Exeq BioForum 2012 presentation


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Exeq presentation of funding opportunities for the biotechnology sector

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Exeq BioForum 2012 presentation

  1. 1. Publ fundingopporunit forR a ic t ies &D nd innov t proj s aion ect Jan Kaczmarek, CSO, Partner – EXEQ
  2. 2. a us bout• grant consultancy• specilized in R&D and innovation programmes• 7 years in business• team of 10 consultants• domain experts (computer science, telecommunications, biotech) from recognised R&D institutes• ~20 projects annually• success rate: ~3 x average retention rate Publ funding forR&D&I ic 2
  3. 3. a me bout• Co-funder of EXEQ• R&D project manager, proposal writer, consortia matchmaker (since 2004)• (co)authored over 50 proposals• ~ 10K working hours• Economics and IT background• Project evaluator (incl. 7th Framework Programme) Publ funding forR&D&I ic 3
  4. 4. cust s omerPubl funding forR&D&I ic 4
  5. 5. EU-ev progr mmes l el aPubl funding forR&D&I ic 5
  6. 6. progr mmes in Pol nd a a R&D project for1.4 3.3.2 5.4.1 6.1 2.1.1 6.1 companies 8.1 8.2 Technological Loans Publ funding forR&D&I ic 6
  7. 7. agenda• introduction• overview of funding opportunities• profiles of selected programmes• call calendar excerpt• Q&A Publ funding forR&D&I ic 7
  8. 8. moto t„People say you have to rob your first 1 million, I got mine from a public grant” - Mateusz Flis, founder of Ives System Publ funding forR&D&I ic 8
  9. 9. ov v er iew• 7th Framework Programme --> Horizon 2020• Eureka• Eurostars• ERASME• EEA Grants• Israeli Industrial bilateral R&D Cooperation Framework Publ funding forR&D&I ic 9
  10. 10. 7t Fr mew k Progr mme h a or aPlanned for the years 2007-2013--> Horizon 2020 (in 587 days)Total budget of € 50 billion•based on calls for proposals•peer reviewed•highly competitive•medium to large cross-EU consortia•considerable budgets (EUR ~2-20M) Publ funding forR&D&I ic 10
  11. 11. w ca a y? ho n pplopen to a wide range of organisations, including:• research groups at universities or research institutes• small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)• public or governmental administration (local, regional or national)• international organisations• civil society organisationsfrom:EU member countries & associate countries (EEA, candidate countries, Israel, Switzerland) Publ funding forR&D&I ic 11
  12. 12. FPSt uct r ure5 major building blocks:• Ideas• People• Capacities• Nuclear Research• Cooperation (the core of FP7, representing two thirds of the overall budget)Ten thematic areas including:• HEALTH• FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, BIOTECHNOLOGY Publ funding forR&D&I ic 12
  13. 13. ba FPr es sic ulParticipation Duration Max budget Funding rate R&D activities up On average: EU to 75%Average: 5 - 16 36 months contribution €2M Demonstration 50% Other up to 100% Publ funding forR&D&I ic 13
  14. 14. cal ls• Health - 20 closed calls• Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology – 21 closed calls• Work Programmes for 2013 expected in mid-July 2 2012 http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/page/cooper• Orientation paper now online!, via the above address Publ funding forR&D&I ic 14
  15. 15. t in t or aion pa opics he ient t perBIOTECHNOLOGY, GENERIC TOOLS AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR HUMAN HEALTH• 1.1 High-throughput research• 1.2 Detection, diagnosis and monitoring• 1.3 Suitability, safety, efficacy of therapies• 1.4 Innovative therapeutic approaches and interventionsTRANSLATING RESEARCH FOR HUMAN HEALTH• 2.1 Integrating biological data and processes: large-scale data gathering, systems biology• 2.2 Research on the brain and related diseases, human development and ageing• 2.3 Translational research in major infectious diseases: to confront major threats to public health• 2.3.1 Anti-microbial drug resistance 2.3.2 HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis 2.3.3 Potentially new and re-emerging epidemics 2.3.4 Neglected infectious diseases Publ funding forR&D&I ic 15
  16. 16. t in t or aion pa opics he ient t per• 2.4 Translational research in other major diseases 2.4.1 Cancer 2.4.2 Cardiovascular diseases 2.4.3 Diabetes and obesity 2.4.4 Rare diseases 2.4.5 Other chronic diseases• 3.1 Translating the results of clinical research outcome into clinical practice• 3.2 Quality, efficiency and solidarity of healthcare systems• 3.3 Health promotion and prevention Publ funding forR&D&I ic 16
  17. 17. EUREKA• International network of 40 partners• 200 projects yearly• Any technological areaMAIN RULES:• At least 2 partners from 2 different member countries• Funded under national funding schemes• Market driven Publ funding forR&D&I ic 17
  18. 18. EUREKAFunding schemes:(1) individual projectsOpen call (around 490 running projects)(2) umbrellasThematic networksEUROAGRI FOOD CHAIN (2009-2013)(3) ClustersLong-term, strategically significant industry initiativesACQUEAU (2010-2015)(4) EUROSTARS Publ funding forR&D&I ic 18
  19. 19. EUREKAParticipation Duration Max budget Funding rateAt least 2 Not specified € 1,6 M According topartners from 2 on average national rulesdifferentmembercountries Publ funding forR&D&I ic 19
  20. 20. EUR A S OST R• Funding industrial research carried out by SME’s• €400M of budget• 2 calls of proposals yearly• Any technological area• New product, process or service• Market perspective• Leader: R&D-performing SME• At least 50% of R&D work done by SMEs• Funded under national schemes Publ funding forR&D&I ic 20
  21. 21. EUR A S OST RParticipation Duration Budget Funding rate Upcoming callAt least 2 partners Up to 36 Not specified According to Autumnfrom 2 different months national rules 2012member countriesOn average: On average: On average: -- --3 to 4 partners 29 months €1,4 M Publ funding forR&D&I ic 21
  22. 22. EUR A S OST RExamples:Eurostars E!4258 ISTARInjection System for Transderm Administration of dRugsBudget: 3580000 € Led by: CROSSJECT Medical Technology (France)E! 4731 ArrayvolutionA revolution in flexible cost-effective DNA and high density microarray productionBudget: 1443500 €Led by: FlexGen (The Netherlands) Publ funding forR&D&I ic 22
  23. 23. EEAGr nt as• „EEA structural funds”• Key areas of support : environmental protection, climate change, research and scholarships, civil society, health and children, gender equality, justice and cultural heritage.• 2009-14: €1.79 billion (Norway: 97%)• Available for NGOs, research and academic institutions, and the public and private sectors in the 12 newest EU member states, Greece, Portugal and Spain.• The funding backs programmes and projects in priority areas agreed with each country. Publ funding forR&D&I ic 23
  24. 24. EEAGr nt as http://www.eeagrants.orgPubl funding forR&D&I ic 24
  25. 25. Isr el bil t a coop. a i aer lSellected calls:Czech Republic-Israel Industrial R&DCooperation Framework (Dec2012?)Russia-Israel Call for Proposals (10Sept)Countries involved:Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland,France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania,Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, UK Publ funding forR&D&I ic 25
  26. 26. cal caenda ls l r• 7th Framework Programme --> 2013 (to be published mid-July)• Eureka - ongoing• Eurostars – Autumn 2012• ERASME – 28th September 2012• Celtic – 15th October 2012• Israeli Industrial bilateral R&D Cooperation Framework – September with Russia, Poland and Czech RepublicIf you want to stay tuned subscribe to our newsletter at: www.exeq.eu Publ funding forR&D&I ic 26
  27. 27. food 4t hought• keep focus on your idea• be market oriented• team up with academics• build up your research project portfolio• money is not all you can get• submit often, never give up Publ funding forR&D&I ic 27
  28. 28. quest ions?Publ funding forR&D&I ic 28
  29. 29. howw ca hel e n p…• Research concept• State of the art analysis• Market research• Concept adaptation• Program search• Project parter serach• Standard consortium agreement• Project budgeting• Project plan and tasks• Project application form filling out and submission Publ funding forR&D&I ic 29
  30. 30. …• Project financial reporting• Project merit reporting• Project merit audit• Project formal audit• Project reporting training• R&D projects funding possibilities training• Project application preparation training Publ funding forR&D&I ic 30
  31. 31. cont ctme! aExeq (a brand of Disruptive Concepts Sp. z o.o.)ul. Willowa 2 lok. 1, 00-790 Warsaw, Poland E-mail: jan.kaczmarek@exeq.eu Find us on: www.exeq.eu facebook.com/EXEQ.EU @exeq_eu linkedin.com/companies/exeq Publ funding forR&D&I ic 31