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Reputation Management and Social Media for Higher Education


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Presentation in Washington DC for Higher education professionals on the importance of social media and reputation management. Presented with Lori Croy of the University of M

Reputation Management and Social Media for Higher Education

  2. I’ve embraced social media Now, how do I manage it within my university environment?
  3. SurvivorOutlive…outlast…out- survive.
  4. The 3 P’s• Policy• Protocol• Participation
  5. PolicyHave a posting policy to guideyour users and set expectationsfor your community
  6. ProtocolEstablish a protocol for others atyour institution so that there isconsistency in the experienceusers will have throughout yoursocial communities
  7. ParticipationSocial media is most successfulwhen many people participateand many voices andperspectives are heard.Encourage growth and diversity.
  8. Dealing with difficult friends• Maintain your civility• Deal with these individuals outside the social community whenever possible• Use the posting policy as a reminder to everyone that appropriate and civil behavior is expected• Understand that you will occasionally have to remove a comment or block a poster• ALWAYS contact them and provide the reason for doing so
  9. Dealing with difficult politics It’s hard to manage up.
  10. Communicating during a crisis No time for philosophical discussion.
  11. Sounds of a crisis on Twitter
  12. Things have to change…now.• The audience won’t wait for pre-social media decision making practices any more• Protocols need to be revised to include social media as a critical communication tool• Practice, drill, draft, prepare…for everything
  13. Embrace the changesYour audiences already have.