Introducing the Next Version of ExactTarget Salesforce Integration


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The integration of Salesforce CRM and the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud allows marketers to leverage their Salesforce CRM data to deliver relevant, personalized conversations to grow customer lifetime value. In this webinar you'll hear about the latest version of the integration and upcoming plans. Plus, hear from PHH Mortgage and how their email marketing efforts are growing with this new solution.

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  • With this platform, we have over a decade of experience helping our customers who also use, run effective email campaigns. With ExactTarget and Salesforce joining forces, this has become as important as ever. And the integration we provide makes it simple to take the information you have about your customers within Salesforce and use it to send relevant, engaging messages.
  • Which brings us to 5 key themes for today that we’re going to discuss relative to email marketing and Salesforce. These represent opportunities for marketers to help their organizations become customer companies and we’ll spend a few minutes on each. We’ve begun the conversation about customer data and the single view of the customer and I’ll share a couple of examples.The Customer Journey is essential because each relationship between a customer and a brand is different from the next and each step in the journey represents an opportunity to individualize your marketing.We’ll then spend a few minutes on optimized content to talk about ways to ensure that an email is relevant.Managing the Enterprise, because regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your organization it’s important to market consistently throughout.And then Product Integration extends through our presentation today as we consider Salesforce + ExactTarget but keep in mind that ExactTarget can connect to any other system that may be relevant to your efforts.
  • And this is key. ExactTarget’s mission has long been to help all of our customers deliver highly targeted and personalized messages. This can only be accomplished if we first understand our customers by leveraging everything that we know about them. Our customer data. Data will come from many sources, and at ExactTarget we help customers bring all of this data together and use it in real-time, in every message.
  • Once you can bring this data together, you can deeply understand your customers allowing you to connect to them in entirely new ways and deliver the best, high value content that;Shows you know who your prospects are, where they are, what they like and what they are interested in.Allows you to target prospects with highly relevant emails based on their age, location, gender and interests.Guides prospects and customers to the right products and offers – things that they value and care about
  • Let’s move on to the Customer Journey. As customers ourselves, we all recognize that we are unique with how we interact with our favorite brands. You and I may have the same favorite brand but we purchase different things or I just started with them and you’re a long time customer. And this happens in stages. As marketers, it’s our responsibility to help customers move from one stage to the next stage. Such as this example where we have a non-purchaser being encouraged to make their first purchase. Or perhaps we need to set a goal to create a repeat purchaser or a loyal customer. Maybe there is a previous customer who has lapsed in their engagement with us and we want to re-engage them with a unique offer. As we manage these stages carefully, set goals for our customers, and market to help them reach those goals we can use the customer journey to our advantage.
  • Let’s look at the example of OneAmerica. OneAmerica is a financial services company based in Indianapolis – just across the street from our offices. A key part of their business is their producers – or third party agents that resell OneAmerica services. If these producers are successful, OneAmerica will be succesful.
  • New producer information added to SalesforceReport runs daily as part of a Marketing Cloud automationDrip campaign of emails sent to new producersProduct preferences are captured and used during sending50% decrease in time for new producers to submit business $21,000+ saved in printing and postage for new producer kits 200 man hours saved by automating this programIn these examples you can see the initial email on the left that welcomes the producer to the OneAmerica family. The next email asks the producers to take a quick survey, via an ET landing page, to confirm the products they’re interested in selling. The data captured from these pages is written directly to that Contact record in SF. This then drives the content of the next set of emails that educate the producers on how to sell those products.
  • As you might have guessed, content is essential to everything we’ve been discussing today. A targeted and relevant message is one that contains content that I’m interested in as an individual. As a Salesforce + ExactTarget user, you have access to our market leading content tools and we’ll talk about a couple of those today. To talk about what we call Dynamic Content we’ll use a near by example.
  • Combination of curated top picks and automated contentDynamic event recommendations from 90+ locationsConditional content with special benefits for donors
  • Worldwide adoption of 144 integrated accountsSend in multiple languagesEvent/tradeshow promotions with personalized emails
  • In an earlier slide, we looked at email preferences increasing even though channels and devices were increasing – email increased its share. And one reason for that is that mobile devices have made email a persistent part of our lives. Ensuring that your emails reflect that reality is important and
  • Headquarters outside of LondonOver 7M active event participants in 2012Worldwide adoption of 144 integrated accountsSend in multiple languagesEmpower every staff memberEvent/tradeshow promotions with personalized emails
  • Worldwide adoption of 144 integrated accountsSend in multiple languagesEvent/tradeshow promotions with personalized emails
  • Monthly newsletter. This is sent to the Real Estate Agents. It’s their primary communication from PHH each month. It’s the big item that influenced Mortgage Advisors to buy into our CRM processes. This demonstrates our thoughts leadership. Our group is proud of this initiative. We have a network of agents with different sources of business. ExactTarget brands every email correctly. We don’t have to manually figure out (Private labeled as Caldwell Banker Home Loans. Sent on behalf of the mortgage advisor – these are the stakeholders that benefit from these newsletters.)
  • Introducing the Next Version of ExactTarget Salesforce Integration

    1. 1. Introducing the Next Version of the ExactTarget Salesforce Integration May 14th, 2014
    2. 2. Speakers Matt Tippets Sr. Director, Marketing Cloud Integrations, ETMC
    3. 3. Speakers Darcy McNiff Director, Sales Operations, PHH Mortgage
    4. 4. Our Agenda • Overview of the Salesforce integration • Key themes for marketers • Customer stories • Live demo • Darcy McNiff @ PHH Mortgage
    5. 5. A Decade of + ExactTarget 1,000+ Customers have integrated ExactTarget and Salesforce Spring 2014 The latest version launches
    6. 6. Salesforce + ExactTarget Drive targeted and relevant messages using Salesforce as your system of record
    7. 7. Single View of the Customer Customer Journey Optimized Content Manage the Enterprise Product Integration
    8. 8. Single View of the Customer
    9. 9. UnderstandingyourCustomers
    10. 10. • Demographics • Music preferences • Tickets purchased - concerts & shows attended • Frequent venues Single View of a Live Nation Customer
    11. 11. Real-time Salesforce Data for Every Send
    12. 12. Single View of the Customer Customer Journey Optimized Content Manage the Enterprise Product Integration
    13. 13. PURCHASER RESPONDS TO: LAST PURCHASE: NON-PURCHASER TODAY Brian Goal-Oriented Customer Journeys
    14. 14. OneAmerica: Keeping Promises to Achieve Your Goals OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. is a carrier offering life insurance, annuities, and retirement planning. Salesforce integrated customer since 2008 Managing the journey for new producers “We take more orders than ever with Salesforce.” Buddy Valastro, President & CEO, Carlo’s Bakery
    15. 15. Results: 1. 50% decrease in time for new producers tosubmit business 2. $21,000+ saved inprinting and postage for new producer kits 3. 200 man hours saved by automating this program Driving Results with a 1:1 Onboarding Process
    16. 16. Plan OptimizePersonalize Manage the Entire Journey
    17. 17. AVAILABLE Q4 Introducing Journey Builder
    18. 18. Single View of the Customer Customer Journey Optimized Content Manage the Enterprise Product Integration
    19. 19. New York Public Library: Inspire Lifelong Learning The New York Public Library is the nation’s largest public library system, with 88 neighborhood branches and 8 million patrons per year More than 51 million items managed Also providing extensive events, job training, digital tools etc. Buddy Valastro, President & CEO, Carlo’s Bakery
    20. 20. Drive Interest with Dynamic Content • Combination of curated top picks and automated content • Dynamic event recommendations from 90+ locations • Conditional content with special benefits for donors
    21. 21. Mobile Email for Mobile Customers
    22. 22. Single View of the Customer Customer Journey Optimized Content Manage the Enterprise Product Integration
    23. 23. Manage the Enterprise
    24. 24. Reed Exhibitions: Global Events Organizer Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organizer, with a growing portfolio of 500 events in 41 countries More than 3000 staff members worldwide Over 7 million event participants each year Buddy Valastro, President & CEO, Carlo’s Bakery
    25. 25. Global & Coordinated Marketing • Worldwide adoption of 144 integrated accounts • Send in multiple languages • Empower every staff member • Event/tradeshow promotions with personalized emails
    26. 26. Single View of the Customer Customer Journey Optimized Content Manage the Enterprise Product Integration
    27. 27. Demo
    28. 28. Introducing Darcy McNiff Director, Sales Operations, PHH Mortgage
    29. 29. PHH Mortgage is one of the top 10 originators of retail residential mortgages in the United States, providing mortgage outsourcing solutions to clients, as well as home financing directly to consumers. • Based inMount Laurel, NJ • Salesforce integrated since September 2013 • ExactTarget Email application customer since May 2012 PHH Mortgage: Comprehensive Mortgage Solution Provider
    30. 30. How Did We Do It? • Real estate agent info automatically added to Salesforce • ExactTarget dynamically adds the correct brand and mortgage advisor • Provided near real time subscriber behavior to Mortgage Advisors through integrated tracking results on contact record.
    31. 31. What were the results? • 30% Open Rate! • vs. the industry average of 22% • Increased user adoption – Mortgage Advisors love it • Advisors engage in the process to suggest future topics • Fantastic user experience for sending directly to reports and individual contacts
    32. 32. Personalized, Targeted, Effective
    33. 33. Resources Please visit: • for information about all versions of the Salesforce integration • YouTube – “ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Salesforce Integration” video
    34. 34. Questions? Please type questions in the chat panel to „All Panelist'
    35. 35. Upcoming Webinars: May 22nd Best Practices in Guided Selling June 12th Bringing You Close to Your Social Customer
    36. 36. Ignite your Digital Marketing Text “SPARK” to 38767 *Msg&Data Rates Apply. Get 1msg/week. HELP for help. STOP to Stop. T&Cs avail at
    37. 37.