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Wireless Explorer Standard Presentation


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Wireless Explorer Standard Presentation

  1. 1. Thursday, 26 May 2011
  2. 2. Our Regional PresenceDingLi & AmanziTel- Zhuhai CN- Helsingborg SE- 1400 employees- 75M$ revenue- publicly listed #300050 © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 2
  3. 3. 200+ Networks... and Growing© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 3
  4. 4. Wireless Explorer 3rd Party Solutions NMS Custom Probe and other Systems Measurements Internal Processes RNC D-Test and other MSC OSS Field Measurements TRN BSS© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 4
  5. 5. Network Diagnostics Pioneer for GSM/UMTS/HSDPA, IS95/1X/EVDO Rev. A/B Drive-test Solution TD-SCDMA/HSDPA, LTE-TDD/FDD, CMMB Pilot Series Wireless Autonomous Network Fleet for Outdoor/Indoor/RCU/ Network Measurement System Autocall Diagnostic Walktour for GSM/UMTS/ Equipment Handheld Testing Tool HSDPA, IS95/1X/EVDO, TD-SCDMA Probe/OSS/Signaling/ Insight/Explore/WireRunner MR System Single Platform Wireless Explorer U-Phone/Scout/Data Customer Experience, MOS/Video testing modules© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 5
  6. 6. End-2-End Product Deployment Applications Solutions Interfaces AWE Amanzi Correlation Expert Amanzi DSL Extensions Script Splash Engine Systems Reports Eclipse Geo Tools Database JRuby Java Customer SpecificDrive test data Performance data Handset data Probe data Repositories Fleet Navigator Other tools Internal Processes © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 6
  7. 7. Use Wireless Explorer When…• Existing Tools and Software Solutions – Does not support specific applications or analysis required – Requires manual intervention (Excel, MapInfo) to produce results – No common interface between existing tools and software solutions• Multi-vendor or Multi-Technology Environment – No common platform that supports all vendors and technologies – Requires automating optimisation process for older technologies – Needs correlation of different data types• Advance Application – Correlation of multiple data sources for performance management and optimisation – Deployment of Self Organising Network and Self Healing Network principles• Cost Control – Reduce Total Cost of Ownership for software solutions – Avoid per-user licensing model – Integrate with Business Intelligence initiatives and requirements• Peace of Mind – Availability of Source Code and Support outside the software vendor – Platform trusted and use in larger organisations in various verticals© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 7
  8. 8. • Open development platform, extensive framework, tools and runtime• Started by IBM in 2001, inlcudes Google, SAP, Oracle, Intel, RedHat, Ericsson, HP, Cisco, Nokia, and many more• Corporate and community contributions• Benefits from funding and innovations of larger companies• Avoids high CAPEX and OPEX and allows very cost effective innovations and solution development• Translate savings directly to customer deliveries• Trusted and proven platform© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 8
  9. 9. Wireless Explorer ApplicationsOpen Source Applications Solutions• Network Explorer • Auto Optimise • Unified Platform – Logical configuration • BizView • Automated – Network visualiser • Change Tracker Optimization• Distribution Analysis • Instant Report • Customer Experience• Delta Report Management • GeoptimA• Drive Test Inquirer • Ultimate Network • NetView• KPI Calculator Protection • NetShield© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 9
  10. 10. Thursday, 26 May 2011
  11. 11. Unified Platform Solution• Single platform for end-to- end network management , optimization, and protection• Support for multiple vendors, multiple technologies and multiple network elements• Interface with multiple legacy databases• Corellation of multiple data sources from RAN to CN for true end-to-end performance measure• Simplify management of network growth and development• Enable very fast multi-dimensional data searches and traversals© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 11
  12. 12. Automated Optimization Solution• Use of multiple data sources for true end-to-end performance optimization• Integrate internal processes and engineering know how to ensure uniqueness of the network are addressed and becomes part of the solution• Optimize configuration, parameters, performance and quality• Seamless integration with implementation, validation and operations• Ensure consistency on various configuration and setting repositories© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 12
  13. 13. Customer IQ• Single platform to correlate business, service and network data to deliver best- in-class customer service• Use network recordings, field measurements and actual subscriber mobile to manage customer experience• Unparalleled insight into customer experiences and service performance• Improve customer service and interaction while reducing churn• Implement improvements where positive customer impact is highest• Enhance customer service visibility and marketing© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 13
  14. 14. Ultimate Protection• Protect network from unintended changes, inconsistencies, threats and vulnerabilities• Ensure that network changes will not caused negative ripple effect on other network elements• Seamless integration with automated optimization, network planning, implementation and operation• Ensure consistency of various configutation databases accross the entire network© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 14
  15. 15. Thursday, 26 May 2011
  16. 16. Auto OptimiseWhat is it?• Correlate multiple data sources for an accurate view of the network – Measurements (Drive test, probes, etc) – Network recordings (GPEH, MTR, MRR, etc) – Performance counters (OSS, NMS, etc)• Powerful rules engine – Integrate various • operation strategies • optimisation principles • engineering knowledge of the network – Utilise network and optimisation history to enhance network performance• Included Applications – Neighbour Optimisation, Parameter Optimisation, Antenna Optimisation, Drill Down Analysis, AFPWhy use it?• Reduce cost of optimising network performance and quality with automated processes but with engineers’ decisions• Enhance network performance with minimum human intervention• Integrate business rules on the optimisation process© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 16
  17. 17. BizViewWhat is it?• Analysis and correlation of relationships and dependencies between business operations and network operations• Visualize both business and operational drivers• Seamless integration of business strategies and network operation principles HR M CRMWhy use it?• Improve response time to customer Enterprise Data Warehouse ERP complains Custom Internal• Reduce redundancies and improve efficiency Systems Processes• Make engineering views available to customer service in a view they understand and recognise.• Enable creation of end-to-end business performance in an instant• Faster and more effective management decision making © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 17
  18. 18. Change TrackerWhat is it?• Track daily changes implemented the network up to parameter level and spot potential issues before they happen – RAN, CN, TRN• Consistency check on various data sources – Planning, OSS, NMS• Historical and trend analysis of network developmentWhy use it?• Improve insight on network evolution and its effect on performance, quality and operations• Reduce cost with automated tracking and monitoring of network changes• Increase understanding of network development and correlate with sales efforts and marketing events using BizView© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 18
  19. 19. GEOptimAWhat is it?• Visualise and replay network performance on sector, building, street and individual subscriber level• Correlate multiple data sources for complete view of network performance and quality – Network counters, traces and recordings – Probe, drive test – Special network features• Prioritise specific areas for enhancement• Optimise networks using pin-pointed subscriber information and behaviourWhy use it?• Integrate subscriber location to automated optimisation• Integrate business intelligence with end-to-end performance to control business drivers• Reduce cost while improving network optimisation using actual subscriber data © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 19
  20. 20. Instant ReportWhat is it?• Monitor KPIs and KQIs across all network elements• Correlate and create automated and dynamic reports – Drive test, probes, mobile measurements – Network recordings, network performance• Included application – KPI Report – Report Builder – Automated ReportingWhy use it?• Reduce time in creating reports and analysis• Create standard report templates and views easily• Add value and not replication© AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 20
  21. 21. NetViewWhat is it?• Visualize performance counters, measurements, KPI calculations, and other related information from various sources in a single click• Integrated user defined analysis, views, template and reports• Correlation and visualisation of end-to-end network performance data from multiple Custom sources Systems Internal ProcessesWhy use it?• Unparalleled insight and granularity into actual events, dependencies• Automatically consolidate various data sources and simplify reporting and analysis• Views, templates, reports from the raw data can be customised to various users• Save time and allocate resources to other meaningful tasks• Easier handling of ad hoc requests and non-standard analysis and reports © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 21
  22. 22. What users are saying…“Thanks a lot. Planning will never be the same again with this tool” – Aaron Makahamadze, Ericsson“it appears to be not amazing but VERY AMAZING!!!!! I think my steam powered version of network audit in use here in Asia for a year will be a museum piece. I am truly impressed, and after more than 20 years in the wireless network business it is hard to impress me – Robert Marshall Read, Starhub“Very Impressive” - Ziv Nuss, Alvarion“This is very helpful in investigating problems of ambiguous nature when we cant tell what has been changed” – Wassim Zoueihed, MTN“you deserve my congratulations just for starting such unprecedented and difficult project: an open source optimization tool” - Pablo Caiazza, ZTE“I think AWE is a very innovative idea in its field” – Suhas Kashyap, Airtel“I have realized the enormous potential of customized & open management platforms for our customers... specially in the fast changing environment of telecom business” – Daniel Gonzales, NSN © AmanziTel Commercial in Confidence 22