Using Consumer and Competitive Data to Create Engaging Emails


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As inboxes get more crowded, your jobs, as email marketers, get harder and harder. How can you make sure your email campaign will stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes? Recent studies have found that increasing subscriber engagement is a top priority for the majority of email marketers in 2014. This webinar addresses this important topic and shows you how you can use Return Path’s Inbox Insight to stand out in the inbox. It covered how to use consumer and competitive data to see what drives the best engagement. We also showed you how to apply these tactics to your own program via real life success stories and examples.

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Using Consumer and Competitive Data to Create Engaging Emails

  1. 1. Using Consumer & Competitive Data to Create Engaging Emails and an Unfair Advantage May 8th, 2014
  2. 2. Speakers Tom Sather Sr. Director, Research, Return Path
  3. 3. Speakers Margarita Golod Director, Product Marketing, Return Path
  4. 4. Agenda • Inactives and Win-back Campaigns • Increasing Your Subscriber Engagement • Client Uses and Successes
  5. 5. Inactives and Win-back Campaigns Tom Sather Sr. Director, Research, Return Path
  6. 6. 65% of marketers said driving subscriber engagement is their primary lifecycle challenge.
  7. 7. Increasing Subscriber Engagement Margarita Golod Director, Product Marketing, Return Path
  8. 8. Return Path, August 2013 The Inbox Is A Battlefield
  9. 9. Receives between 400 and 500 commercial messages per month From over 150 different senders <30% of that mail gets read What are Your Subscribers Reading?
  10. 10. Retailer A’s Audience is 2.4x higher than Retailer B Retailer B shares 59% of their Audience with Retailer A Retailer A’s campaigns are read 21% more than Retailer B Retailer A Retailer B Your Data Alone Can’t Maximize Engagement
  11. 11. How Do You Stand Out?
  12. 12. To Increase Subscriber Engagement You Need Understand if these email campaigns are read, deleted unread, forwarded, etc. Real Performance Data Know where to focus (volume, cadence, creative, list size, or subject line) Actionable Insights See all email campaigns competing for your subscribers attention Complete Visibility
  13. 13. • See all email campaigns competing for your subscribers attention • Get real performance data on these campaigns • Optimize your own email program based on what is resonating with your subscribers Inbox Insight Full Visibility Real Performance Metrics Actionable Insights
  14. 14. Get Data and Insights on What Drives Engagement • Subject Line Performance • Results of A/B Testing • Day of Week Analysis • Frequency, Volume, Segmentation • Creative Repository • List Size and Subscriber Overlap
  15. 15. Tax Software for Consumers “Inbox Insight provides us with email performance data that we cannot get anywhere else. This product fills a big gap we had in gathering competitive intelligence and allows us to see where we could be doing better in driving the engagement we need to win.” —Timothy O’Brien Group Manager Digital Communications, Intuit “Cannot Get This Data Anywhere Else” • Stiff competition for subscriber attention against H&R Block • Incomplete visibility despite expensive competitive intelligence strategy Challenge • Used INBOX INSIGHT to benchmark their performance versus H&R Block Solution • Full visibility into H&R Block Email Programs • Campaigns • Performance • Increased speed of competitive findings and reduced expense required to capture • Drove optimization strategy Result
  16. 16. Large National Department Store “The competitive intelligence in Inbox Insight allows me to see what my real subscribers will do if I change frequency, cadence, subject line, targeting, etc., and this lets me make a more informed business decision.” —Mike Hodapp Director, Digital Marketing Dillard’s Inc. “Predict How Email Campaigns Will Perform” • Internal pressure to expand email programs without data • Unknown impact of proposed actions on current subscribers Challenge • Used INBOX INSIGHT to understand engagement of similar email campaigns sent by competitors Solution • Use competitive insight to inform business strategy • Created optimized email program strategy • Able to answer department requests with data Result
  17. 17. Online Website and Publisher “Inbox Insight should have a direct impact on our revenue because the data from the tool will increase our advertising sales. As a publishing business, we can now use our email performance data and that of our competitors to show our advertisers exactly why they should advertise with us versus competition.” —Jack Hogan Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Lifescript “Direct Impact On Revenue” • Advertising model demanded measurability and performance of email • Insufficient data to address this Challenge • Used INBOX INSIGHT benchmark their email engagement against others in the industry Solution • Grew advertising sales based on data driven analysis of performance • Achieved competitive advantage in use of email channel Result
  18. 18. Inbox Insight: Client Examples Large Entertainment Resort • Promotional Planning and Testing • Subject Line Planning and Testing Retail Clothing Chain • Weekly Competitive Snapshot • Flash Sale Strategy Implementation Home Furnishings and Décor Chain • Seasonal Offer Planning • Reporting for Senior Management Global Online Travel Brand • Subject Line Testing • Competitive Analysis
  19. 19. Client Details − Large Entertainment Resort • Use Inbox Insight to identify where to put offers/discounts in subject lines for highest performance • Use competitive performance data for monthly planning
  20. 20. Client Details − Retail Clothing Chain • Use Inbox Insight to create executive report on their performance vs. competitors • Look at Flash Sales campaigns from other brands to determine their own Flash Sales strategy: length of flash sales, timing, day of week, etc.
  21. 21. Inbox Insight Highlights − Retail Clothing Chain
  22. 22. Client Details − Home Furnishings and Décor Chain • Use Inbox Insight data to validate email marketing strategy to upper management • Develop seasonal offers based on what is working and not working for others
  23. 23. Inbox Insight Highlights − Home Furnishings and Décor chain
  24. 24. Client Details – Global Online Travel Brand • Use Inbox Insight to understand subject line fatigue, effectiveness of symbols, and promotional calendars • Gather insight and data on their sister brand
  25. 25. Inbox Insight Highlights− Global Online Travel Brand
  26. 26. • Inbox Insight product information: • Benchmark your email program: • Email us questions: Resources
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  28. 28. Upcoming Webinars: May 22nd Best Practices of Guided Selling May 14th Introducing the Next Version of ExactTarget Salesforce Integration June 12th Bringing You Close to Your Social Customers
  29. 29. Ignite your Digital Marketing Text “SPARK” to 38767 *Msg&Data Rates Apply. Get 1msg/week. HELP for help. STOP to Stop. T&Cs avail at
  30. 30.