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Are you worried that will forget important wedding tasks last minute?

Well, odds are that something will be overlooked during your wedding planning and day-of preparation. but there are some things you can do to avoid these being big details.

To help reduce the stressful experience of wedding planning, we have created a 5 Useful Tip for Planning a Wedding slideshow, in which we highlight five essential points you'll need to remember when making arrangements and preparations.

View this SlideShare to:

• Discover these five useful tips for your wedding planning
• Find out how to designate tasks for your wedding day
• Learn how to properly vet vendors to find the best
• Avoid the biggest overlooked detail
• Complete your preparation before the wedding
• Understand proper appreciation and etiquette with your vendors

Following these helpful tips will reduce the number of stressful last-minute details.

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5 Useful Tips for Planning a Wedding SlideShare

  1. 1. Now, you’re planning a wedding. Between choosing decorations, planning the guest list and booking the venue, there are many different tasks to tackle between now and the wedding day. To take some stress out of the process, Executive Limousine has written a list of five things to keep in mind for the big day, several which are often forgotten until the last minute.
  2. 2. Marriage laws differ from state to state, and some may require special steps for obtaining a marriage license. If you’ll be getting married in Washington D.C., for example, a blood test will be needed. A few months before the wedding, contact the jurisdiction where you’ll be married to learn about the application process.
  3. 3. Questions to ask include: •  Do I need to make an appointment for the application? •  Do both parties need to be present for the application? (In most states, this is the case, though there are some exceptions.) •  What documents do we need to bring with us? •  After I receive the license, is there a waiting period?
  4. 4. Once you’ve received your license, be sure to bring it with you so that the officiant can sign it and file for a marriage certificate. Common sense, right? Well…not always. It’s surprisingly typical for marriage licenses to be forgotten on the day of the wedding.
  5. 5. When you’re choosing between caterers, you have your budget, your guests’ diets and the logistics of the reception to think about. On that end, the questions you ask your caterer should include the following:
  6. 6. How many weddings do you do annually?
  7. 7. How long have you been in business?
  8. 8. Is catering priced based on the foods selected, or is there a flat fee?
  9. 9. What sort of food do you offer for guests with dietary restrictions?
  10. 10. Where will the food preparation take place? Is there a fee if the caterer must bring additional equipment?
  11. 11. Do you have a liquor license?
  12. 12. Do you have references I could speak with?
  13. 13. Will your company be servicing any other weddings on the same day?
  14. 14. A wedding is a huge event, and while it may be your big day, that doesn’t mean that all the planning should fall on your shoulders. Consider what parts of the wedding you’ll want to delegate to your groom, his parents, your parents or your wedding party. There are several ways you can divvy up the ceremony responsibilities.
  15. 15. The wedding party could be responsible for setting up lobby decorations and handing out programs.
  16. 16. Some groomsmen could also double as ushers before the wedding begins.
  17. 17. A friend or relative could direct guests on where to park.
  18. 18. A family member could collect cameras at the end of the evening if you buy cameras for guests to take pictures with.
  19. 19. Have your guests all be wedding photographers. Designate a specific hashtag for attendees to include when uploading photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Having one hashtag will help you organize and locate your event photos in one location on each social platform. For high resolution images, request that the photos be uploaded to Flickr and hashtag used.
  20. 20. A bridesmaid could be left in charge of bringing your vows, which may get lost in the milieu of the day.
  21. 21. Other wedding party members could also be tasked with bringing the cake knife and toasting flutes.
  22. 22. Some pre-wedding possibilities for the groom: creating your wedding website, researching the marriage license application process, booking the wedding transportation and planning reception entertainment.
  23. 23. On top of the actual wedding day, you can also enlist friends’ help with other parts of the process—invite your friends over and stuff invitations while you watch a movie, or have them help with making party favors or decorations.
  24. 24. Before the wedding, there are a few things you’ll want to pack: an emergency kit, an overnight bag and some miscellaneous odds and ends so that the night goes as smoothly as possible.
  25. 25. Unless you’re getting married close to a drugstore, having an emergency kit to help with last-minute issues can be the difference between a mountain of stress and an ocean of calm.
  26. 26. •  Bug spray •  Hair spray •  Lint roller •  Sewing kit •  First-aid kit •  Straws (you can use them to drink without ruining your lipstick) •  Band-Aids •  Clothing stain removers •  Make-up •  Chalk to hide any last-minute smudges on your wedding dress Things to include in the kit: •  Fabric tape •  Aspirin •  Lotion •  Feminine products
  27. 27. Entrust a friend or family member with the kit; have them double-check its contents one or two nights before the ceremony.
  28. 28. Other things to consider bringing with you are an extra boutonniere for the groom, tech chargers for your electronic devices if you’ll be using them for reception music, bottled water and snacks to fuel you and your wedding party and comfortable shoes to change into at the end of the night. In your overnight bag, don’t forget makeup remover and a light snack in case you don’t get much to eat at the reception.
  29. 29. In the midst of your marital bliss, don’t forget the people who helped make it happen. When giving the caterer your final count of people, be sure to include your vendors, too. According to Bridal Guide writer Stefania Sainato, “Most caterers will count your vendor meals as half- price, so be sure to include your band members, photographer, videographer (and any second shooters), as well as your planner and their assistants.”
  30. 30. Sainato also suggests that you review your vendors or e-mail them a testimonial once the honeymoon period is over. If everything went well, let them know that. If something could have been done better, be honest. The only way they can improve their service is if you point out their missteps.
  31. 31. As for tipping, the Knot has a brief guide of who and how much to tip:
  32. 32. Wedding planners: Varies, from gifts to a cash tip of up to $500
  33. 33. Hair stylist and makeup artist: 15-25%
  34. 34. Set-up staff and delivery persons: $5-$10 per person
  35. 35. Officiant: Donations of up to $500 to their affiliated church or synagogue, or optional tip of $50-$100, if non-denominational
  36. 36. Musicians: $15-$20 per person
  37. 37. Photographer/videographer (optional): $50- $200 if they are not the studio owner
  38. 38. On-site coordinator, maitre d’ and banquet manager: 15-20% of food and drink fee, or $200-$300 for maitre d’ (Double-check contract for service fees)
  39. 39. Bartenders and waitstaff (optional): $20-$25 per person (Double- check contract for service fees)
  40. 40. Band, DJ and/or sound technicians (optional): $20-$25 for musicians; $50-$150 for DJs
  41. 41. So there you have it, five tips that will hopefully decrease your stress levels in the days leading up to the ceremony. Executive Limousine knows that your wedding day is a big one, and that’s why we wanted to provide these tips—with enough preparation, you’ll be ready for anything that could steer your wedding off course.
  42. 42. In addition to being a resource for brides-to-be, we also provide a number of stylish, reliable options for your wedding day. From a classic white stretch for the bride to a luxurious party bus to a Rolls Royce with a complimentary bottle of champagne for the newlyweds, Executive has a vehicle that will complement any wedding.
  43. 43. Want more information about wedding transportation preparation? Call us at (516) 826-8172 or visit our website at www.executivelimousine.org