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Olympics – ALL industries can take advantage of the largest sporting event in history. See what GE, Samsung and Visa are planning. Key metrics, who’s doing what, successful applications, key brands, top developers, trends, Near Field Communications (NFC), Check in and more…http://www.exiconglobal.com/report-download/olympics2012

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Olympic inspired Apps FULL report

  1. 1. GO FOR GOLD with mobile apps: olympics 2012 How your business can capitalize on tHe mobile opportunity
  2. 2. go for gold The OppOrTuniTytHEOppORtunitY:It’s coming! The most connected international event in history. with cross-platform apps and social media designed to captureLondon 2012 promises tremendous mobile opportunities for momentum and mindshare, without infringing the heavilyadvertisers to inspire millions of tourists, athletes, fans and spectators. protected trademarked partnerships.With 5.3 million tourists expected in London1, over 8 million covetedevent tickets, and over 1 billion global viewers tuning in2, brands can and Visa have already announced branded apps, interactivejoin the experience, deepen connections with customers, and claim digital and mobile campaigns that tap into star power, music,their territory during “the biggest consumer spend ever at an Olympic community spirit and new mobile payment technologies.Games.”3Networks in London will buzz like never before. To meet this how you can get your app launched for the summer.massive, positive audience. www.exicon.mobi 01
  3. 3. go for gold quick sTaTsQuick StatS: 84% of Smartphone UK mobile advertising market began a new “golden age”,Market Potential owners access doubling in value to USD 130 mobile Internet million in 2010, with 19.1 million daily.4 monthly data users.5 1.6 million additional UK mobile advertising market expected network users to remain the largest market in Europe expected during the accounting for €1.14bn per 6 annum by 2015.7 2012 Olympic Games. Smartphone penetration in UK: over 50% by end 2011, 32.44 million devices.8 www.exicon.mobi 02
  4. 4. the contestants
  5. 5. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: hOpefulsWord on the street is that GeneralElectric is producing a social interactivemap of the Olympic grounds, includingphotos, blog posts and social feeds.Maybe it will look something like this.9 at the Aquatics center in the Olympic Park Dave Manning just checked-in to Olympic Stadium www.exicon.mobi 04
  6. 6. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: hOpefuls saMsUnG olYMPic torch toUr 2012 offered participants the chance to nominate their heroes to carry An interactive billboard campaign launched the Olympic Torch themselves in the experience by posing with a virtual Beckham and sharing their photos via Facebook. 60 young people are expected to report live from key locations Olympic events.limited edition Olympics branded Near Fieldwith exclusive content, and are offering quick to bring the people of the Olympic Games, both participants and viewers,payments at more than 60,000 locations in the closer together with the use of smarter wireless technologies”10UK.part of the initiative. www.exicon.mobi 05
  7. 7. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: hOpefuls coca-cola Move to the beat B. The entire experience was captured in a 60 min documentary as part of a fully integrated global campaign. the unveiling of the Beat Wall, an urban art piece overlooked journey to fuse music and sport. Track the Beat engages teens by gain access to exclusive content and prizes. Olympic Games and to sport in general. Harnessing teens’ passion for music, and drawing inspiration from London’s musical heritage, the campaign fuses London music with Olympic sport to connect young people to London 2012.”11 www.exicon.mobi 06
  8. 8. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pacenEwS appS aGGREGatEOur analysis of Forbes 2000 brands tells us that product and servicenews is a top feature for integration into successful branded applications. & innOvatEare popular with a spectrum of brands and have proven a rich source of | | | | | to entry is low and the technology readily adaptable to any newsfeed/consumer engagement. | media-feed concept. Differentiation in this competitive space is all about | | lifestyle, event or celebrity who will be inclined to buy or subscribe to design and strong editorial controls are key to standing apart in this | | | | space and adding value to your brand. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | www.exicon.mobi 07
  9. 9. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace news: nbc breaking news, live results, schedules, content listings, medal media feeds and videos; and mobile alerts containing news, results, alerts by sport, video/photo/athlete alerts, and TV/ event reminders. “During Beijing 2008, we found that users turn to mobile to stay connected to the Games anytime, anywhere. Therefore we are working on a better mobile experience. We want users they are.” www.exicon.mobi 08
  10. 10. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The paceStREaminGmEDia appSVideo is widely considered the king of content. If you own theexclusive rights to broadcast or distribute footage from events orthe Vancouver 2010 Olympics - your competitive edge is secure.user-generated video can help your app draw its own unique crowd.But don’t just expect users to download your app. An unexpectedniche or perspective is essential - brands should resist casting too www.exicon.mobi 09
  11. 11. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace streaMinG Media: ctv Launched in Dec 2009, when only one carrier sold the iPhone in information about results, athletes, venues and schedules and in-app purchases. Downloads were achieved only by word-of- mouth. “Important for broadcasters, [besides the news feed], are video to success. Beyond features, broadcaster apps should always data is important, the brand name won’t sell the app, but the true metric is the user star rating, so UX & UI need to be great.” - Indusblue www.exicon.mobi 10
  12. 12. go for gold: The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The paceEvEnt rUGbYanD In 2008, Guinness offered a pitch perfect app to thetOuRiSm 20,000 international visiting HongGuiDESVisitors need guidance and fans need updates. What time Kong. Passport to Greatness offered a free city guide withdoes the triathlon start? Where’s the nearest Tube station? spoken CantoneseWhat time does that pub close? Directions, timetables, phrases, local maps,results, area history, restaurant and hotel guides… Who isyour customer, and what do they want to discover? schedules and rewards. GuinnessFollowing a favorite national team, sport, athlete or brand is credited the guide with a 30% year-interviews and behind the scenes content can help make us- on-year increaseers feel involved and build grassroots support for groups and in sales. “Take methemes and countries can share their message in a seamless of Guinness andexperience and build a wealth of goodwill that lasts long beautiful girls.”after the event. www.exicon.mobi 11
  13. 13. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace event/toUrisM: heineken Available also in Java and web version, it features venue maps, daily schedules, taxi calling, healthcare information, weather and news, wallpapers, a ringtone and available merchandise. information around the public transport, taxis, artist & sports schedules, location of food stalls, weather information and a download area for wallpapers and ringtones. “With the Holland Heineken House app for all platforms in Unique about the campaign is that it was distributed through unique phones, out of those the application was sent to 6,000 - www.exicon.mobi 12
  14. 14. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace event/toUrisM: bell The 2010 app included location-aware schedule of the events, directions to venues, ticket purchase, personalized news & sharing. Provides event guide templates to sponsor & customize apps. Heavy integration of location-based services, “great for the Games. Details have not been made public yet. “Important features for event apps are location-sensitivity combined with a map or plan of the area and venues, - Xomo Digital www.exicon.mobi 13
  15. 15. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pacetEamcEntRic appSto build itself by making features easy to share, and offering re-wards, access or special status that’s worth working for.clumsy extras that don’t quite match the brand. -spire long-term loyalty. www.exicon.mobi 14
  16. 16. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace teaM centric: Usa woMan’s bobsled schedUle times, notes, pictures, videos and links to twitter and their team website. “The biggest issue in developing apps around Olympics will be licensing & trademarks, as the use will need to be discussed with teams & organizers. If that issue is solved, one should in- and enhance the schedules with social capabilities, push no- The overall app should ideally also be combined with other strategies.” www.exicon.mobi 15
  17. 17. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace teaM centric: sPecial olYMPics ireland Launched in mid-2011, planned to be part of the marketing campaign for the Athens special Olympics. The app couldn’t be integrated well due to time constraints; downloads of almost 1,000 were just based on word-of-mouth. The aim was to create a positive association with the team & athletes by integrating feeds and a donation link, all fed into the app by the athletes. “Planned features for the next updates include an update customization / personalization of content, other additions could be referrals and a direct donation process. No matter the features though, the most important thing is how things are presented.“ - mApps.ie www.exicon.mobi 16
  18. 18. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The paceGamES GimmickSproposition. It can reap massive rewards if successful - games are Beckham in your photo and post it toconsistently the most popular app category. Games are fun, fast, Facebook. Ring that cowbell. One-offplayable and easy to share, but committing to game development and apps that capture a niche or simple idea can hit it big with the fans, andimportantly, the budget to expand your brand in a bold direction? big at the bank too.offer genuine, quirky entertainment or a superb user experience tocarve a piece of that time? few games are innovative and sophis- ticated enough to make it to the top. www.exicon.mobi 17
  19. 19. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace GaMes: barclaYcard AlternAtive to utility: entertAinment. Although only about 1 in 100 branded apps is a pure gaming application, entertainment apps & games remain an important alternative to utility apps. This was proven by the Barclaycard Waterslide app that was downloaded over 20 million times and generated brand engagement of over 650,000 hours. www.exicon.mobi 18
  20. 20. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace GiMMick: cowbell emblazoned cowbell, event schedule, favorites, news, social media. Leveraged social media and online marketing to reach their download numbers. www.exicon.mobi 19
  21. 21. go for gold The cOnTesTanTs: seTTing The pace GiMMick: nbc with coca-cola universal to engage fans in a multi-faceted olympics themed programme. athletes, limited edition packaging, mobile media and digital experiences. sounds related to the winter Games like air horns, and sounds users can created custom sounds and watch videos. www.exicon.mobi 20
  22. 22. tech tiPs
  23. 23. go for gold Tech TipsmObiLE cHEckinG inpaYmEntS & Facebook. Foursquare. Gowalla. All of these services encourage users to share their locations in real-time, to connect with nearby friends and to “check in” atnFc shops, restaurants and attractions to earn discounts and loyalty rewards. Locations, reviews and coupons are broadcast to the users chosen network.as a convenient tool for customers has inspired many major companies to Expanded loyalty services like Google has announced a mobile wallet redeemed at thousands of retailers walking in the door, sharing a message, payments will become a norm in the even using a linked Visa card to pay at near future. www.exicon.mobi 22
  24. 24. go for gold Tech TipsauGmEntED Polo. These location-based games brought hours of fun to many of us as children. ThenREaLitY appS & video games came along and suddenly the only location you played in was the living room. Now this shift is coming full circle asLOcatiOn baSED innovative mobile games are using geo- location, image recognition and augmentedSERvicES 12 reality technologies to combine the real and virtual worlds.”Augmented reality places virtual objects in Greg Stein, Mashable.comuser’s real world view through the screensof their mobile devices. A user walking inan unfamiliar city can overlay directions,other residents or trigger elaborate animationsInteracting with territories, items and locationswas impossible before the proliferation ofsmart mobile devices and apps. www.exicon.mobi 23
  25. 25. go for gold Tech TipsQR cODESQR codes are popping up everywhere, on posters,on television, on takeaway packaging and in thepages popular magazines.and you’re instantly transported to any number ofbranded campaigns, exclusive content, deals anddiscounts. www.exicon.mobi 24
  26. 26. go for gold hurdlesthe issue of BandwidthThe expected strain on London’s 3G networks has prompted wireless leaderBritish Telecom to provide increased capacity to cope with the inevitabledemand for data. The company has promised more than 500,000 Wi-Fihotspots in time for the Olympic Games.the Phone Free Zoneconnection, sharing and interaction will be centered in the Olympic Park andthroughout the city.olympics logofor it you can’t use it. www.exicon.mobi 25
  27. 27. the startinG blocks
  28. 28. go for goldreadY... steadY... Go Mobile! The sTarTing blOckstimELinES FORDEv / buDGEt: What can youMass Market vs. boUtiqUeBrands don’t have to reach 1 million downloads to reach theirgoals. A loyal following of 10,000 customers can do a lot for aOlympics? make? Use Exicon’s tools ( or contact Us! ) www.exicon.mobi 27
  29. 29. go for gold The sTarTing blOckstHREE LEvELS OF nativE appS basic interMediate advanced US $5,000 - $15,000 US $50,000 - $100,000 Over US $100,000 2 weeks 1 - 3 months 3 - 12 months Think about optimizing your Tap into key handset features Integrate with existing loyalty website, blog, or microblog for to provide location, social, and programs, mobile payment, the mobile. gaming services. logistics, and legacy systems.awareness informing sharing location aware transactional “A great looking interactive “All the bells and whistles.” brochure.” experience.” www.exicon.mobi 28
  30. 30. go for gold The sTarTing blOckswHat aRE YOu waitinG FOR? do it now The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics offers opportunities never before seen in the mobile advertising industry - millions of truly connected world citizens, we can help Exicon matches businesses with the best developers globally for their app projects. Our online tools, directories and reports, as well as our consulting services, can help you will bring you the best 3 developers for your project, brand, budget and location. Don’t miss out on the huge opportunity presented by the London Olympics 2012. www.exicon.mobi 29
  31. 31. go for gold references1. MobileSQUARED, “The Olympic opportunity: Will poor 3G networks hinder mobile creativity?” 30 Nov. 2011. http:// mobilesquared.co.uk/news/The%20Olympic%20opportunity%20Will%20poor%203G%20networks%20hinder%20mo- image Credits: bile%20creativity_170, 1.1 MobileSQUARED “Access: Mobile, Inspiring brands to communicate with mobile consum- ers, Can 3G networks deliver rich media mobile campaigns to millions of Olympic fans in 2012?” Nov.2012. http:// -2. The Economist. “And the silver goes to...” 27 Sept. 2011. (http://www.economist.com/blogs/gametheory/2011/09/ ranking-sports%E2%80%99-popularity?page=3,3. Visa Europe. “Visa report predicts biggest ever Olympic and Paralympic Games consumer spend at London 2012 - £5.1 billion boost to UK.” July.2011. http://www.visaeurope.com/en/newsroom/news/articles/2011/visa_2012_4. Gstatic. “Think mobile, the mobile movement, understanding smartphone users with Google” April. 2011. http://www. gstatic.com/ads/research/en/2011_TheMobileMovement.pdf -5. -6. Exicon calculation. 5.3M addtl visitors, around 50% smartphone users, of which 59% use mobile internet = around 1.56M – this is the potential of people that have the habit of using mobile internet, not the people who would necessar- ily roam.7. MobileMarketing Magazine. “UK Mobile Advertising Worth EUR1.14bn Per Annum by 2015” March. 2011. (http://8. mobileSQUARED . ”Teens lead UK smartphone penetration“ 23 August. 2011. (http://www.mobilesquared.co.uk/ -9. mobileSQUARED. “Access:mobile – Inspiring brands to communicate with mobile consumers. Can 3G networks deliver rich media mobile campaigns to millions of Olympic fans in 2012?” Nov.2011. - http://www.mobilesquared.co.uk/10. Samsung. “London 2012 Olympic Games. Everyone’s Olympic Games with Samsung” 20 March 2012 http://www. samsung.com/uk/london2012/olympics.html11. Coca-Cola. Press Releases “Coca-Cola Invites Teens Around the World to Move to the Beat“ of London 2012 with Award-Winning Producer Mark Ronson” Nov. 2011. (http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/dynamic/press_cent-12. Aurasma: Augmented Reality in action. March 2012 http://www.aurasma.com/ www.exicon.mobi 30
  32. 32. this report was brought to youby exicon.Exicon helps clients drive software innovations through oursmart platform and advisory services. We provide the tools,resources directories and reports to support our clients’ quest toget ahead in the mobile and internet arena. We connect Fortune500 companies seeking applications and widget creation, APIindependent software vendors.Find out what we can do for you and how we can help you buildsuccessful mobile campaigns on our website at http://www.exicon.mobi/company/presentations/Be sure to check out some of our other reports under the resourcessection on our website… www.exicon.mobi