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Creare valore con la sostenibilità


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il protagonista del ventunesimo Exhibitionist è Guy Bigwood, managing director Global Destinations Sustainability Index. Il titolo della sua lecture: Creare valore con la sostenibilità: come marchi, eventi e città si stanno trasformando. Milano, 21 ottobre 2019, Centro Svizzero

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Creare valore con la sostenibilità

  1. 1. Creating Value Through Sustainability Presentation by Guy Bigwood, Managing Director, GDS-Index @guybigwood #gds_index
  2. 2. IMAGINE.. If events became catalysts of a global revolution
  3. 3. The Events Industry is responsible for
  4. 4. ENGAGE ENABLEINSPIRE What is the GDS-Index Our Purpose destinations to become more sustainable places to visit, meet in and thrive in. A destination level programme that measures, benchmarks and improves the sustainability strategy and performance of destinations. It was founded by:
  5. 5. Leading Global Community of Destinations Committed to Sustainability
  6. 6. What keep you up at night?
  7. 7. Biodiversity loss is increasing Every 20 mins a species becomes extinct
  8. 8. 8 Billion Tons of plastic waste produced since 1950 = 55 million jumbo jets. 8 Million Tons Go in the sea every year
  9. 9. Racing towards extinction
  10. 10. WE HAVE TO REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS by 50% by 2030
  11. 11. What wakes you up in the morning with hope??
  12. 12. We are witnessing a Revolution
  13. 13. REVOLUTION IN HOW WE CREATE ELECTRICITY 500,000 solar panels installed globally every day 80% price drop in 10 years
  14. 14. A REVOLUTION IN HOW WE GET AROUND 81% growth in US in 2018, 25% in UK +50% of all cars sold in Norway 220 million new electric cars to hit the streets by 2030
  16. 16. 17 A REVOLUTION IN HOW WE EAT Vegan market grew 350% in UK, 600% in 3 years in the US
  17. 17. We are reaching a tipping point But are we doing enough?
  18. 18. Carrots and Sticks: Trends, challenges and insights of event food sustainabilityDo we need an evolution or a revolution?
  19. 19. MIDO The path towards sustainability Milan, October 1°, 2019
  20. 20. Sustainability: what 21 The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all the people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
  21. 21. Sustainability: why We can no longer pretend that the world is not our business. 22
  22. 22. Sustainability: who 23
  23. 23. Sustainability: our goals • Obtain the ISO 20121 certification for MIDO exhibition. • Act on making sustainable MIDO society too. • Work on the brand equity. • Affirm that sustainability is one of the most important asset of the future development. • Increase prestige and authority of our established brand awareness. 24
  24. 24. Sustainability: MIDO year zero • MIDO 2020 will already use recycled and recyclable carpet. • Reduce paper waste. • Reduce Co2 emissions or compensate them when possible. • Reduce food waste. • Organize a communication campaign to raise the awareness of our associates, employees, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors in order to make them support our programm with similar actions and attitudes. 25
  25. 25. Our vision (cfr. Ethic Code) • To strengthen the importance of MIDO as an event that looks beyond the dimension of the eyewear market and has an impact on the history of customs. • To promote through all its actions a renewed culture of eyewear. • In this context, MIDO's commitment is to contribute to disseminating a culture of sustainability among industry operators, emphasizing the need to associate business and attention to the environment and the community. 26
  26. 26. Stand up for green • For the exhibitors, MIDO is organizing Stand up for green, the award for the most sustainable stand. 27
  27. 27. thank you
  28. 28. Challenging the concept of growth Strategy Revolution: Cities and Business are setting a vision for regeneration
  29. 29. Cities and business are setting Moonshots targets and collaborating 30 Sector targets City of Sydney has set bold targets for a 70 per cent emissions reduction by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050. 11% of the city’s total GHG emissions 14% of potable water consumption 46% of the city’s commercial waste Hospitality Footprint
  30. 30. Circular Revolution
  31. 31. Keep materials in use: Upcycled Uniforms
  32. 32. Designing out waste and polution
  33. 33. SYMANTEC Case Study
  34. 34. • Reduce: Eliminated PVC, disposable carpet, wooden stage sets, disposable plastics • Rethink: Switched to LED lighting, carpet tiles, module stand systems • Rethink: Switched to more sustainable print substrates
  35. 35. Before 88 tons of waste 37 kg/participant After 10 tons of waste 5 kg/participant x70 x11
  36. 36. Case Study: Bangkok and TCEB Program to design waste out of food system Piloted in 10 hotels, delivering over 530,000 EUR in cost savings.
  37. 37. Circular Revolution: Regenerating natural systems
  38. 38. We can also lead a social revolution Partnership between MGM in Las Vegas and Three Square will provide 800,000 nutritious meals to food insecure people.
  39. 39. Catalysing a Social Revolution
  40. 40. Promoting a Food Revolution 7 out of 10 EU shoppers expressed strong preference for buying local (3000 consumers across Europe) shopper insight
  41. 41. Case Study: Ljubljana
  42. 42. Food Revolution: ICC Sydney: Feeding your Performance
  43. 43. Hyper-Local
  44. 44. REGENERATING NATURAL SYSTEMS WHAT IS THAT HIDDEN FLAVOUR OR INGREDIENT THAT DEFINES OUR “PLACE”? What forgotten recipes, processes and lost ingredients can we recover? How can we regenerate communities?
  45. 45. Sustainable Customer Experience Annual Meeting Sustainability Report
  47. 47. Social Responsibility Contest EXHIBITIONIST Milan, 1 October 2019
  48. 48. Fiera Milano has been strengthening its commitment to sustainability in line with its Strategic Plan In April 2019 we launched a project addressing all Group employees, using people’s empowerment as a key The innovative path of the project aimed to improve the culture of sustainability by activating ideas and concrete actions 4 impact areas were identified: • INEQUALITIES • CIRCULAR ECONOMY • CLIMATE CHANGE • WATER
  49. 49. Bootcamp Pitch Day Call To Action Idea Generation Involvement of all employees in the Group’s sustainability strategy and start collecting applications for participation in the project Sharing the vision to stimulate participants and to develop the first initial design ideas Development and testing of the selected ideas, and implementation of the business plan Presentation of the projects to the Evaluation Committee, selecting those that will be implemented and awarding the best team Idea Screening 19 APRIL 16 MAY 22 MAY – 3 JUNE 6-7 JUNE 27 JUNE Steps
  50. 50. Project Evaluation Criteria: 5+1 The idea does not fit the proposed challenges The idea is not easily replicable for other exhibitions or other sectors No innovation compared to current activities Non feasible project in view of available resources Low potential in terms of its communication Unclear presentation in content and ineffective presentation min (1) max (5) The idea impacts directly one or more areas The idea is easily replicable by other exhibitions and by companies in other sectors Completely new idea compared to Fiera Milano activities Feasible project and widely replicable High potential in terms of communication especially with reference to the sector Effective and impressive presentation THE IDEA DOES NOT FIT THE PROPOSED CHALLENGES TRANSFERABILITY OF THE IDEA DEGREE OF INNOVATION OF THE IDEA FEASIBILITY OF THE IDEA IN TERMS OF THE ALLOCATED BUDGET COMMUNICABILITY AND IMPACT ON CORPORATE REPUTATION QUALITY OF THE PITCH
  51. 51. All groups worked with commitment, passion and enthusiasm, developing diversified projects The impact cut across the entire Group, which proved to be sensitive and willing to implement virtuous individual behaviours In June, the groups presented the eight projects in front of the Evaluation Committee and all Group colleagues The Committee considered all projects worthy of passing to the executive phase Two prizes were awarded: the best project, awarded by the Evaluation Committee, with an electric bicycle, and the Employee Award, awarded by all employees, with a hydroponic garden
  52. 52. INEQUALITIES Projects WATER CIRCULAR ECONOMY CLIMATE CHANGE Circular island Sustainable Event Green Gift
  53. 53. Are we doing enough?
  54. 54. WE HAVE TO REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS by 50% by 2030
  55. 55. Decarbonising events We have to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 COLLABORATION & INNOVATION Government policy Measurement and reporting Optimization of energy use in venues and hotels Better food Renewable energy Circular design, eliminating waste and pollution Carbon tax & offsetting
  56. 56. Creating value through sustainability Sustainability has become a key measure of success. Competitiveness Attract Clients Attract Investment Optimise Costs Attract Talent Deliver Social Impact Regenerate our Planet Build Brand Value
  57. 57. A little less conversation, a little more action, please
  58. 58. “It’s about Progress, not Perfection” If you have any questions or require more information, please contact: #guybigwood To find out more about the GDS-Index, please visit: Read more about how cities around the world are driving the regeneration and competitiveness of their destinations?