Games Go Social - Games As Social Objects


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A presentation by Jeroen Elfferich on Games as Social Objects at the Games Go Social event in Amsterdam in 2008, part of PICNIC

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Games Go Social - Games As Social Objects

  1. 1. Social Gaming Technology since '98 Broadband Ubiquitous access (web, mobile, console, TV, radio) Any connected device, anywhere, anytime Rich internet clients Clients & partners Online widgets Infinite, cloud-based storage and scalability Location aware devices and infrastructure Social networks as aggregators of daily online life Introduction Building blocks API access to any social object Open profile RSS feeds Sync games across web, mobile, console and broadcast web-based content creation & management tools Personalization, social filtering and semantic web From game to game From device tot device Be among friends From place to place With live, prime-time TV 'a map of the relationships between The Ultimate Social Game WIth hundreds of thousands of other viewers individuals' (Clay Shirky) To be the best in the country 'object centered sociality' (Jyri Z) Play along And the best among your friends WRONG 'social networks are just made up of people' Social Network Don't forget about traditional traditional and traditional new media WTF? 'he who has the most contacts wins' Using your phone Reason for affiliation On a screen outdoors Play in public People connect via shared objects Or in a bar, or bar vs bar? Concepts Inspire communication Seamless friend invites Social network ---> activities or practices Private competitions Involvement Games as Social Object The social networking services that work (Co-)create your own game content are built around objects Social Objects Social Objects Sustainable web services allow people to Achievements, medals, prizes Show off your profile create and improve social objects that Jeroen Elfferich On non-game sites and services add value to their lives Ex Machina Cross-game status updates social gaming technology Object: Photo Flickr Location-based matchmaking Verb: Comment Presence updates from game characters Object: Bookmark Radio looks at your profile Delicious Personalized in-game multimedia Verb: Tag Photoframes pull from your Flickr account Examples Object: Career LinkedIn Verb: Recommend Notification Social proximity Object: Track Shared taste Asynchronous games Verb: Love Shared object Singleplayer w/highscore or rating Level / Clear Puzzle / Solve Live communication Circuit / Race Turn-based, live multiplayer and Sync Object/verbs MMO/persistant world IQ / Test Requires awareness of other people's intentions The Bastard / Shoot Synchronous games Physical proximity It's an activity Matchmaking Interact with people you know - reason for affiliation Cross-platform synchronisation Sync'n'cloud Get to know people you interact with - Broadcast activation helps to connect Running out of stuff to talk about? Browser instead of OS Social Lubricant inspires communication aka 'server based games' Games as Social Objects Long lasting social entertainment: create and improve Social networks are in the cloud Competition Networks act as aggregators of social objects Collaboration Integrate Social API's on YOUR page Kickstarted by casual MMO's Casual games: 50/50 Cloud gaming A virtual world full of social objects Games as networks: 75/25 Who? These games ARE social networks Games in networks: 100/0 Mostly web-based, easily accessible Iphone, Java Game or No Game What about mobile? Specific subject and style AJAX, FlashLite Pre- and post-generic social network audiences Emotional verb usage Fictional characters Games as Social Objects - Jeroen.mmap - 26-9-2008 -