2014 Mobile Behavior Report Webinar


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Want to build a powerful mobile experience for your customers? Look to the data. We tracked 470 voluntary consumers for a month to see how they used their smartphones and tablets to access the mobile web and mobile apps; we also asked them questions about how they use and view mobile devices in their lives. In this webinar deck, we share the real patterns in mobile behavior that we discovered through this research, as well as users’ own insights. Using this information, brands can begin crafting better experiences for all mobile users.

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2014 Mobile Behavior Report Webinar

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  5. 5. Combining mobile device tracking and consumer survey data to build a powerful mobile strategy #etmobile 2014 Mobile Behavior Report
  6. 6. Speakers R.J. Talyor Vice President, Mobile rtalyor@exacttarget.com @rjtalyor
  7. 7. • Key Learnings: Mobile Consumer Behavior Report • Channel Review: Consumer Behavior & Attitudes by Channel • Q&A Agenda
  8. 8. Key Learnings Mobile Customer Behavior Report
  9. 9. Tracked 470 people from Luth‟s ZQ technology Asked from January 6-14, 2014 Integrated data and survey responses The Mobile Consumer Survey: Objectives & Methodology
  10. 10. What is Mobile? • Consumers most frequently associate “mobile” with a smartphone/cell phone • 85% said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life • Consumers spend 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones
  11. 11. The Role of Tablets • 73% of smartphone owners also owned a tablet • Ownership by income/age: - 81% own tablet ($75-$100K) - 79% own tablets ($100K+) - 81% own tablets (aged 35-44) • Time spent on devices increased when both were owned
  12. 12. 3.1 hrs3.3 hrs Average Hours Per Day Spent on Mobile Device
  13. 13. Device BreakdownHours Spent by Device & Income
  14. 14. Device BreakdownHours Spent by Device & Age
  15. 15. Activities on a Smartphone/Tablet: by Channel & Activity
  16. 16. Power Mobile Users: Activities of Smartphone Owners vs. Smartphone & Tablet Owners
  17. 17. Mobile Usage by Device Type: Hours in the Day
  18. 18. Mobile Usage by Device Type: Day of the Week
  19. 19. Device Breakdown Access to content any way that I want it How Consumers Rate Mobile Brand Factors
  20. 20. Seamless experience across all my devices How Consumers Rate Mobile Brand Factors
  21. 21. Is a technology leader How Consumers Rate Mobile Brand Factors
  22. 22. Channel Review Consumer Behavior & Attitudes by Channel
  23. 23. Email from Brands
  24. 24. Purchase from a Brand’s Email
  25. 25. Location Sharing
  26. 26. Push Notifications
  27. 27. Business-Specific Apps
  28. 28. Text Messages
  29. 29. Social on Mobile
  30. 30. Mobile Optimized Websites
  31. 31. Recommendations / Next Steps 1. Segment your mobile strategy for at least three groups: • Smartphone users • Smartphone & tablet users • Feature phone users (if applicable) 2. Match your customers‟ mobile journeys to optimize conversion / ROI • By device and device behavior • By channel • By daypart (morning, afternoon, night) • By day of week 3. Ensure that your mobile strategy delivers “meaningful content” any way they want it.
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  34. 34. Download Full Report http://bit.ly/2014mobilebehaviorreport Text REPORT to 38767
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