6 Ways to Improve your Customers’ Journey from Awareness to Action


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This was the kick-off webinar for The Future is Now, Learn to Create 1:1 Customer Journeys, webinar series.

The unprecedented growth in technology has created a massive shift in the way we communicate to customers. It is important that brands create experiences that not only reaches the customer in every possible channel but also personalizes that journey. Only then can you break through the noise and build relationships that matter to your customer and, ultimately, your bottom line. Join Jay Baer, New York Time’s best seller at Convince & Convert, and Kyle Lacy, Director of Global Content Marketing at ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, as they walk you through the six ways to transform your digital marketing strategy into a customer journey that is focused not only on the experience of the customer but strategy that generates revenue for the company.

Learn more about our webinar series: The Future is Now at pages.exacttarget.com/thefutureisnow

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  • More focused use of outside creative agencies. By standardizing on Radian6 and
    having one social listening center that triages all of Cisco’s social interactions, Cisco
    can ensure creative agency fees are invested in thought leadership and innovation in
    the social engagement space rather than simply managing tweets.

    Increased staff productivity. Cisco’s triage system, named ABCs (action-based
    conversations), and its ability to leverage a broad field of subject matter experts via
    Radian6 mobile device access, enables its employees to respond to social mentions in
    a time-appropriate way from anywhere, driving greater overall productivity.

    Additionally, triage reduces the overall time needed to respond to mentions and
    reduces the number of customer interactions or questions that might ultimately result
    in a call to a support center.

    Increased customer insights. Because Cisco can mine and analyze customer and
    partner social mentions in a meaningful way, they can have a better overall view of
  • 6 Ways to Improve your Customers’ Journey from Awareness to Action

    1. 1. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 6 Ways to Improve Your Customers' Journey from Awareness to Action July 29th, 2014 #ETWEBINARS
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    3. 3. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Meet Our Speakers Jay Baer President, Convince and Convert New York Times Bestselling book: Youtility Kyle Lacy Director, Global Content Marketing & Research Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @jaybaer @kyleplacy
    4. 4. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Moments Matter one. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
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    7. 7. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Atomize Your Content to create more moments
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    12. 12. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Think Mobile First, Not Mobile Also two.
    13. 13. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    14. 14. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Mobile Penetration (Total Population) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Australia Brazil China France Germany Japan UK USA 36.8 35.4 27 18.3 5.9 30.2 31 52.2 13.8 33.1 38.2 28.8 19.6 50.9 43.5 64.6 26.3 46.9 42.3 39.8 24.7 62.2 56.4 2011 2012 2013
    15. 15. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Smartphone massive growth potential with only 30% of total market. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report
    16. 16. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Out of the 74% of Japanese consumers intending to upgrade their phone… Japan Consumer Insights Report 2014, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    17. 17. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 99.5% will be upgrading to a smartphone. 2014 Japan Consumer Insights Report, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    18. 18. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 8.7 4.4 13.7 47.2 15.5 30.6 15.2 9.3 22.7 57.8 26 41.3 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 USA | Purchased a product or service USA | Searched for a flat or house USA | Searched for restaurants or pubs/bars USA | Accessed a social network USA | Reviewed websites, blogs or message boards USA | Looked up directions or used a map 2012 2013 Activities used on Smartphone (last 7 days)
    19. 19. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Content is Mobile
    20. 20. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 91% of consumers indicated that access to content across all devices was important. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    21. 21. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    22. 22. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars World-wide, there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes. Google
    23. 23. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Mobile Internet access means you must create self-serve information.
    24. 24. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Sources of information needed pre-purchase. Google.
    25. 25. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Listen because Every Customer is a Reporter three.
    26. 26. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 82% of adult internet users are reached by social media.
    27. 27. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    28. 28. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Customer service is now a spectator sport
    29. 29. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Cisco + Social Listening • Listens to and triages more than 5000 social mentions a day on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, 70 FB pages and 100 Twitter accounts. • 240 employees use Social Studios mobile apps • One Centralized Platform • Focus agency fees • Avoid customer / partner interaction costs • Increase team productivity • New sales
    30. 30. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars ROI: 281% Payback: 5 months Average annual benefit: $1,596,292
    31. 31. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Recognize that Relevance Creates Time. four.
    32. 32. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 41% of consumers buy more from brands who send personalized emails based on past buying behaviors. Return Path
    33. 33. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    34. 34. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    35. 35. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    36. 36. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
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    38. 38. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
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    40. 40. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    41. 41. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    42. 42. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    43. 43. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars 12-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    44. 44. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    45. 45. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    46. 46. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    47. 47. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Embrace the Power of Eventually five.
    48. 48. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars The difference between helping and selling is just two letters.
    49. 49. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    50. 50. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    51. 51. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Use Metrics that Matter six.
    52. 52. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Data equals Relevance
    53. 53. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Data beats Opinions
    54. 54. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    55. 55. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions. David Walmsley Head of Multichannel Marks & Spencer
    56. 56. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Keep Score • There are four categories of measurement that matter : • Consumption Metrics • Advocacy and sharing metrics • Lead-generation metrics • Sales metrics
    57. 57. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars We are surrounded by data, but we’re starved for insights.
    58. 58. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    59. 59. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Q&A Jay Baer President, Convince and Convert New York Times Bestselling book: Youtility Kyle Lacy Director, Global Content Marketing & Research ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @jaybaer @kyleplacy
    60. 60. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Additional Digital Marketing Resources http://www.exacttarget.com/resource-center/digital-marketing
    61. 61. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars
    62. 62. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars Experience Digital Marketing Like Never Before Join the journey at Connections 2014—transforming customer interactions into exceptional brand experiences for your business For one incredible week, the world’s best marketers come together to: Explore emerging connected technologies Hear from the brightest innovators and biggest brands Experience world-class education and entertainment exacttarget.com/connections September 23-25
    63. 63. @kyleplacy @jaybaer #ETWebinars exacttarget.com