5 Digital Trends Changing Customer Communication


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  • How many people watch mad men?Typical of a generation but a type of marketer at the time
  • Three things on marketers place. It used to be just creative.
  • Satisfy the CustomerThe easiest, and possibly the most affordable, way to build customer loyalty is to satisfy the customer. Begin by implementing the most basic customer service rule: treat the customer the way you want to be treated when shopping. Ideas: Back in stock emails, customer survey emails
  • Below is the solution solutions to the common challenge of Creating Customer Loyalty. Solution: Acknowledge the customerInteract with your customers at every stage in the purchase lifecycle by providing information via SMS about destination hot spots, scheduling reminders, or travel alerts. Your objectives for creating brand loyalty may include: increasing the spending of existing customers, providing solid customer service, improving the natural churn rate of customers, creating brand evangelists, acquiring new customers, or shifting customers to higher margin products. Participate in one-to-one conversations and respond to customer complaints and questions on Facebook and Twitter. Leverage ExactTarget’s IMH Calendar to manage all digital communications and acknowledge the customer at both online and online events. This creates efficiency and keeps you organized. Tap into real-time reporting and Pulse Gadgets across all digital messaging channels with ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub to assess customer loyalty and interactions with your brand.Engage with your customers at every stage in the customer lifecycle.Build online and offline communities to strengthen your brand.Plan strategies for interacting with customers to fuel opt-ins and list growth. Use your staff and brand to create friendly customer service experiences in-store or online. Translate that value through welcome emails, discounted cross sell offers, or social media outlets. Engage with your customers at every stage in the email lifecycle; Provide information via the right channel about the next trip they want to book, provide a Facebook coupon for Liking your Facebook Page, or provide loyalty reward point updates via SMS. Utilize the real-time effectiveness of social media to offer more timely customer service and to comment on popular travel and hospitality topics that your customers talking about. Empower customers to choose how they want to interact with your business by encouraging them to share information via blogs or offer recommendations via SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. Use social and mobile customer experiences to create timely, dynamic content that will resonate back to them.
  • 5 Digital Trends Changing Customer Communication

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