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How to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex Girlfriend


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Here's how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend.

These slides reveal 3 keys that eliminate your obsession
with your ex and help put you in the right mind state to
re-attract her back.

You'll also learn a simple re-attraction process that gets
her running back into your arms.

Published in: Self Improvement
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How to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex Girlfriend

  1. 1. How to Stop Obsessing Over An Ex Girlfriend 3 KEYS to Stopping Obsessive “Oneitis” Feelings and How to Re Attract Your Ex Back into Your Arms By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. You're broken up, you feel hurt, you can't stop obsessing over your ex...
  3. 3. And it's understandable.
  4. 4. Breaking up with your girlfriend can totally MESS UP your state of mind.
  5. 5. You're so used to having her, texting back and forth with her every single day... knowing and having the CERTAINTY that everything is just fine...
  6. 6. Until suddenly, she breaks up with you seemingly OUT OF NOWHERE.
  7. 7. Your self-esteem rapidly deflates like an exploding balloon, and the feeling of rejection can't seem to go away.
  8. 8. Even as you go through your everyday life... the pain just lingers there in the back of your mind...
  9. 9. If this is you, I'm here to tell you that what you're going through is extremely common. It's something most men go through after a break up.
  10. 10. Most men who are broken up, will get "oneitis" with their ex.
  11. 11. What is Oneitis? Oneitis is when all your thoughts and emotions are completely focused on just ONE girl. You feel like she's the only girl in the world for you. It's like you have TUNNEL-VISION for just this one girl.
  12. 12. Because of this, you constantly think about her, dream about her, fantasize about her.
  13. 13. But here's why it's so DANGEROUS to be in this state of mind: You see, oneitis makes you fearful, it makes you WEAK, and it makes you constantly worried that you'll lose her to another man. And because of this, you start acting extremely UNATTRACTIVE and makes your fears a REALITY.
  14. 14. As you can already guess, this weak state of mind only pushes her further away from you and you lose your chance to make her want to be your girlfriend again.
  15. 15. Getting too deep in this state of mind is the big mistake most men make after a break up, and because of it, they aren't able to get their ex back EVER again. They get too obsessed with their ex, which causes them to act like desperate, needy wussbags…
  16. 16. And when you display this weak behavior with a woman… GAME OVER.
  17. 17. What to do instead?
  18. 18. Here are 3 Keys to Stop Obsessive Oneitis and Start Re-Attracting Your Ex Girlfriend Back into Your Arms
  19. 19. Key #1: Oneitis is a “Scarcity Problem” and it's Making You Act WEAK and Unattractive Oneitis is what I call a "Scarcity Problem." Scarcity problems happen when you LACK something… But what are you lacking? You're lacking OTHER OPTIONS TO MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY.
  20. 20. That's why you feel this woman is “your world.” She has a monopoly on your feelings. Your happiness revolves around her. You want to stop this type of thinking, ok? You've got to stop the stranglehold she has on your brain. The most powerful way to fix this is to...
  21. 21. Start Talking to OTHER Women Yeah, yeah, I know… going for other women feels counter to your feelings that your ex is the special girl for you... But if you want the best chance of getting your ex back... you absolutely MUST knock her off the pedestal you have her on. And realizing, in your mind, that you can have more options, is the best way to do it.
  22. 22. So as soon as you go into no-contact mode with your ex, start focusing your mind on other women. Think about them, talk to them, go on dates with them.
  23. 23. The more options you feel you have, the less attached you will feel to your ex, and the less of an URGE you will get to text her or see her. It will OBLITERATE your weak oneitis and you'll get your emotional strength back. Once you get out of your weak state of mind, and you go back into a STRONG one, you'll be in a much better position to re-attract your woman.
  24. 24. Not only that, but when your ex sees you're ok without her, AND that you're mingling with other girls, she will begin thinking of you differently. She will even start getting strange feelings of attraction for you. Because she will no longer see you as “weak” anymore. And this brings us to KEY #2...
  25. 25. Look, if she said she didn't have feelings for you anymore, it was ONLY IN THAT MOMENT. Which means her feelings for you can come back! This brings us to key point number 3. And this is the answer to getting your ex back... Key #2: A Woman's Feelings For You Aren't “Set in Stone.”
  26. 26. Key #3: To Get Your Ex Back, You Trigger Attraction in Her Again Like You Did Before Here's the deal… Whether or not your ex wants to get back together with you has to do with ONE thing: ATTRACTION
  27. 27. Your girlfriend used to feel a strong attraction for you. It's why she got together with you in the first place. But because of certain “weak” behaviors that you did… she now doesn't FEEL that attraction anymore.
  28. 28. Therefore, if you want to attract her back... you must go through a proven re-attraction process that works to spark in her feelings of attraction for you just like she felt before. Click here to learn a step-by-step Re-Attraction Process created by experts to re attract your ex girlfriend back and make things like they were before