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T&C Meetup #6: Content Marketing That Drives Sales


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Slides from the 6th T&C Meetup by Ewa Wysocka and Samuel Cook where we talked about rules of effective content marketing and 6 best content pieces you can use in your online campaigns.

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T&C Meetup #6: Content Marketing That Drives Sales

  1. 1. Content Marketing That Drives Sales by Ewa Wysocka & Samuel P.N. Cook
  2. 2. 1. STRATEGY fundamentals 2. FUNNEL psychology and mapping 3. EXECUTION process 4. Defining your NUMBERS (KPI’s) 5. CONTENT integration 6. PAID TRAFFIC integration 7. OPTIMISATION 8. CUSTOMER SERVICE process set up Our 8-Step Digital Marketing Formula
  3. 3. LTV > 3 x CAC LTV - Customer Lifetime Value CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost
  4. 4. 6 rules of effective content marketing
  5. 5. Rule 1: Use different content at the different stages of the funnel 60 sec video tips An hour long Webinar FAQs and Case Studies
  6. 6. Rule 2: Merge CONTENT with PAID TRAFFIC! ● Drive paid traffic to the content at the top of your funnel. ● Use retargeting ads to push your Persona further into your funnel by advertising both content and sales pages.
  7. 7. Rule 3: Always have a clear CALL TO ACTION embedded in your content ● Your CTA depends on the funnel stage! ● Use links, image ads and popup with articles, pdfs or infographics. ● End videos with clear spoken and visual command on what to do next .
  8. 8. Rules 4: Post your content to the channels where your Persona hangs out the most
  9. 9. Rule 5: Effective content marketing requires PROCESS & CONSISTENCY ● You need to have a Content Manager on your team. ● Recruit content producers:bloggers, video producers, etc. (Or learn these skills yourself)
  10. 10. Rule 6: Go for QUALITY > QUANTITY ● If you have good content piece reproduce it in different content formats like video, podcast, infographic and article. James Schramko SuperFast Business
  11. 11. 6 most effective CONTENT PIECES
  12. 12. Blog Post (Article) ● Use for PARADIGM SHIFT (beginning of the funnel). ● You need a good HOOK in your headline and intro. ● Tell a great STORY (take the time). ● Be USEFUL but leave OPEN LOOP. ● CTA should be OPTIN rather than BUY! ● Look for inspiration with Kissmetrics. com,, DigitalMarketer.
  13. 13. Infographic ● Use for PARADIGM SHIFT (beginning of the funnel). ● Make it so USEFUL that people will feel like printing it and sticking it to their fridge door for future reference. ●, and are great case studies to follow. ● Post on your blog so you can use retargeting on Facebook and Google
  14. 14. Image ● Use to build TRUST & LIKEABILITY with people who already are in your funnel (via Facebook or Instagram). ● Use to GETTING ATTENTION & PARADIGM SHIFT (beginning of the funnel) for physical trendy products. ● No direct ways of retargeting to those who like or view the image (apart of for Instagram!)
  15. 15. Video ● Use short engaging videos directly on social media PATTERN INTERRUPT + PARADIGM SHIFT. ● Retarget these viewers with longer content videos - RESULTS IN ADVANCE. ● Use testimonials to OVERCOME OBJECTIONS. ● Drive viewers to your sales video: use Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube and embed in webpage. ● Production QUALITY matters but STORY
  16. 16. Video production & technology ● Become a director & producer - hire the videographer & editor. ● Pay special attention to SOUND, LIGHTING and BACKGROUND. ● Use subtitles to get better engagement! ● If you want to do the filming yourself, learn how to do it with online education. ● Use for animation Video Genesis
  17. 17. Free Download (Ebook, Cheatsheet, Report, White Paper) ● Use for the RESULTS IN ADVANCE stage ● Make it USEFUL - it should help someone achieve a concrete milestone. ● Make it LOOK GOOD, combine text and images. ● Use,
  18. 18. Webinar ● Webinars for RESULTS IN ADVANCE and later stages of your funnel (never beginning of the funnel!) ● Best merge of CONTENT & SALES. ● Use PRE - WEBINAR sequence to boost showup rate (email + social media). ● Give 70% content and 30 % sales. ● Structure of your content matters. ● Even if people don’t buy they should think WOW! ● Follow-up after the Webinar (replay + sales sequence) Frank Kern
  19. 19. Webinar technology ● It doesn’t have to be “LIVE”, it can be broadcast combined with live Q and A. ● Combine SLIDES and VIDEO for best results. ● Available platforms to make it live:,, (recent!), Google Hangouts on Air imbedded in your website. ● You can also use streaming services (like Google Hangout) embedded in your
  20. 20. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Today we are opening applications for our second (PAID!) Workshop: “Funnel Masters”
  21. 21. 1. You want to create a real strategy for your online marketing (so you stop “adhoc” online marketing activities that create random results). 2. You are looking for effective ways to plan your online marketing budget (so you finally know how much you should spend on traffic and content). 3. You want to hire and supervise marketing agencies and freelancers (so finally you can keep them accountable for REAL results). If you are a Business Owner or Marketing Professional WHO:
  22. 22. 10th - 11th June, Warsaw
  23. 23. 1. Your Ideal Customer PERSONA Document. 2. The UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION for your persona. 3. Your FUNNEL MAP in Lucidchart software: ● Including: web page map, email campaign map, video campaign map, cold traffic ad map, remarketing ad map 4. Your KPI’s (cost per clicks, leads, sales). 5. FEEDBACK from Ewa or Sam. What you will leave “Funnel Masters” with:
  24. 24. 1. You need an actual business case (product!) to work on. 2. You need to be ready to implement it. 3. Workshop is limited to 15 people ONLY! 4. Price is 3 999 PLN. 5. You must apply and pass an interview with us to attend. Rules of “Funnel Masters”:
  25. 25. Last workshop we had 15 amazing attendees who helped us to prove the concept and refine the format for better results. Check out what they have to say:
  26. 26. “The best thing about the workshop was creating a funnel and having it reviewed by the instructors” ~ Kamil Bukala, Co-Founder at
  27. 27. “I will now be able not only to supervise the marketing vendors and specialists but if necessary, do it myself.” ~ Lidia Zalewska, COO & Co-Founder at
  28. 28. “The Funnel Masters workshop is for companies that want to communicate differently and effectively.” ~ Hanna Dymek-Jara, President of the Management Board at Questia Communications Management Consultants
  29. 29. “I hope our competitors would never take part in such workshop ;-)” ~ Arkadiusz Cybulski, CEO at
  30. 30. To apply fill in the form:
  31. 31. One More Thing ;)
  32. 32. If you are here tonight Eventbrite and you apply before 10th of May...
  33. 33. You have a special price: 2 999 PLN
  34. 34. Apply before 10th of May:
  35. 35. Meetup #7: How To Spend Money on Traffic May 19th, 7pm, Google Campus Warsaw
  36. 36. Pipeline Summit, 17th of May, Gdańsk
  37. 37. Video production & Photography by projecton
  38. 38. Apply before 10th of May: