Management programs Professional programs • Soft skills trainings • Professional training • Effective Project Manager • Mentoring and couching • Assessment center • Internship • Business presentation • Retraining • Round tables • Round tables • Internship • Conferences • Mentoring and couching15 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  15. 15. Summary • Exigen is very interested in employees professional development • There are a lot of opportunities! • We evaluate and give recommendations for our employees each year • Performance review procedure, Career planning, The model of competences, rotation, training programs and assessment help to optimize the way of professional growth • We value professional skills, focus to customer and orientation to results of our staff16 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  16. 16. Employee-Oriented Company We’re a recognized leader in providing IT business solutions to customers worldwide – in North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. We hire highly skilled professionals to work on project teams in delivery centers distributed across Eastern Europe, the US and China. Work with our teams of business analysts, architects, developers, QA engineers, project and delivery managers to help our clients get the most value from their IT – what we call IT Smart. Here at Exigen Services we have a friendly and dynamic environment, where you will be inspired to achieve your career goals and meet exciting new challenges every day. While creating innovative solutions for our clients you’ll have opportunities to acquire new skills for your continuous professional development. You can expect to work hard; but you can also look forward to having fun along the way.17 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  17. 17. Social networks FOLLOW US!18 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.
  18. 18. Questions? Thanks for your attention! Angelina.Zhuravleva@exigenservices.com19 Be IT Smart. Join Exigen Services.