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T&C Meetup #2: The Six Fundamentals of Online Marketing Strategy

In the ‘Six Fundamentals of Online Marketing Strategy’ Meetup, Ewa and Sam went into details on how they develop strategic frameworks for their clients.

Here are the 6 Steps they covered at the meetup:

1. Building your buyer Persona.
2. Discovering your Market Awareness Level.
3. Discovering your Market Sophistication Level.
4. How to reach your persona - what are your main Communication Channels?
5. Creating your Unique Selling Proposition.
6. Developing your Brand Story.

T&C Meetup #2: The Six Fundamentals of Online Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. 6 Fundamentals of Online Marketing Strategy by Ewa Wysocka & Samuel P.N. Cook
  2. 2. 1. Execution Before STRATEGY. 2. Building The Website Instead Of a FUNNEL. 3. Great Strategy, Poor EXECUTION. 4. Not Knowing Your NUMBERS! 5. Doing SEO instead of CONTENT. 6. Failing To Integrate The PAID TRAFFIC. 7. Running Traffic Without OPTIMISING! 8. Not paying attention to CUSTOMER SERVICE. 8 Most Expensive Online Marketing Mistakes
  3. 3. 1. STRATEGY fundamentals. 2. FUNNEL psychology and mapping. 3. EXECUTION process. 4. Defining your NUMBERS (KPI’s). 5. CONTENT integration. 6. PAID TRAFFIC integration. 7. OPTIMISATION. 8. CUSTOMER SERVICE process set up. Our 8-Step Digital Marketing Formula
  4. 4. “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein
  5. 5. ⭑ Your PERSONA ⭑ Should you do online marketing at all? ⭑ Market AWARENESS ⭑ Market SOPHISTICATION ⭑ Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) ⭑ Your BRAND STORY 6 Fundamentals of Online Marketing STRATEGY An ad from 1952 by Marketing Genius David Ogilvy
  6. 6. Plant-based (vegan) diet catering Our case study
  7. 7. 1. General (demographic mainly) 2. Goals and Values 3. Lifestyle and Personality Traits 4. Challenges, Fears and Problems 5. Interests and Hobbies 6. Keywords they would search for 7. Objections to the buying 7 Characteristics of Your Buyer Persona
  8. 8. How to get the info “Do’s and Don’ts!” BrendonBurchard ⛔ Multiple choice surveys ⛔ Asking your coworkers, friends, or your MOM! ⛔ Surveying paying clients ➢ Open question survey online (What is your biggest challenge when it comes to…?) ➢ In-depth one-on-one conversation (sales calls!) ➢ Cyber stalking :-) Online Forums, Facebook,
  9. 9. #1 General ⭑ Persona’s nick name: New Age Monika ⭑ Food preferences: plant-based only, possibly gluten free ⭑ Age: 30 - 40 ⭑ Gender: Female ⭑ Marital status: Single ⭑ Location: Warsaw ⭑ Occupation: Freelancer, preferably in creative niches ⭑ Annual Income: 70 000 - 120 000 PLN FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  10. 10. #2 Goals and Values ⭑ Goals Directly Related to The Offer: following plant-based diet that is tasty, nutritious and diverse, ⭑ Other Relevant Goals: self growth, traveling, being able to afford her lifestyle, hanging out with like-minded people ⭑ Values: freedom, creativity, fun, growth ⭑ Dislikes: aggression, boredom, rules and processes FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  11. 11. #3 Lifestyle and Personality Traits ⭑ Eating habits:breakfast at home, vegan restaurants and lunch places during the day, vegan home cooking in the evenings or eating with friends ⭑ Personality traits (MBTI): intuitive, self- aware, creative, eloquent, can be selfish and too individualistic FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  12. 12. #4 Challenges, Fears ⭑ Challenges: vegan diet can be costly and takes too much time ⭑ Fears: doesn’t want to be labeled ethical vegan ⭑ Can suffer from: lack of focus, periods of melancholy and depression FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  13. 13. #5 Interests and hobbies FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy” ⭑ Gurus: Joel Fuhrman, Agnieszka Maciąg, Beata Pawlikowska ⭑ Facebook Pages: /vegemiasto, WiecejWeganskich/, /otwarteklatki, /veganhearo ⭑ Blogs:, ⭑ Brands: Krowarzywa, BioOrganica, BioPlaneta, Acaimania ⭑ Movies: Fat,Sick, & Nearly Dead, Forks Over Knives ⭑ Other hobbies: yoga, meditation, spirituality, self growth, “she is a foodie”, art
  14. 14. #6 Keywords Monika would use if she was looking for your kind of services ⭑ ‘vegan catering’, ‘vegan home delivery’, ‘vegan diet plan’ FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  15. 15. #7 Objections and decision making ⭑ Objections that could stop her from buying: ○ “This will not be truly vegan” ○ “I am very particular when it comes to taste” ○ I actually like to cook by myself ⭑ Role in decision making: makes decisions for herself FrankKern BrendonBurchard QUOTE:“VeganisTheNewSexy”
  16. 16. The number of searches for just ‘vegan diet’ in Poland is not so big and is not showing growth over past year...
  17. 17. The Facebook targeting potential is also niche in this field...
  18. 18. What about this Persona?
  19. 19. #1 General ⭑ Persona’s nickname: Healthy Busy Ewa ⭑ Food preferences: healthy but not no particular diet ⭑ Age: 30 - 40 ⭑ Gender: Female ⭑ Marital status: Unmarried but in a stable relationship ⭑ Location: Warsaw ⭑ Occupation: busy professional ⭑ Annual Income: 60 000 - 400 000 PLN QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  20. 20. #2 Goals and Values ⭑ Personal Goals Directly Related to The Offer: Improving her productivity, digestion, beauty, overall health, all while staying busy and productive. ⭑ Other Relevant Goals: Career, personal grow, maintaining and growing meaningful relationships ⭑ Values: Growth, productivity, competence ⭑ Dislikes: Wasting time, confusion, stupidity QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  21. 21. #3 Lifestyle and Personality Traits ⭑ Eating habits: Breakfast at home, lunch on the go, evening food at home or out with friends, trying to make healthy choices ⭑ Personality traits (MBTI): Driven, to-the- point, can be “Bossy” and controlling QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  22. 22. #4 Challenges and Pain Points ⭑ Challenges: No time to prepare good quality food for herself and her boyfriend; when you eat out, how do you know the food is healthy? ⭑ Fears: getting unhealthy or fat because of career choices ⭑ Can suffer from: stress, burnout, bad work-life balance, unstable weight. QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  23. 23. #5 Interests and hobbies ⭑ Gurus: Anna Lewandowska, Kathryn Budig, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, TONY Robbins ⭑ Facebook Pages: /portalyogipl, /projektegoistka, /biegigorskiepl ⭑ Blogs: crazysexydiet,, ⭑ Brands: BioPlaneta, RiskMadeInWarsaw, NewBalance ⭑ Movies: Hungry For Change, Food.Inc ⭑ Other hobbies: sports and traveling: running, fitness, yoga, scuba diving, traveling, hiking QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  24. 24. #6 Keywords she would use if she was looking for your kind of services ⭑ ‘box diet’, ‘healthy lunch delivery’,‘diet catering’, ‘healthy catering’, ‘catering warszawa’ QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  25. 25. #7 Objections and decision making ⭑ Objections that could stop her from buying: is plant-based really healthy? my boyfriend will freak out when he hears “vegan”... ⭑ Role in decision making: makes decisions for herself or with her significant other QUOTE:“HeaLTHyIsProductive”
  26. 26. Are there more Personas?
  27. 27. Can you have them all?
  29. 29. CORE DESIRE ⭑ She wants to be more healthy without sacrificing her career or lifestyle (Self-Esteem) FrankKern
  30. 30. How much she knows today about the way your product satisfies her DESIRE? What is Your Market Awareness Level?
  31. 31. 4 Levels of Awareness Level 4 Super AWARE! Level 3 Aware of your product, but does not want it Level 2 Knows what she wants, but does not know you Level 1 Aware of the PROBLEM only (unrealised desire)
  32. 32. The follower base of Polish people who are thinking about healthier way of life is quite big right now
  33. 33. There are even people in Poland actively searching for diet catering solutions
  34. 34. How many products have been there before you? What is Your Market Sophistication Level?
  35. 35. Looks like the market might be just switching from Sophistication Level 2 to Sophistication Level 3!
  36. 36. Google Trends for Healthy Catering in Poland The interest in healthy food catering is growing and we might witness ‘boom’ in this industry in near future
  37. 37. Verbalize Your Unique Selling Proposition ⭑ CORE DESIRE: wants to be more healthy without sacrificing her career and lifestyle (Self Esteem) ⭑ AWARENESS: she knows what she wants but does not know you ⭑ SOPHISTICATION: there are few competitors, you need to show her the better way
  38. 38. Write YOUR Idea for Unique Selling Proposition of plant-based diet catering service for Healthy Busy Ewa and send to before March 10th Win semi-vegan :) lunch with Ewa & Sam!
  39. 39. Tell Your Brand Story ⭑ Upgrade Your Story at Each Level of Market Sophistication ○ Emails/Copy (Tell your Story) ○ Design & Font (Be consistent and Thoughtful) ○ Photos (A picture speaks 1,000 words) ○ Online Videos (No Better Way to tell your Story) ○ Earned Media: News Articles, News Stories (PR) ○ Big Branding: TV, Movies, Endorsements, etc.
  40. 40. Telling Your Story Does NOT Have to be Expensive
  41. 41. Plant-based (vegan) diet catering Our sample case
  42. 42. Plant-based (vegan) diet catering Our sample case
  43. 43. ‘Your Funnel Psychology and Mapping’ March 16th, 7pm, Google Campus Warsaw
  44. 44. Video production & Photography by projecton