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App submission survey results

  1. 1. App Submission Survey Results WMC 2011! Proprietary & Confidential! 1!
  2. 2. KEY FACTORS! TIME IT TAKES! For a finished app! MOST when deciding which App Stores! to appear in store! POPULAR! App Store! COST OF! TARGET! SUBMISSION! OEM AUDIENCE! App Store EASE OF SUBMISSION! PROCESS! MOST ANNOYING! YOU! when distributing via App MOSTLY!(Developer)! Stores! submits to! DIFFERENT! 1 - 2! REQUIREMENTS! App App App App App FOR EACH APP STORE! Store Store Store Store Store App App App App App Store Store Store Store Store Even though aware there are! START! >10 APP STORES ! MAIN REASON! for not submitting to more App Stores! Too much ADMINSTRATIVE HASSLE that comes with the submission process Proprietary & Confidential! 2!
  3. 3. Next steps•! Show you support our petition for App Submission Simplification by a simple Facebook “Like” on this Slideshare presentation and share your thoughts and ideas around the process in “Comments”•! EXICON and WIP will take your voice to the app stores and make the point for simplification of the app submission process Proprietary & Confidential! 3!
  4. 4. Detailed Survey Findings Proprietary & Confidential! 4!
  5. 5. What are the most important factors when deciding which store to distribute your app in? $"@"1-7>/+," %"@"A6<)-*+8*" &"@"=.4*-+," "@"=)*"76<)-*+8*"!"&#"&!"%#"%!"$#"$!" #" !" ()*+,"-.+/0" 1)2*")3"24567227)8" 9+:6.8*"6.*0);"3)-"42.-" (76."*)"+<<.+-"78"2*)-." =465.-")3"/)6<.>8?" +<<2"78"2*)-." Target reach Payment method Ease of Time to Which for dev submission receive countries are process payment available Proprietary & Confidential! 5!
  6. 6. How annoying are the following activities whendistributing your apps through app stores? $"@"GH*-.6.,:"+88):78?" %"@"I.-:"+88):78?" %"@"J);.-+*.,:"+88):78?" &"@"=)*"+88):78?"+*"+,,"!"&!"%!"$!" !" 1)6<+8:"-.?72*-+>)8" 1)8*.8*"?47;.,78.2" B<<";.2/-7<>)82"+8;"+-*C)-D" F(072"+<<"C7,,"8)*"C)-D"C7*0")4-" T&C’s Quality -.E47-.6.8*2" Tax related +4;7.8/.F" Assurance paperwork guidelines Proprietary & Confidential! 6!
  7. 7. How much time on average does it take youto get your finished app to the point ofsubmission? #!L!M" !L!M" !"#$%& &!L!M" %!L!M" $!L!M" !L!M" $"@"#";+:2" K"@"$!";+:2" $$"@"$#" $K"@"%!" %$"@"%#" %K"@"&!" J)-."*0+8" ;+:2" ;+:2" ;+:2" ;+:2" &!";+:2" Proprietary & Confidential! 7!
  8. 8. To which app store types have you submittedyour apps? N#L!M" (#!%& #!L!M" %#L!M" !L!M" A8;.<.8;.8*" 1+--7.-" O+8;2.*" (./0"9,+P)-6"QRS"@%#L!M" )-"T(U" Proprietary & Confidential! 8!
  9. 9. How many different app stores have yousubmitted your app(s) to?#!L!M" )!#!%&!L!M"&!L!M"%!L!M"$!L!M" !L!M" $@%" &@#" K@V" $!")-"6)-." Proprietary & Confidential! 9!
  10. 10. How many different app stores in total supportthe distribution of your app(s)?#!L!M"!L!M" !*#!%& !*#!%&&!L!M"%!L!M"$!L!M" !L!M" $@%" &@#" K@V" $!")-"6)-." Proprietary & Confidential! 10!
  11. 11. What is the MAIN reason for not submittingyour app(s) to more distribution app stores?K!L!M"#!L!M" )+#,%& J:"+<<"C7,,"5."-.W./*.;"5./+42."7*";).28X*" FY*F"*0.")*0.-"+<<"2*)-.2X"/-7*.-7+" (0."+4;7.8/.")3"*0.")*0.-"+<<"2*)-.2"+-."!L!M" Too much 8)*"6:"*+-?.*"/42*)6.-2" administrative (0."-.Z.84."20+-.")[.-.;"5:"*0.")*0.-"+<<" 2*)-.2"72"8)*"+-+/>Z.".8)4?0"&!L!M" hassle A*X2"W42*"*))"64/0"+;67872*-+>Z."0+22,." 24567]8?"*)"2)"6+8:"+<<"2*)-.2"%!L!M" ^.";)8X*"24<<)-*"*0."<+:6.8*"6.*0);2" 42.;"*)"<+:"*0.";.Z.,)<.-" R*0.-"Q<,.+2."2<./73:U"$!L!M" !L!M" Proprietary & Confidential! 11!
  12. 12. What are/is the business model(s) of yourapp(s)? N#L!M" -"#-%& #!L!M" %#L!M" !L!M" 9-.6746" _-..6746" B;"348;.;" A8@B<<" S<)82)-.;" R*0.-"Q<,.+2." <4-/0+2." 2<./73:U"@%#L!M" Proprietary & Confidential! 12!
  13. 13. Which OS/runtimes do your apps run on? $!!L!M" ($#-%& N#L!M" #!L!M" %#L!M" !L!M" B8;-)7;" S:657+8" 7RS" `+Z+" ^.5RS" ^78;)C2" aTG^" R*0.-2" Q<,.+2." 2<./73:U" Proprietary & Confidential! 13!
  14. 14. Which function in your organization is primarilyresponsible for submitting the apps to appstores? N#L!M" -#,%& #!L!M" %#L!M" !L!M" b.Z.,)<6.8*" J+-D.>8?" (.2>8?" J+8+?.6.8*" S+,.2" R*0.-"Q<,.+2." 2<./73:U"@%#L!M" Proprietary & Confidential! 14!
  15. 15. Has your app ever been rejected because of… …not adhering to app …not making it through the store content guidelines Quality Assurance processN#L!M" N#L!M" )"#-%&#!L!M" #!L!M" )$#-%&%#L!M" %#L!M" !L!M" !L!M" c.2" =)" c.2" =)"@%#L!M" @%#L!M" Proprietary & Confidential! 15!
  16. 16. ThanksExicon is a marketplace for digital innovation. We provide tools, resources andinformation designed to support our clients’ quest to get ahead in the mobile and Internetarea. We connect Fortune 1,000 companies seeking applications and widget creation, APIpromotion, contract development, and investment with qualified independent softwarevendors. Our clients include some of the biggest names in the telecom handset andoperator field, and leading technology and consumer brands across the globe.! EMAIL!! WEBSITE!! TWITTER! exicon! Proprietary & Confidential! 16!