Capital Needs Assessment Provider - Statement of Qualifications


Published on - At Crandall Engineering we are the experts in Capital Needs Assessment services.

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Capital Needs Assessment Provider - Statement of Qualifications

  1. 1. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of QualificationsProfessional Engineering Whom We Serve: •Commercial Developers & Builders Architectural •Civic Organizations & Corporations •All Denominations of Churches Structural •Architects •Steel Fabricators & Erectors Civil •Glass Factories •Automotive Factories & Others •Food Processing Plants •Bio-Fuel and Oil & Gas Industry •Residential Developers & BuildersEngineering that worksEngineering with style i
  2. 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents ii CHAPTE R 1 Company Information 1 Masonic Lodge 14 Background 2 Gas City 2nd Street Promenade 14 Project Management 3 YWCA Thornburg House 14 Computers and Software 3 Gas City Community Center 15 New Hope Baptist Church 15 CHAPTE R 2 Grant County Presbyterian 16 Project Types 4 Cornerstone Christian 16 A Sampling of Clients 6 Payne’s Custard 17 List of References 8 DeHart Farms Bio-Diesel 17 Park Villa L.T.C. 17 CHAPTE R 3 Madison Park Church of God 18 Similar Projects 9 I-69 Industrial Park 18 Dr Rosenthall Orthodontics 10 Culver’s of Marion 10 CHAPTE R 4 Historic Ann Shop (Crandall Offices) 11 Staff Listing 19 Historic Montgomery Ward 11 Organization 19 King’s Academy (J.C. Knight) 12 Lisa Crandall, PE, MSME 20 Marion Incubator/Titan Building 12 Caleb Crandall, BS 31 Historic McMahan-Leib Co. Building 12 Christopher Alexander, M.Arch 33 Baldwin Place 13 Mike Westfall, BS, EIT 34 Marion Steel Fabrication Office 13 Jana Griffin, BS 35 Old Active Products Building 13 Becky Shildmyer 36 WBE Certification 37Crandall Engineering, Inc. ii
  3. 3. S T A T E M E N T O F Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S 1 Chapter Location of Office: Crandall Engineering, Inc. 236 East Main Street Gas City, IN 46933 765.677.0996 Phone 765.677.0997 Fax www.crandalleng.comCrandall Engineering, Inc. 1
  4. 4. Background Crandall Engineering – Engineering that works – Engineering with style. The philosophy of Crandall Engineering is 1) to listen carefully to the voice of the customer, their dreams, their vision, their needs, their goals, and their budget and 2) to work the ideas and requirements together to create a unique solution that reflects the custom- ers’ personality and style. It is the belief of those at Crandall Engineering to provide many ideas to the customer and to work as a team to meet all the projects objectives. Crandall Engineering, Inc. is a full service architectural and professional engineering company. Crandall Engi- neering became incorporated in 2002 after growing the company since 1997. Crandall Engineering is a Hub zone and Women’s Business Enterprise Company based in the heart of Indiana for easy access to all parts of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. A sample of recent building design projects include multiple historic building structural evaluations and remedia- tion plans, churches, commercial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, a food processing plant, fire stations, school building, city municipal buildings, community service buildings and residential homes among others. Ser- vices range from specialty services such as stress analysis and setting up a preventive/predictive maintenance program to a complete architectural and engineering design by a registered professional engineer. The principal of the company is Lisa Crandall, PE. Crandall is married with 2 grown children. Crandall studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University. While taking a design class she realized her interest in architecture, she then studied architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming. Crandall holds a bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa and is licensed as a professional engineer in four- teen (15) states, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and Pennsylvania and is eligible in all others. Design work and participation has included all aspects of building design, structural remediation of historic buildings, the Alaska Pipeline Project, the automobile manufacturing industry, the oil service industry, the renewable fuels industry and crane lifting and rigging equipment design. The firm is best known for facilitating the hopes and dreams of those needs addressed to us by our clientele.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 2
  5. 5. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management will be a team concept. Lisa Crandall, PE, will be Principal-in-Charge and will team with Christopher Alexander on the Project Design. Caleb Crandall will be our Project Manager including project ad- ministration and scheduling. Crandall Engineering’s approach and philosophy to project management is to coor- dinate and manage the process of design and keep the Customer/Owner informed at all times. A unified team approach involves each member clearly understanding his or her role and the deliverable expectations. Each cli- ent and project is unique and has different needs. We will work with you to tailor our roles and deliverables to your specifications. If consultants are involved in this project, Crandall Engineering will manage their roles and responsibilities. Crandall Engineering will coordinate all information, meeting times, and deliverables to the Cus- tomer/Owner. We believe in the team approach to design and problem-solving. We encourage input from the community as well as the particular groups involved such as the Historical Society and the City. Only by receiving candid state- ments of the goals for this project from all interested and affected parties can the design team propose solutions that satisfy the multiple goals. The process of open communications in concentrated work sessions facilitates effective interaction between the design team and the affected parties. The concepts and design proposals will be presented in several different formats during the feasibility study process. The goal will always be to convey ideas most clearly. A variety of media can be used, such as sketches, models, and website information. Computers and Software Computers and software are kept up to date: Windows XP Professional Operating system on all workstations in office and laptops Microsoft Office Small Business Office software for documentation Quick Books Professional 2009 Accounting software for financial records Peachtree Accounting software for financial records AutoCAD 2006, AutoCAD LT 2006, and CAD based program to create drawings AutoCAD LT 2010 RISA-3D 3-dimensional Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis program for structural analysis of complex structures Windows NT Server 2003 R.E.P. server access from anywhere in the world. Dell Poweredge Server with tape backup RAM Structural system analysis with export capability to SDS-2 and 3-dimensional AutoCAD Google SketchUp and Kerkythea Architectural and Visualization SoftwareCrandall Engineering, Inc. 3
  6. 6. 2 Chapter PROJECT TYPES & REFERENCESProject TypesScope of professional services provided includes the following project types:• Physical & Capital Needs Assessments for RD, HUD, State tax credit, and senior proprietor• Structural inspection and analysis of historic masonry buildings• Structural remediation plans for damaged masonry buildings• Structural designs for architectural, engineering, and construction firms. Communication between the firm and Crandall Engineering is done on-site and/or electronically. After an interview and agreement are made between the parties, AutoCAD drawings can be transmitted electronically.• Structural analysis: Allowable Stress Design (ASD) to AISC Steel Construction Manual.• Structural analysis: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of structures using RAM software. Other model analysis would be available on an as needed basis. Our engineers are experiences with NASTRAN, ANSYS, RISA, and ADINA software packages.• Structural analysis with export capability to SDS-2 for steel detailing or to AutoCAD for structural production drawings using RAM software.• Remodeling and renovation designs which include asbestos abatement, plaster repairs, electrical modifications, and plumbing improvements to current codes.• Asbestos abatement supervision in large manufacturing plant.• Specification writing for government entities and private entities• Cost estimating for government entities and private entities• Green sustainable design using LEED Criteria.• Setting up a proactive maintenance program for infrastructures and equipment using preventive maintenance scheduling and predictive technologies.• Design of local government buildings such as fire stations, police athletic league, schools, YWCA to meet vari- ous local community needs and complying with ADA requirements for public accessibility.• Design of commercial buildings, Types I, II, III, and IV construction per the International Building Code and state codes as determined by the building occupancy type and complying with ADA requirements for public accessibility.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 4
  7. 7. • Design of churches. Churches require many special considerations: consider the ministry needs of the con- gregation, childcare, education facilities, meal catering, growth and ministry projections, audio and visual re- quirements, financial constraints, and other expectations of the ministry team and the congregation. Churches vary significantly in their perspective and manner in approaching a building project. Incorporating affordable ways in include compliance with ADA requirements. • Engineering for University structures like indoor practice facility/ recreational center and student workout facility. • Piping design and layout for process equipment such as oil and gas refineries as well as ethanol and bio- diesel plants. • Piping design and layout for utility services of sanitary sewer, storm drain and water supply. • Residential structural inspection per HUD-FHA foundation requirements by a professional engineer. • Other residential services: structural analysis for existing structures to remove load bearing walls, analyze existing trusses or floor beams, redesign of trusses, adding window and door openings, and verifying struc- tural strength. • Design of single residences ranging from neighborhood layout with residences to design layouts of individual homes. • Design of multi-family structures such as wood frame single story, mid level requiring steel and wood frame, to high-rise requiring all steel and sprinkler systems. • CAD drafting services (on our site).Crandall Engineering, Inc. 5
  8. 8. A Sampling of Clients The following is a listing of some of our clients (in alphabetical order): Company Name Company Type Job Type Services Provided Biggs Inc. Property Manager Multi Family Housing Capital Needs Assess- ments & Contract Draw- ings Bowman Construction Contractor Indoor Track and Sports Structural steel, concrete Facility, Church and MEP engineering Cardinal Greenway Not for Profit Pedestrian Bridges Structural Design & Con- struction Drawings City of Gas City Government 2nd Street Promenade Architectural design and all engineering City of Marion Government Fire Stations, Park Build- Engineering renovation, ings new design Community School of the Arts Not for Profit Grant Proposal & Section 106 Historic Ap- Historical Rehab plication & Construction Cornerstone Christian Fellow- Church Multi-purpose, kitchen Architectural design and ship and office addition all engineering Culver’s Franchise Restaurant Architectural design and all engineering Eastbrook Community Schools School Corporation Administration Building Architectural design and & Bond specs all engineering Economic Growth Council of Government/Developer Office Building for Incu- Architectural design and Grant County bator concept all engineering Gas City First United Methodist Church Education Wing and Fel- Architectural design and Church lowship Hall all engineering Global Manufacturing Inc. Development 3 Story Office & Hotel Architectural design and Complex all engineering Grant County Drainage Board County Government Hydrology Runoff Study and Report Grant County Presbyterian Church Feasibility Study Architectural design and Church all engineering Herman & Kittle Property Manager Multi Family Housing Historic Grant & Capital Needs Assessment Industrial Maintenance Steel Fabrication and Glass Factory Hot end Construction drawings & Specialists erector Structural Steel steel design Investment Builders Property Manager Multi family housing Capital Needs Assess- ment & Construction drawings Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sand- Franchise Restaurant Architectural Design and wiches all EngineeringCrandall Engineering, Inc. 6
  9. 9. A Sampling of Clients...Continued Company Name Company Type Job Type Services Provided KayBee Corporation Developer Eating Establishment & Architectural design and Highway drive cut all engineering KR Montgomery & Associates Architectural Firm Church Structural steel Inc engineering Landmark Management Property Manager Multi-family housing Capital Needs Assess- ment & Construction drawings LEAD, Inc. Not for Profit Historic Rehabilitation Parts II & III Historic Federal Application & Construction drawings MACO Development Property Manager Multi-family housing Capital Needs Assess- ment and Construction Marion Steel Fabrication, Inc. Steel Fabricator Community Centers, Design-Build, engineering schools and churches and CAD Mississinewa Schools School Corporation Hydrology Detention Pond Drainage Design Moe’s Southwest Grill Franchise Restaurant Architectural design and all Engineering MSKTD & Associates Architectural Firm Food processing plant Structural engineering (steel & concrete) Nelson Workplace Services Architectural Firm Retail store Mechanical, electrical and piping engineering New Hope Baptist Church Church Educational wing, sanctu- Architectural design and ary and fellowship hall all engineering Olynger Construction Property Manager Multi-family Housing Capital Needs Assess- ments & Construction drawings Real Estate Management Corpo- Property Manager Multi Family Housing Capital Needs Assess- ration ments & Construction Drawings Skyline Electric Co., Inc. Electrical contractor Medical center and MRI Electrical Engineering Clinic St. Gobaine Glass Factory Structural Design Steel Design and Con- struction Drawings Susan Johnson, AIA Architect Dentist Offices Structural Engineer Swan Real Estate Realtor/Developer Office building Architectural design and all engineering Taylor University University Science Building Consultant for LEED Design & Innovative De- signs Trio Development Developer Industrial and Office Architectural design Park & Site Design and all engineering Valenti Group Property Manager Multi Family Housing Capital Needs Assess- ments & Construction Drawings 7
  10. 10. LIST OF REFERENCES Mr. Jim Swan Mr. Henry Olynger Marion Steel Fabrication Olynger Construction/ Swan Real Estate/Trio Development Main Street Beautification Gas City 2301 S. Western Avenue 5278 East 600 South Marion, IN 46952 Marion, IN 46953 Phone:765.664.1478 Phone: 765.674.3074 Mayor Wayne Seybold Mayor Larry Leach City of Marion/Incubator City of Gas City/Main Street Beautifica- 301 South Branson Street tion/2nd Street Promenade Marion, IN 46952 211 East Main Street Phone: 765.662.9931 Gas City, IN 46933 Phone: 765.677.3080 Mr. Bill Henry Pastor Lyle Ewing Masonic Lodge Evaluation Grant County Presbyterian Church 4104 S. Poplar Street 601 South Main Street Marion, IN 46953 Jonesboro, IN 46938 Phone: 765.674.9400 Phone: 765.674.4462 Mr. Dennis Roach Mr. Cornel Atkinson New Venture Ministries Gas City Park Senior Center State Farm Insurance 316 E South A Street 144 E. Main Street Gas City, IN 46933 Gas City, IN 46933 765.674.5175 Phone: 765.674.9831 Mr. Joe Wiley Mr. Loren Artherhults Bowman Construction J. G. Bowers 1837 S. Branson Street 5707 S. Western Avenue Marion, IN 46953 Marion, IN 46953 Phone: 765.664.5161 Phone: 765.677.1000Crandall Engineering, Inc. 8
  11. 11. 3 ChapterPROJECTSEngineering and Design permeate life. At Crandall Engineering we strive to combine both engineering anddesign to the best effect to help our clients to achieve their goals. We have many projects focused on engi-neering and assessment. Our engineering experience spans the breadth of construction situations from analy-sis of existing systems and engineering consulting (Dr. Rosenthall’s Offices) to in-house design and engineer-ing of new structures (Culver’s of Marion). From feasibility studies to renovations and new construction,Crandall Engineering is equipped to help the client to achieve their design and budgetary goals.Historical building inspection to determine structural soundness is an essential aspect of a feasibility study.Crandall Engineering is especially well equipped and experienced in building inspections. Experiences rangefrom structural evaluation and renovation plans for offices, churches, schools, factories and community cen-ters (Crandall Offices; New Venture Ministries, King’s Academy, and the Thornburg House), renovations andadditions (Marion Incubator/Titan Building, the Historic McMahan-Leib Co. Building, Baldwin Place, MarionSteel Fabrication downtown office and the old Active Products building), and structural and energy analysis(Masonic Lodge).Experiences with community spaces range from the Gas City 2nd Street Promenade and Senior CommunityCenters (Gas City) to aspects of community centers within church facilities (New Hope Baptist, Grant CountyPresbyterian, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship as well as some of the historical buildings mentioned previ-ously) and restaurants (Payne’s Frozen Custard.)Numerous projects have provided experience with other essential technical expertise including environ-mental review (Bio-Diesel Facility Design, Drawings and Permitting), Life Safety Plans (Park Villa L.T.C.), siteplanning and space assessment issues (I-69 Industrial Park) and large scale structural engineering (MadisonPark Church of God in Anderson.)The following pages show a sampling of the projects Crandall Engineering has had the pleasure of partici-pating in. At all times, Crandall Engineering is sensitive to budget and time constraints. New Hope Baptist,Gas City Methodist and Eastbrook Administration building and Van Buren School addition are a few thatwere under specific, tight budgets as well as significant time restraints. Crandall Engineering was able to suc-cessfully meet both criteria on these and other projects.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 9
  12. 12. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of Qualifications Dr. Rosenthall Orthodontics 3901 N Wheeling, Muncie, IN Relevance: Structural design and con- sultation for an addition to an existing building structure Consultation regarding structural system, load calculation, and founda- tion design. In working with a local architect in the addition and construc- tion of the existing offices for Dr. Rosenthall in Muncie, Indiana. Contact: Ms. Susan Johnson or Dr. RosenthallCulver’s of Marion2301 S. Western Ave, Marion, INRelevance: New construction includingstructural and site engineering.Design of the building per corporatestandards while working with the client tocreate this new construction building. De-sign of the exterior of the building as wellas engineering of the site and structural,mechanical, and complete design of thebuilding its self.Contact: Mr. Jim Swan 10
  13. 13. Crandall Engineering, Inc.Statement of Qualifications Historic Ann Shop and McDonough Pharmacy Now the Crandall Offices 234 and 236 E. Main Street, Gas City, IN Relevance: Historical renovation; structural evaluation of historic building. Interior renovation of 2,000 square feet of office build- ing built in 1893. Interior work, when complete will in- clude exposure of “Gas City – Queen of the Gas Belt” painted mural, prescriptions sign and brick walls. This project could possibly serve as a model for appropriate rehabilitation techniques including code-compliant egress, fire protection, and combining upper floor space for residential occupancy to supplement retail ground floor use. This will hopefully be the first example of a mixed-use rehabilitation of a series of buildings in down- town Gas City. Historic Montgomery Ward Department Store Proposed New Venture Ministries 141 E. 3rd Street, Marion, IN Relevance: Structural evaluation of historic building; community center within a church Interior structural evaluation and repair of a 19,000 square foot department store building built in the early 1900’s. Interior evaluation includes supporting a col- lapsing 2nd floor section of the building, adding a stair- way access for egress means from the basement and the 2nd story and conducting a space assessment for the needs of the new downtown youth ministry. Contact: Mr. Dennis Roach 11
  14. 14. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of Qualifications King’s Academy Historic J. C. Knight School Jonesboro, IN Relevance: Feasibility Study Proposal; Exterior and interior renovation proposal to house the increased school capacity. The building renovation would be an exciting event for the community. Community School of the Arts/Titan Building Marion, IN Relevance: Historic reuse and remodel; This project was proposed to change the use of the historic building, once a furniture store, into a community school of the arts. Contact: Mr. Wayne Seybold Mr. Mark FausnerHistoric McMahan-Leib Co. BuildingAnderson, INRelevance: Structural remediation, historic reuseand remodel;Originally a wholesale grocery, the circa 1913building has been structurally compromised.Structural remediation drawings, calculations,and scope of work have been approved by thestate and City to save the building once slatedfor demolition. 12
  15. 15. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of QualificationsBaldwin PlaceMarion, INRelevance: Exterior remodeling, structural analysis;Through extensive exterior remodeling involved significant structural improvisations to change a dated stripmall into a thriving center of commerce for the area and reinvigorating a large portion of the surrounding busi-nesses.Marion Steel Fabrication – Engineering and Design CenterMarion, INRelevance: Enhancing a historically significant building; structural evaluation; remodelingExterior and interior renovation and addition for this downtown office gives the building a totally new andexciting look. The existing structure will be re-configured to remove a section of the existing roof to install a new90 foot long glass dome in the middle of the building extending from the front to the back. Space assessmentevaluated needs for engineering, purchasing and administrative functions. The facility will be updated to achieveADA compliance.Old Active Products BuildingMarion, INRelevance: Historic factory structural evaluation; addition and renovation to historically significant building;Exterior and partial interior renovation to house a new office for the current tenants of this old factory. Thebuilding remodel will give this part of town a new look.Contact for projects on this page: Mr. Jim Swan 13
  16. 16. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of Qualifications Historic Marion Masonic Lodge Marion, IN Relevance: Historic building structural evaluation / energy analysis; construction repair cost analysis; op- erating cost analysis. A structural and energy evaluation was performed on this old downtown building to evaluate the feasi- bility to make needed repairs or to build a new build- ing at another site. The study was presented to the Masonic Lodge board. Repairs are beginning to be made to the exterior brick work. Contact: Mr. Bill HenryGas City 2nd Street PromenadeMarion, INRelevance: Governmental client, public project, his-torical context;Through research and knowledge of the city, theGas City 2nd Street Promenade creates a focal pointfor the citizens of Gas City to gather and a point ofinterest for those who visit the city.Contacts: Mr. Larry Leach/Mr. Henry Olynger YWCA Mentoring Mothers Historic Thornburg House Marion, IN Relevance: Historic structural evaluation; renovation to historically significant building; Remodel and design of an old mansion to become a group home for the YWCA Mentoring Mother pro- gram. This included functions such as sleeping resi- dences, teaching facilities, study rooms, child care fa- cilities and a store. Work was accomplished using vol- unteer help from inmates at the local jail under the su- pervision of the sheriff’s department. The house has since become privately owned. 14
  17. 17. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of Qualifications Gas City Senior Community Center Relevance: New construction community center, site development A preliminary site plan and floor plan for a new Gas City Senior Community Center has been submitted to the park board. The facility includes a high school sized basketball court or 2 half-courts, classrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, of- fices and a kitchen/concession area. The project is awaiting further direction. Contact: Mr. Cornell AtkinsonNew Hope Baptist ChurchGas City, INRelevance: Feasibility study; construction cost estimates; community center within a church; sanctuaryWorking with various committees, a needs list was generated for the addition. The design included a newsanctuary: a 660-person pew capacity and 240 seat overflow capacity. The addition included a new class-room wing with future classrooms in a second story. Remodeling included turning the existing sanctuaryinto a new fellowship hall with a new kitchen and restrooms. Approximate additional space is 14,000 squarefeet with a cost of $1,180,000. 15
  18. 18. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of QualificationsGrant County Presbyterian ChurchJonesboro, INRelevance: Feasibility study; construction cost estimates; presentation of design and costs to congregation;community center within a churchWorking with the Pastor and various committees, a needs list was generated for a new facility. After muchdiscussion, three (3) different options were designed with construction estimates for each design.Contact: Pastor Lyle EwingCornerstone Christian FellowshipBloomington, INRelevance: Community within a church; economical construction; fire separationWorking with the Pastor and various committees, a needs list was generated for an addition to their facility.Four (4) different floor plans were proposed to the church for the new office, multi-purpose room, kitchen,restroom, and basement storage and mechanical areas. 16
  19. 19. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of QualificationsPayne’s Frozen CustardGas City, INRelevance: Community; RestaurantA restaurant design for a local developer to bring new business to the community. This is a hot spot forIndiana Wesleyan and Taylor University students. The new 1200 square foot building cost approximately$270,000 to build.DeHart Farms Bio-DieselTrafalgar, INRelevance: State Level and Environmental Review and Environmental PermittingAn experimental bulk reduction and bio-diesel production facility is in design and under construction. Ifthe processes are successful, they will be patented and other facilities will be built. Drawings, processes andpermit applications are filed with the Indiana Department of Environment. Construction cost is about$500,000.00Park Villa L. T. C.121 N. Washington Street, Marion, INRelevance: Life Safety Plan; ADA Compliance; Department of HealthRequirement must be met for public safety and evacuation in all public facilities. Drawings and processesare filed with the Indiana State Department of Health for their approval to occupy a building. 17
  20. 20. Crandall Engineering, Inc. Statement of QualificationsMadison Park Church of GodAnderson, INRelevance: Structural Steel EngineeringProvided structural engineering for the new construction of a 74,000 square foot church facility as part ofa design-build project for KR Montgomery architects and Marion Steel Fabrication.Contact: Mr. Jim SwanI-69 IndustrialOffice ParkMarion, INRelevance: Site Planning; Space AssessmentA seven (7) acre site will be utilized for an industrial complex consisting of 2 heavy industrial buildings, 4light industrial buildings and 4 office buildings. The industrial office park includes a retention pond, site utili-ties, parking facilities to service the various buildings. Total square feet is approximately 239,000. project costis $20 million.Contact: Mr. Jim Swan 18
  21. 21. 4 Chapter Staff Name Position/Duties Length of Experience Lisa Crandall, MSME, PE Structural, Mechanical, Civil, and Architec- 25 years tural Engineering Christopher Alexander, M.Arch M.Arch, CAD Drafting, 3D Visualization, 2 years Graphic Design Caleb Crandall, BA Project Management, Administration, Fi- 5 years nancial, Marketing, Community Involve- ment Kurt McCall Project Manager 5 years Michael Westfall, BS, EIT BS in Civil Engineering, CAD Drafting, 25 years additional engineering tasks Don Wimmer, PLS Surveyor 20 years Becky Shildmyer Administrative and Secretarial 22 years Bradley Kline Architectural Design, CAD Drafting, Civil 15 years & Site Layouts, surveying Ben Crandall, RN, PHD, (ABD) Consultation for health care and educa- 26 years tional facility design Tiffany Woodard Bachelor in Religion, Photoshop, details, design, administration Jana Griffin, BS BS in Interior Design, CAD Drafting, 1 year graphic design programs Organization of Crandall Engineering is centered around the principal of the company, Lisa Crandall, PE. Crandall is assisted by a graduate architect, a civil engineer-in-training, and an interior designer. Other engineer- ing staff is consulted on an as-needed basis. The engineering staff is supported by a project manager and an ad- ministrator/secretary.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 19
  22. 22. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEEDUCATION: 1989, MSME, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK. Thesis title “An Investigation of the Local Strain Ap- proach for Evaluating Notch Fatigue in 8620 Cast Steel” 1984, BSME, University of Tulsa, OK.PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS: 1986 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Oklahoma 1995 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Indiana 1999 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Kansas 2006 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Alabama 2006 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Mississippi 2006 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Kentucky 2007 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Ohio 2007 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Michigan 2007 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Missouri 2007 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Texas 2008 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Louisiana 2009 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Tennessee 2009 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Massachusetts 2009 Professional Engineer registered in the state of Nebraska 2010 Professional Engineer registered in the state of PennsylvaniaA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2009 Marion National Veterans Cemetery Marion, IN Construction Inspection Services for Historical building restoration and site work On-site construction inspection services for a Minnesota Engineering firm for site utility construction, new road construction, road repairs, historic brick building restoration, and new building construction.2009 Thompson-Ray House Gas City, IN Architectural Engineering for State Historical Building Restoration (HPF grant received) Construction drawings and specifications for restoration of historical home on Main Street in Gas City. Section 106 Part I has been approved. Part 2 and Part 3 will be completed during the restoration process.2009 Cardinal Greenway Muncie, IN Structural Engineering-Martindale Pedestrian Bridge Structural engineering of pedestrian bridge abutments. Foundation system was a pile system with concrete caps.2008-2009 Culver’s Marion, IN Design of building and site for new construction Design of the site for new construction of the restaurant and the changes to the site in accordance with local zoning requirements and laws to achieve the best option for the restaurantCrandall Engineering, Inc. 20
  23. 23. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2009 Lamplight Manor Brazil, IN; Mt. Vernon, IN Design and restoration of existing multifamily housing 72 units were rehabilitated for the ICHDA Tax Credits.2009 YMCA Marion, IN Renovation of pre-existing structure for reuse What once was the Historic Marion YMCA has been converted and renovated to accommodate new business with the upper levels being devoted to a hotel for a TIF funding proposal2009 Eastbrook Community Schools Marion, IN Bid Specifications Writing bid specifications for bond projects.2009 Marion Incubator/Titan Building Marion, IN Renovation to existing historic building for reuse Proposed change of use for historic building, once a furniture store, into a new incubator site to house emerging busi- nesses in the area.2008 Historic Downtown Blumenthal’s/JCP Marion, IN Renovation design study for change of use of historical building Proposed change of use for historic building originally the Blumenthal’s Department Store and later JC Penny’s info offices on the lower level and condominiums on the upper levels.2008-2009 Historic McMahan-Leib Co. Building Anderson, IN Structural remediation to save an historical building Originally a wholesale grocery, the circa 1913 building has been structurally compromised. Structural remediation draw- ings, calculations, and scope of work has been approved by the State and City to save the building once slated for demolition.2008-2009 Baldwin Place Marion, IN Structural analysis and design of historical strip mall Major exterior remodeling involving significant structural improvisations to change a dated strip mall to be used once more.2008 Westview Detention Pond Jonesboro, IN Aquatic engineering and design of detention pond Detention pond designed for school system to alleviate storm water load on the city of Jonesboro.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 21
  24. 24. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2008-2009 2nd St Promenade Gas City, IN Revitalization of 2nd St Promenade area Historical research and rehabilitation used to reinvigorate and instigate excitement for the 2nd Street Promenade and the Government buildings located in downtown Gas City.2008 Taylor University Upland, IN New Nussbaum Science Building- structural steel value engineering (Team) Structural engineering consultation to the university of the new science building atrium. The 6,800 square foot atrium project is part of the new science teaching facility. My collaboration is working for the university as part of a design build project for the Troyer Group (architects.) the construction is placed between the existing science building and the new science building. The design includes a partial brick exterior, glass walls and roof, connecting walkways, two levels with balconies, glass elevators, structural steel beams, and columns with joists and girders. Other specialty aspects for LEED design include insulating roof panels, rotating roof louvers and mirrors for solar power, geothermal heating and a small rooftop greenhouse..2008 Taylor University Upland, IN New Nussbaum Science Building Design Consultation (Team) Design consultation for the university of the new science building and addition. In particular, working with the faculty and students on special engineering projects related to the LEED design. These design projects include; renewable fuel investigation of methane gas recovery from a waste system digester, cogeneration of electricity for university use and selling back to the grid, grey water system design, heliostat co-functionality with an observatory dome, wind and solar electrical power generation, trombe windows, atrium design, green roof, geothermal heating, roof louvers and mir- rors and other LEED initiatives.2008 Naples Indy Bulk, LLC Naples, FL Cost Study of Biodiesel/Green Diesel Plant Construction A preliminary design and cost study for construction of a biofuel plant using animal waste as feedstock. A cost/ payback comparison is being made between a biodiesel facility using transesterfication versus a green diesel jet fuel fa- cility using hydrogenation/cracking.2008 Advanced Bulk, Inc. Greenville, PA Structural steel design for Bulk Loading Facility Design of steel building, stairway, and walk platform for equipment and work area for bulk loading of materials into rail cars.2008 Naples Indy Bulk, LLC Indianapolis, IN Cost and Feasibility Study of Bulk Plant Conversion to Biodiesel A feasibility cost study of converting an oil bulk storage plant to a biodiesel bulk storage plant and repair of a 216,000 gallon oil tank.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 22
  25. 25. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2008 Buds to Blossom (Commercial Greenhouse) Marion, IN Design and Certification of Commercial Mound Septic System Design of a mound type septic system for certification from the Indiana State Department of Health.2007 Eastbrook Community Schools Marion, IN New High School Press Box Design Design of a 2-story press box for the track and football fields. The design enlarged the existing area and added a sec- ond story, incorporating a restroom and hospitality area, as well as new stairs to grade. Structure was steel with metal siding.2007 Taylor University Upland, IN LEED Consultation – New Nussbaum Science Building Design consultation for the university of the new science building and addition. In particular, working with the faculty and architects to evaluate the feasibility to proceed with LEED certification. Projects considered; renewable fuel in- vestigation, cogeneration of electricity, grey water systems, a heliostat, wind and solar electrical power generation, trombe windows, atrium design, green roof, geothermal heating, roof louvers and mirrors and other LEED initiatives.2007 Morgan County Public Library (Marion Steel) Marion, IN Structural Steel Design Design of special bow trusses for library roof.2007 Tippecanoe Shopping Center/Burlington Coat Factory Lafayette, IN Structural Steel Design Design of shopping center steel structure for Dauss Architects. Designed the steel for another shopping center struc- ture in Anderson, IN.2007 Habitat for Missionaries Marion, IN Design and Certification of Commercial Septic System Design of a septic system for certification from the Indiana State Department of Health. The commercial system was for a seasonal RV site.2007 Trio Development Marion, IN Historic Old Active Products Factory – Office addition Design of office addition to the old Active Products factory is to include exterior enhancements.2007 Park Villa L.T.C. Marion, IN Life Safety Plan Requirements must be met for public safety and evacuation. Drawings were created for this existing structure and processes are filed with the Indiana State Department of Health for their approval to occupy a building.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 23
  26. 26. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2007 DeHart Farms Bio-Diesel Trafalgar, IN Bio-Diesel Feasibility Study An experimental bulk reduction and bio-diesel production facility is in design and under construction. If the processes are successful, they will be patented and other facilities will be built. Drawings, processes and permit application are filed with the IDEM. Construction cost is about $500,000.2007 New Venture Ministries Marion, IN Historic Montgomery Ward Department Store – Youth Ministry A structural evaluation of the 19,000 square foot building built in the early 1900’s revealed some substantial work was necessary to safely occupy the entire structure. Interior work included supporting a collapsing 2nd floor section of the building, adding a stairway access for egress means from the basement and the 2nd floor and conducting space assess- ment for the needs of the new downtown youth ministry.2007 Gas City Parks Department Gas City, IN Gas City Senior Community Center A preliminary site plan and floor plan was designed for submittal to the park board. The facility includes a high school sized basketball court or 2 half-courts, classrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, offices and a kitchen/concession area..2006-2007 Wabash Alloy Tipton, IN Office and Locker Room Facility Design of an approximately 5,500 square foot, Type “B” occupancy building. New building includes offices, locker rooms, ADA restrooms, a conference room, laboratory and disaster recovery facility. Project cost approximately $618,000.2006-2007 Swan Real Estate Marion, IN Historic Significant Building - Office Renovation and Addition Design of a 12,000 square foot office building. Exterior accents include a 90 foot long glass dome, brick and stone ex- terior. Approximate project cost is $1.5 million.2006-2007 Trio Development Marion, IN Industrial and Office Park Design of heavy industrial, light industrial and office buildings on a 7 acre parcel. Park includes a retention pond, site utilities, parking facilities to service the various buildings. Total square feet is approximately 239,000. Project cost $20 million.2006-2007 Cornerstone Christian Church Bloomington, IN Multi-Purpose Facility Design of an 8,000 square foot multi-purpose facility. New Building includes offices, kitchen, ADA restroom, a large multi-purpose room and basement storage. Project cost approximately $520,000.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 24
  27. 27. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2006 Grant County Presbyterian Church Marion, IN Feasibility Study Design concepts for 3 different styles of worship facilities for congregation to consider prior to building.2006 King’s Academy Jonesboro, IN Historic J.C. Knight School - Feasibility Study Proposal to renovate the interior and exterior of the old school to house the increased school capacity.2006 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN Sports Complex Structural and MEP engineering provided to contractor for design-build of a 75,000 square foot indoor track with of- fice and locker room facilities. Project cost approximately $7 million.2006 Lakeview Christian Church Marion, IN Multipurpose Facility Structural engineering provided to architect for a large multipurpose kitchen and community area addition to their existing building. Addition was 17,000 square feet.2006 Crandall Offices Gas City, IN Historic Renovation of 1893 Downtown Building - Office Interior renovation of the Ann Shop and McDonough Pharmacy in downtown Gas City. Interior work, when com- plete, will include exposure of “Gas City – Queen of the Gas Belt” painted mural, prescriptions sign and brick walls. This project serves as a model for mixed-use rehabilitation of downtown buildings.2006 Madison Park Church of God Anderson, IN Church Facility Structural engineering provided to the architect for a new 74,000 square foot church facility. Project cost approximately $9 million.2005 City of Marion, IN Marion Steel Fabricators, Marion, IN 64’ x 94’ Skate Rink Canopy Cover, Skate Rink Handrails and Rink Deck Design of a portable aluminum truss frame cover, which can be assembled by bolting together. The roof is raised up using chain winches. The skate rink, handrails and deck all dis-assemble for removal so the park can be used for other events. Used RISA, a FEA (Finite Element) program to optimize the aluminum tubing sizes.2005 Marion Steel Fabricators Marion, IN Truck Loading Docks, Retaining Wall and Compressor Room Design of a 6-loading/unloading-station truck dock, compressor foundations and compressor building of a factory re-Crandall Engineering, Inc. 25
  28. 28. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE: hab for the expansion of the Marion Steel Fab plant. Project size $20 million.2004/2005 Eastbrook Community School Corporation Marion, IN Administration Building Addition An approximately 2,040 square feet addition to the administration building is designed to include a new office, confer- ence room, hospitality room, ADA restrooms, records storage, school board meeting room, public restrooms for sport- ing events and a concession area. Cost was approximately $230,000.2004/2009 Numerous Mortgage Companies Throughout Central and Northern Indiana HUD Manufactured Home Foundation Inspection Certifications Inspection and certification of manufactures homes per the September 1996 HUD Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing.2004 Masonic Temple Marion, IN Building Repair Study The 1912 structure was evaluated to determine necessary repairs and costs to the 10,500 sq. ft. infrastructure to provide the membership a worthy facility for the next 30 years. Project size approximately $336,000.2004 Payne’s Custard at the Lightning Bug Cafe Marion, IN Restaurant Design A new 1200 sq. ft. restaurant/cafe design. Cost approximately $270,000 including site work.2004 Mary Allen Roush Estate Marion, IN Force Sewer Main A residence needed a new lift station, air release valve pit and a 2” force sewer main to tie into another force main. Construction completed in June 2004.2001-2003 New Hope Baptist Church Gas City, IN 46933 Church Addition and Remodeling Design of a new Sanctuary for 660-person pew capacity and 240 seat overflow capacity. The remodeling involves add- ing a new sanctuary, adding a new classroom wing with future classrooms in a second story and turning the existing Sanctuary into a new fellowship hall with a new kitchen and restrooms. Approximate additional space is 14,000 square feet. Estimated cost for the addition is $1,180,000.2001 & 2003 Fire Station No. 1 Marion, IN 46952 Remodeling Phase 1 repairs made to concrete, brickwork, windows and structure. Cost of the remodeling was $32,723. Project construction was complete in April 2001. Phase 2 repairs to interior in the design stages in fall 2003 were cancelled due to election year changes and budget. Budget was $75,000.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 26
  29. 29. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:2002 Fire Station No. 6 Marion, IN 46953 Remodeling Designed the new porch, parapet and EFIS covering on the front of the station, made drawings and wrote a specifica- tion for the project to be bid and constructed. Cost of the remodeling was $74,000.2000 Thornburg House (YWCA) Marion, IN 46953 Remodeling Remodel-design of an old mansion to become a group home for the YWCA Mentoring Mother program. This in- cludes functions such as sleeping residences, teaching facilities, study rooms and a store. Project canceled due to lack of funding.1999 Olathe, Kansas Food Processing Plant and Warehouse My responsibility was to design all the foundations and all the structural steel for the construction of an 184,000 square foot food processing plant and warehouse located in Kansas. Utilized RISA-3D (a structural Finite Element Analysis) for the frame design and a special analysis of a field retrofit of a SJI girder. Design included process mezzanines for food processing equipment and storage tanks. Estimated cost for the steel alone was $2,000,000.1999 Kokomo, IN Housing Plot Sub-division of a 40-acre land parcel into house plots. Prepared the preliminary road and plot layout for submission to investors. The project was canceled.1997 First United Methodist Church of Gas City Gas City, IN 46933 Church Addition Complete design and construction drawings of the addition of fellowship hall, kitchen and basement classrooms to their existing facility. The addition was 6,200 square feet. The cost of the addition was $350,000.CONTRACTING AND JOBS EXPERIENCE9/95 - 2007 General Motors Corporation, Metal Fabrication Division Marion, IN 46952 Quality Network Planned Maintenance Salaried Support (1/03- 06) My responsibility is leading a group of task forces and hourly skilled trades in the planning and implementation of processes to improve safety, quality and throughput in the manufacturing facility. This includes all aspects of predic- tive technologies, specifically vibration analyses, infrared technologies, ultrasound, high speed video, laser alignment and motor testers. Maintenance planning includes creating preventive, corrective and reactive (emergency) work orders using MAXIMO, a computer maintenance system, and tracking the work orders in the system and creating reports for management review. General Supervisor, Maintenance and Engineering (9/00-12/02) My most important task was to plan and provide the manpower necessary to keep production running and to com- plete projects and preventive maintenance tasks. My responsibility was over maintenance and engineering activities on second shift. I managed manpower especially during crisis management.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 27
  30. 30. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:Group Leader, Senior Manufacturing Engineer (9/95-9/00) My responsibility was to support production by implementing and managing projects to increase throughput, reduce line change over times, improve ergonomics and reduce safety hazards. My responsibility included mechanical sup- port for maintenance and troubleshooting of automation and other mechanical devices. I planned and managed projects to complete the installation and start up on time. This meant working with the maintenance department to guide the manpower necessary to complete the tasks, and obtaining manufacturing and installation drawings and procuring materials through purchasing. I was responsible for the installation of the presses and automation equip- ment for the modernization of 4 major press lines.3/2004 - 5/2006 Tucker Career & Technology Center Marion, IN. 46952 Adjunct Instructor I taught Apprenticeship Training, for candidates to enter the skilled trades. Class focuses on basic algebra, physics and English skills.7/93 - 9/95 Continental Design Co., Inc. (On Contract to General Motors Corporation) Anderson, IN 46016 FEA Engineer My responsibility was for the development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as an effective tool for the analy- sis of air around and through headlamps for General Motor’s vehicles. Analytical work was compared to test results. I developed a plan using CFD to more reliably predict success of critical headlamp design parameters. I wrote a design manual for effective humidity evacuation of headlamps. I used FEA to study the thermal effects on tail lamps and for structural and frequency analysis of brackets and headlamp assemblies.3/90 - 7/93 Dowell Schlumberger relocated to:(reason I left) P.O. Box 4610 Tulsa, OK. 74102 Houston, TX.77210 Project Leader/Development Engineer Dowell Schlumberger designs and manufactures state of the art oil field equipment. I was in the research and develop- ment organization. I had both technical and management responsibilities as a project leader for a skid-mounted unit designed to mix, pump and meter raw acids and other corrosive fluids. There were 2 mechanical engineers, 3 software engineers, 1 designer and 1 shop hand working for me on this project. My annual budget was $1.5 million. My man- agement responsibilities were the work breakdown schedules, manpower projections, and project and annual budget plans. My technical responsibilities included the overall system design, the process flow diagrams, the piping system, the manual override on the valves, pump selection, and certification with the Coast Guard regulations for offshore use. My responsibility also included fabrication and testing of the prototype unit. I also developed a down hole rubber seal using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for large displacement and large strains. I was responsible for testing the parts. After the first “proof-of-concept” design, I designed a family of nine parts and wrote a manual for designing future parts without using FEA.9/90 - 5/93 Tulsa Junior College, Northeast Campus 3727 East Apache Tulsa, OK. 74115-3151 Adjunct Instructor I taught Introduction to Engineering and Physics II and the corresponding Physics II lab.Crandall Engineering, Inc. 28
  31. 31. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:8/84 - 3/90 Crosby-McKissick P.O. Box 3128 Tulsa, OK. 74101 Chief Engineer Crosby-McKissick manufactures a standard line of lifting appliances as well as special swivels, sheaves, crane blocks, and mooring system equipment. Due to the manpower my job was reviewing and upgrading existing products as well as designing special application equipment. My design work included structural design and analysis of castings, welded fabrications, bolted fabrications, sheaves, and specifying bearings and other components to be supplied by outside ven- dors. I performed FEA on weldments and castings. I wrote a program for calculating fatigue life from FEA stress analysis results. McKissick had an MRP system for product manufacturing and implemented SPC for product im- provement. I have worked with certifying agencies such as ABS, API, DNV, RINA and Lloyds by submitting formal calculations and coordinating Quality Control Procedures with outside inspectors. I worked on standards and proc- esses to obtain type approval with API and DNV similar to ISO 9000 certification.5/84 - 8/84 Rockwell International Corporation P.O. Box 582808 Tulsa, OK. 74158 Member of Technical Staff Rockwell in Tulsa designs and manufactures components of the B-1 bomber. My job was solving the various problems set forth in engineering change orders. I was also involved in the redesign of the flaps (composite structure) and in the layout of the radar absorption material.3/80 - 4/84 R.L. Frailey, Inc. (now out of business) Tulsa, OK. 74170 Engineering Technician/Designer Frailey was an engineering and construction firm of various gas plant facilities. My job was originating mechanical flow diagrams from process flow diagrams, pipe stress analysis, sizing flare stacks, plot plan layouts, cryogenic plant design involving looking at pressure loss and flow pockets in piping, pipe wall thickness calculations, waste heat boiler design, steam coil in sulfur pit design and reading customer specifications to ensure that our design met specifications.4/79 - 2/80 RSC-Williams Brothers and 6600 South Yale Avenue3/76 - 12/77 Tulsa, OK. 74136 Senior Pressure Piping Designer William’s Brothers is an engineering and construction firm of waste treatment facilities, pipeline pump stations, pipe- lines, and gathering stations for natural gas. My job was pressure piping layout and plot plan layout for the above facili- ties. I coordinated drawings for a gas gathering facility being responsible to supply work for 6 draftsmen, checking the drawings, and investigating customer specifications for our compliance. I was responsible for some pipe stress analysis.1/78 - 4/79 Delta United Corporation (now out of business) Tulsa, OK. Designer - Piping, Elect., Instr., and Struc. Delta United were designers and fabricators of lube-oil skids and fabricators of instrument skids, nuclear wastewater treatment skids, process skids and others. My job was designing the piping, electrical, instrumentation, and structural components for different skids. I made small pressure vessel calculations for head and wall thickness and nozzle rein- forcement. I designed the electrical systems per the latest NEC specifications. I designed pump base plates for struc-Crandall Engineering, Inc. 29
  32. 32. LISA M. CRANDALL, MSME, PEA SAMPLE OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE: tural rigidity. I designed a large rectangular lube oil reservoir. I also designed structural steel skids and the pipe support systems on those skids. I originated the design of the instrument control systems.1/74 to 2/76 Fluor Engineers & Constructors 3333 Michelson Drive Irvine, CA. 92730 Piping Designer Fluor is a major engineering and construction firm of crude oil refineries. While employed there, I attended classes in pressure piping, checking and layout, and fired equipment layout. I worked on the Alaska Pipeline pumping stations and crude refining stations. I worked with a lot of codes including OSHA and the Industrial Risk Insurers General Recommendations for plot plan design considerations. I also performed piping stress analysis for thermal conditions, vibrations, and gas/liquid slug flow, piping design of mixed two-phase flow lines, nozzle and tube design for vertical and box-type heaters.PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS, OFFICES AND ACTIVITIES1987 - 1989 Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board toAnd The University of Tulsa College of Mechanical Engineering,1991 - 1993 Secretary, 1992-1993 and Chairman, Student Advocacy Committee, 1991-19931984 - 2005 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Officer Tulsa Chap., History and Heritage Relations, 1991-19931988 - 1994 Society of Automotive Engineers, member1991 - 1994 American Society of Chemical Engineers, Rubber DivisionCurrent Energize—ECI Regional Planning District, regional economic development partnership, Grant County AppointeeCurrent Gas City Kiwanis, memberCurrent Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce, memberCurrent Grant County Chamber of Commerce, memberCrandall Engineering, Inc. 30
  33. 33. C A L E B P. C R A N D A L L , B A SUMMARY A highly skilled professional with experience in business and accounting. Highly-motivated to be part of a business team and a small business owner. EXPERIENCE 8/2005 – Present Mississinewa Management Inc. Gas City, IN Owner, Project & Property Management,, Small Business Development and Business Systems Support Management Team performs operational systems support to small business clients Perform tax preparation and review using Lacerte & other Intuit Products Review project / property cash flow and compile un-audited profit and loss statements to help fore- cast and address financial issues Construction Accounting & Project Management Procedural & systems implementation Property management Human Resource Management 2002 – 2005 Richard Duffy, CPA, PC Purcell, OK Tax Accountant, Consultant Meet with clients to gain understanding of their operations in order to best recommend tax, financial, or managerial business solutions for phases of construction in residential and commercial projects Perform tax preparation and review on individual, partnership, Sub-S, and C corporation tax returns as well as consolidated multi-state returns Complete monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reviewed financial statements as well as job costing, WIP, and audits for construction accounts Review bookkeeping services for monthly clients including payroll tax computation and un-audited profit and loss statements to help clients forecast and address financial issues Work to determine cost effectiveness of investment properties and determining value for new invest- ments 2000 – 2002 Department of Veterans Affairs Norman, OK Work/Study Liaison for Montgomery G.I. Bill Applicants Worked with applicants to administer the enrollment, maintenance, and dispersal of funds for veter- ans and qualifying dependents under the Montgomery G.I. Bill Summer 2000 United States Army Reserve Fort Jackson, SC Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) MOS in personnel administration specialist, 75B10 Learned the newest technologies for the processing, administering, and modernization of outdated paperwork on soldier’s files by incorporating the newer systems for documentation of important materialCrandall Engineering, Inc. 31
  34. 34. C A L E B P. C R A N D A L L , B A EXPERIENCE (cont.) Summer 1999 United States Army Reserve Fort Knox, KY Basic Training Learned the importance of attention to detail, respect for others and self Learned the way to work at high speed, but with a purpose so as to maximize all the effort put forth in to the task at hand 1999 - 2004 United States Army Reserve Fort Wayne, IN Corporal Personnel Administration Specialist for Headquarters Battalion 1 Brigade/330th Regiment 84th Divi- sion (IT), Fort Wayne, IN. Worked with personnel, perform clerical duties, and keep 201 files for soldiers in the battalion as well as MOB deployment packets for headquarters 1999 - 2000 Bluffton College Bluffton, OH Departmental Accounting Tutor Tutored students taking accounting courses at BC for the Accounting department EDUCATION 2000-2005 University of Oklahoma Norman, OK Bachelors in Arts, Human Relations Minor in Accounting and International Business Treasurer for Student Society for Human Relations 24 accounting course hours 1998 - 2000 Bluffton College Bluffton, OH Accounting major with a minor in MIS 1998 Mississinewa High School Gas City, IN High School Diploma TECHNICAL SKILLS Lacerte Tax Software QuickBooks Microsoft Office Products PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS, OFFICES AND ACTIVITIES Economic Growth Council of Grant County Main Street Beautification Committee of Gas City Ray House (Gas City) CommitteeCrandall Engineering, Inc. 32
  35. 35. CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER, M.ARCH SUMMARY Interim Architect earning experience in the design field. Facilitates design and construction drawings for clients, working from Preliminary Design to Construction Documents. EXPERIENCE 5/2009 – Present Crandall Engineering, Inc. Gas City, IN Interim Architect AutoCAD building construction drawings Exterior and interior building design 3D modeling and design Project/Office management Summer 2008 CSO Architects Indianapolis, IN Architectural Intern Coordination and completion of projects Assistant project manager Preliminary design exploration for clients and future clients Summer 2006-7 Eckert Wordell Architects Kalamazoo, MI Architectural Intern Introduction to and increase in proficiency with AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and Google Sketchup Analyzed and ordered presentation material for client meetings EDUCATION 2008-2010 Ball State University Muncie, IN 2010 - M.Arch, concentration in Sustainability 2004 - 2008 Ball State University Muncie, IN 2008 - Bachelors of Science in Architecture Minor in Construction Management Member American Institute of Architecture Students TECHNICAL SKILLS • AutoCAD • Rhinoceros 4.0 • Flamingo 1.1 • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustraztor, Flash, Dreamweaver • Google SketchUp • V-Ray for Rhino and SketchUp • AGI 32 (Lighting analysis software) • Autodesk RevIt • 3D Studio Max • HTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScriptCrandall Engineering, Inc. 33
  36. 36. M I C H A E L W E S T FA L L , B . S . , E I T SUMMARY Civil Engineer-in-Training progressing towards licensure. Assists with engineering and CAD drawings. EXPERIENCE 2/2010 – Present Crandall Engineering, Inc. Gas City, IN Civil Engineer-in-Training AutoCAD building construction drawings Engineering design and calculations Summer 2009 Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Engineering Technician Performed ASTM standardized tests including slump, air content, concrete test cylinders, etc. Operated and Certified with a Nuke Gauge Communicated with site superintendant to relay test findings and give recommendations Oversaw site inspections and observation of geotechnical work Summer 2008 Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Engineering Technician Summer 2007 Alt & Witzig Engineering, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Engineering Technician EDUCATION 2004-2009 Trine University Angola, IN 2009 - B.S. in Civil Engineering TECHNICAL SKILLS • AutoCAD • Solid Works • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint • Right-Suite • Google SketchUp • Knowledge of ASTM testing and designCrandall Engineering, Inc. 34
  37. 37. JANA GRIFFIN, B.S. SUMMARY Interior Designer assisting in interior design of design projects. Assists with CAD documents. EXPERIENCE 10/2009 – Present Crandall Engineering, Inc. Gas City, IN Interior Designer Interior design of selected projects CAD work and drawing preparation EDUCATION 2006-2010 Art Institute of Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN 2010 - B.S. in Interior Design TECHNICAL SKILLS • AutoCAD • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint • Adobe Photoshop • Google SketchUpCrandall Engineering, Inc. 35
  38. 38. BECKY SHILDMYER SUMMARY A highly skilled individual proficient in all Microsoft programs. EXPERIENCE 2008 – Present Crandall Engineering, Inc. Gas City, IN Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Data entry, phone operations, production of marketing materials, property management assistance and general clerical duties. 2006—2008 Kem View Pharmacy Marion, IN Pharmacy Technician Responsible for all aspect of dispensing prescriptions. Greeting customers, phone operations, inven- tory control. 1988—2005 Marion Community Schools Marion, IN Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Phone operations, clerical duties, purchasing and book keeping. TECHNICAL SKILLS • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook • Word Perfect • Database filesCrandall Engineering, Inc. 36
  39. 39. WOMEN’S BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CERTIFICATIONCrandall Engineering, Inc. 37