XDC Overview Mar 10


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Overview of XDC, Exicon Developers Connect.

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XDC Overview Mar 10

  1. 1. Independent global network of qualified multi-platform mobile developers March 2010
  2. 2. EXICON SPHERES Developers SP, NEP, ISV Angel Investors and OEM Start Ups
  4. 4. Estimated # of Software Developers Worldwide Shift in the Developer Paradigm 15% EMBEDDED MOBILE 18.5M INTERNET ENTERPRISE Techies becoming business savvy with ROI and commercials driving operational decisions Operating Systems Mobile Developers Are Highly Sought After Mobile Service Operators Providers MOBILE DEVELOPERS Handset Manufacturers Estimates based on: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS79726+24-Jun-2008+BW20080624 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/453880/how-many-developers-are-there-in-the-world http://www.mahalo.com/answers/programming/how-many-software-developers-are-there-in-the-world-and-how-many-in-the-us-india-and-china- respectively
  5. 5. DEVELOPER HOT BUTTONS Financials Distribution Tools & API’s Marketing Terms & Conditions Sales Channels
  6. 6. EXICON DEVELOPERS CONNECT Voice / Face recognition Games 7 Mobile Youth >2,000 Parking spacesMotion detection Video Chat Situational finder games Multiplayer games streaming Live video Video on demand Mobile Virtual Worlds TV voicemail E-Coupon Home monitoring Dining directory Video Design own interface HD TV Video phone Bus Locator Customer Focus Groups E-Books Augmented Reality Location based SNS Shaking alarm clock Live chat room Restaurant Waiting E-ID Card Video conferencing Scan and track taxi List Tracking of Navigation Dictionary people 9 Qualified Mobile Developers Semi annual 6,000 surveys Cities around The world 27 Developer Database
  7. 7. DEVELOPER COMPANY CATEGORIES APPLICATION PLATFORMS AND CATEGORIES # Companies # Applications 1000 Others 1250 Mobile App Utilities Developers LBS 1000 Social Media 750 Mobile Productivity Software 750 Entertainment Developers Game 500 Developers 500 Mobile Technology Mobile Providers Agencies 250 250 Mobile Publishers 0 0 Category Platform OS / Runtime C-Level Contacts from around the world 19% 29% 26% Names, Positions, Mobile Phone 16% Numbers and Primary Email Addresses 1% 1% 8%
  8. 8. QUALIFIED MOBILE DEVELOPERS Over the last 12 months a developer must have • Released a piece of mobile content • mobile application • (web) service or application • Widget • Games • e-books • Network level service • Sold mobile technology • mobile payment solutions • IM platforms • back-end content delivery solutions • Signed up one or more clients with branded content for mobile distribution
  9. 9. HIGH-LEVEL PHASED APPROACH TO BUILDING A DEVELOPER PROGRAM: DEVELOPER+ Implementation Application store a) Buy/License, Acquire b) Build 9 – 12 months Appstore Business Models, Go-To- APIs Interviews High-level Market & Action Plans Kick Off Research Review and Strategy, Build Process Objectives Realign Differentiation Benchmarking API Business Models, Go-To-Market & Targets Assessment for Strategy Positioning Action Plans Build Tools Checkpoints Phase Service Stakeholders Baseline description Document Development Integration Developer Community Business Models, Go-To-Market & Action Plans Roadmap 1 week 1 week 6 weeks 8 weeks 2 – 6 months Developer Community Set Infrastructure & team Social Media Programme& Community Development 6-9 months
  10. 10. ONLINE DEVELOPER OUTREACH Listen Plan Join In Engage Orchestrate Lay Build Start the Attract Grow the Direct Drive Foundation Online Hubs Conversation Users Conversation Conversation Business Objectives Targets C Conversation PR KOL’s Objectives C Retention Conversation Targets Audience Objectives Business Foundation Management Channels Hubs Targets C Conversation Messages Other Developer Groups engagement and upsell C Conversation Product & Support Services
  11. 11. TARGETED RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN DEVELOPER ENGAGEMENT EVENT: DEAL+ Agree and Refine Corporate Objective Set the date for Deal-Summit Tailor Topics around Specific Identify Participating Develop Format and Interests Constituents Schedule To facilitate Define and Agree Key Value and Selling Sub Topics Propositions One-on-One Meetings Secure Speakers/ Industry Secure Senior Level Attendance Networking Opportunities Influencers Deal Making Environment Target Companies and Individuals Insights with Case Studies Connecting with Relationships and Industry Established contacts Groups Associations Personal Referrals Recommendations Invitations Extremely efficient Steep Learning Curve Strong Engagement Open Forum Behind Constructive Use of Time in All Conversations Closed Doors Relationships
  12. 12. DEVELOPER DAYS: CAMP+ Week 0-2 Timing & Format Dependent, from 2 months up TBC CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT On site Management, Supplier Management WORKSHOP PREPARATION MARKETING PLAN & IMPLEMENTATION ONGOING VAS Objectives, Audiences, Messaging, Briefings, Action Plan, Evaluation PROGRAMME 2 day Conference Organization workshop Venue Confirmation Negotiation Support Supplier Selection, Agenda CONF. &Advisory Management, Invite Management, Workshop. Ongoing Comms Strategy Costing, Timing, Pre-Qualification DATABASE Website build to handle registration, payment if Outsourced VAS Availability appropriate, meeting set up, video storage, Database Management Heavy EXICON Team Light EXICON Team Conference Conference Planning On-going VAS Planning Marketing Plan Database Management and Implementation Management • Project Owner • Project Owner • Project Owner • Project Owner EXICON • Project Owner • Consultant • Consultant • Marketing • Event Coordinator TBC Resources • Developers • Event Coordinator • Event Coordinator Specialist • TBC
  13. 13. XDC’S REFERRAL PROGRAM Reach Out and/or Developer Preparation Banner Promotion Registrations • Value Proposition • Invitations • Communication Plan • Targeted promotions • Agree to and create • Email campaigns templates, banners etc. • Conversion Application • Timing • Social Media+ (EXICON) Submissions • Action Plan • Seminars & Workshops • Level of involvement (XDC Deal+ Approach) agreed • Developer registration • Application submission • Measure & feedback • Fine tune program 1-2 weeks 3-12 months
  15. 15. JUST SOME OF OUR CASE STUDIES Global Developer Road Show Annual Developer Event Client: Major Telecommunication Group Client: Global Handset Manufacturer Brief: - Bring innovation in mobile services to the operating Brief: - Orchestrate global developer road show companies in the group - Secure high quality friendly developer - Develop core innovation themes to align with participation Group strategy and direction - Facilitate and arrange constructive dialogue and - Architect an annual Developer Partner event in line engagement between developers and company with core themes Lead Time: 1 Month Lead Time: 2 Months Deliverables: - Source 500+ quality developers Deliverables: - Ensure 60-80 participants engage in the event - In 22 cities across 4 continents - Source 30 – 40 targeted established developers to - Over 4 months participate -Secure senior level participation from the operating Activities: - Managed event processes, including: companies - Agenda Outline - Engage and enlist major industry associations and - Developer Identification relevant industry thought leaders - Selection - Invitations - Communications (developers and Activities: - Select and invite the participants and attendees market units) - Architect the agenda to match the venue of the - Facilitated 1:1 focused and targeted client event developer engagements Processed evaluations and - Manage quality “deal focused” meeting between feedback the operating company and developer - Coordinated follow up
  16. 16. SOME ADDITIONAL CASE STUDIES Mobile Lifestyle Brand Research and Mobile Developer Interviews Outreach Client: Premier Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Client: Global Handset Manufacturer Brief: - Assess market applications, categories and trends Brief: - Identify locally relevant top category content and - Validate developer platform preferences and lifestyle brands developer tools - Validate path to mobilization and application - Importance of mobile operator relations development for these brands - Confirm “time to money” for developers - Support development of quality applications - Win mindshare with consumers and establish Lead time: 1 months awareness for break through applications Deliverables: - Report with detailed developer insights and “hot Lead time: 2 months buttons” - Application category preferences in selected key Deliverables: - 5 locally relevant brands in each of the 12 industry markets segments - Developer preferences regarding tools, - Across 11 countries in emerging markets environments, marketing and distribution - Aligned with major corporate customer segments Activities: - Both face-to-face and telephone interviews the Activities: - Develop criteria for "natural" brands, applications and 1 hour interview topics included content - Enlisted the global XDC network of trusted - Drive trust, quality perception, and consumer developer Key Opinion Leader’s (“KOL”) recognition -Interviewed 34 of the worlds leading and mobile -Applied local criteria to arrive at refined target application developers partner shortlist - Organized local mobile youth focus group - Developed proposition, presentation and approach to sessions in selected markets drive the introductory meetings - Enlisted XDC network of Feature Foreagers (“FF”) for local assessment
  17. 17. AND A FEW MORE CASE STUDIES Mobile Developer Outreach Publish and Adoption of API’s and SDK Client: Global Handset Manufacturer Client: Independent Software Vendor Brief: - Create awareness and buzz amongst developer Brief: - Provide access and create awareness to locally community relevant social media and mobile application - highlight nuggets in the developer propositiion developers to specific operator API’s for the - 6 month campaign driving traffic to Developer creation of unique operator branded applications website, registrations, sign ups and submissions integrating open web API’s Duration: 6 months Lead time: 2 weeks Deliverables: - Page views to developer website Deliverables: -Number of Developers sign up - Number of Developer sign ups and registrations - number of applications developed - Number of applications submitted to registration site - number of calls to API Activities: - Listen to developer communities and their Activities: - Integrate Developer XDC database with client conversations as it relates to client site - Establish key “hubs” of conversation - Select relevant developers from XDC database - Define and Social Objects - Leverage XDC developers to source additional - Agree tone of voice amongst category of relevant developers “influencers” - Targeted communication highlighting the client - Weekly status updates traffic and key metrics proposition to selected developers - Continuous optimization of messaging and social - Enlisting developers to adopt code accessing objects API’s