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ExL Pharma's 3rd Annual European Investigator Initiated Trials Conference, October, London


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An investigator-initiated trial (IIT) is a special kind of clinical trial where the investigator proposes a research study to a pharmaceutical company, often in an attempt to find new uses for approved drugs, research that results in publications, good partnerships, and the protection of human subjects and ensuring regulatory compliance. IITs are often regarded as critical pieces of product development strategy because it can often complement a company’s R&D goals. A pharmaceutical company stands to gain a tremendous amount of revenue if an IIT finds a drug to be successful or gains another indication.

ExL Pharma’s 3rd European Investigator-Initiated Trials conference offers educational discussions with expert industry leaders who explain the value and reasons of supporting an IIT, the implementation and process of IITs, and solutions to common problems. This event offers valuable lessons and techniques on safety reporting, an explanation of the EU regulatory environment, and important contractual obligations. Learn how to maximize the value of IITs and increase communication and shared data. ExL Pharma continues to be the only provider of this type of conference in Europe, and we have had continued success with our US IIT conference, which we are running for the 12th time in September of this year. We provide our audience an outstanding educational opportunity with industry leading experts, EU compliance officers, panel discussions including time for Q&A, and a great networking experience!

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