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Will I Ever Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend? - Use THIS Strategy to Get Her Back


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If you're wondering "will I ever get back with my ex girlfriend"
pay close attention.

This slideshow reveals a smart strategy to make her want you again as her boyfriend.

I also reveal a huge mistake that, if you commit it, you will never
get her again. So be on the look out.

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Will I Ever Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend? - Use THIS Strategy to Get Her Back

  1. 1. Will I Ever Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend? Use THIS Strategy to Get Her Back By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. You are sitting there... Alone, broken up, with your smart-phone on your lap...
  3. 3. Scrolling through her texts...Trying to "decode" what went wrong... and hunting for signs that she still has something left for you in her heart.
  4. 4. If you’re asking yourself “will I ever get back with my ex girlfriend”…’ll want to read this FREE eBook titled: “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” In it, you will learn... - how to CORRECTLY play "hard to get" - how to reverse past mistakes - how to give your ex girlfriend a strong desire to get back together with you
  5. 5. Now here's a Q&A of a painful situation you may be experiencing right now...
  6. 6. >>>My Comments Nick, first off, figure out what YOU want to do. This means you need to figure if you want this girl to be your girlfriend, friend with benefits, friend, or nothing at all.
  7. 7. If you want to make her your girlfriend your main problem is one you already know. You’ve become too emotionally dependent on her... which is making you act like a needy and fearful unattractive girly-man.
  8. 8. Why is this happening? This is something that took me a while to discover... but the reason you act fearful flows from your mind being in a state of "Scarcity" In other words, neediness, jealousy, fear, and other shitty “weak” states of mind all come from "inner" scarcity.
  9. 9. When you feel scarcity inside, you depend too much on external validation for good emotions. You aren't happy with just yourself. So you depend on "external" approval (in this case, your girlfriend's feelings for you)... for the positive emotions that you feel.
  10. 10. However, all of this makes you WEAK. It makes you UNGROUNDED as a man. And when a woman senses this, she immediately loses all attraction for you. That's why you need to break this habit of depending external validation, and start letting your positive emotions come FROM WITHIN.
  11. 11. Ground Your Positive Emotions By Being Grounded to Your Purpose Another thing I learned is that when you get weak and stop acting like a man, you either 1. aren't grounded to your purpose enough so it's making you weak or 2. you're making the woman your purpose and it's making you weak
  12. 12. Your Purpose is Your Journey Whether it be your career, or something you are truly and utterly passionate for... you should have a purpose that drives you every day. It is your calling, your journey, your PATH. Most importantly, it is something that is INDEPENDENT FROM THE GIRL and drives you whether or not you have the girl.
  13. 13. You see, the woman should not be your purpose… and I see all these guys that think this way… but “getting the girl” shouldn't be a mission you obsess over day in and day out. In fact, she doesn't want to be your purpose. If she realizes you are her little soldier persistent in winning her love -- yes she'll feel flattered by it and say “awww”… but at the same time she will instantly lose all attraction for you.
  14. 14. Instead... she wants to join you along for the ride. She wants you to invite her into your world. She wants to join the adventure you are already on
  15. 15. Being grounded to your purpose allows you to be independent from external validation It's like you're a kite held on by a string tied to a rock. That rock is your purpose... and whenever a strong “wind” of emotion from a woman comes... you don't just fly away. Because you're grounded. If you aren't grounded, you easily break off. Women will easily affect you, and they will take notice that you get easily shaken.
  16. 16. But if you're grounded, you you don't budge whenever a girl shows disinterest. PLUS... because you know that there are OTHER OPTIONS.
  17. 17. I know you may feel it right now, but the girl shouldn't be the center of the world. SHE ISN'T THE ONLY GIRL OUT THERE FOR YOU! Once you start thinking that she is the only one that that she is "special"... you have oneitis... and you are SCREWED.
  18. 18. When You Have Oneitis... ● Your mind starts blinding you into not seeing the other awesome women out there. ● You get extremely fearful that she'll leave. ● You start displaying jealous, needy, weak behavior because you are fearful
  19. 19. And then ironically, your fears become a reality When a woman senses you no longer are acting like a man and she starts looking for another guy who acts more like a man than you... ...And then she starts looking for excuses to dump you
  20. 20. Ok so… your ex girlfriend kinda likes you back but is sending you mixed signals… how do you make her yours again? Here are the 2 rules you must follow...
  21. 21. 1. Use Texting ONLY to Arrange Meetups ● stop texting her every day ● don't get into meaningless drawn out text conversations that don't go anywhere ● instead, use texting primarily as a means to plan getting together This ensures she has time and space to miss you… so give her the GIFT of missing you.
  22. 22. 2. When you're together hanging out, ONLY focus on having fun and hooking up, but do NOT bring up “feelings and relationship” talk Look, if you get into “let’s talk about our feelings and relationship” mode... or if you ask her if she wants to get back together… or if you ask her if she is seeing other guys... …then she will get un-attracted again. So don’t do any of that ok?
  23. 23. Here’s How to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend But Frankie, will I ever get back with my ex girlfriend if I never bring it up? Yes you can. The way you actually get back together with her is simple...
  24. 24. If she’s attracted enough and she enjoys spending time with you, she’ll want to be your girlfriend and she will bring it up. But let HER be the one who brings it up. That is the woman's job. And now here's another thing...
  25. 25. If you’re serious in getting your ex girlfriend back, and you’d like to learn the specific steps on how to do it, then you want to read this “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” eBook
  26. 26. Free eBook: “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” Inside you will learn: ● how hormones can ruin a great relationship… ● how to reverse past mistakes… ● how to correctly play “hard to get”… ● how to re-establish contact with your ex girlfriend… ● how to rebuild a stronger relationship than you had before… ==> Click Here to Download the “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” eBook