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  1. 1. Masthead Cover imageThis magazine doesn’t follow The mise-en-scene of this imagethe original codes and works in well due to the type ofconventions of a magazine in magazine it is, as this is a schoolwhich the masthead doesn’t magazine the students working iscover the width of the cover the right environment as it sendshowever this may be the out a hard working ethic for theeffect the creator was looking central figures. The lack of eyefor. However the use of contact can be forgiven due to thecolours is good as the don’t type. The image also highlightsclash which would make it ‘Beat stress’ due to relating to it thehard to read and wouldn’t be same topic.eye catching like this is. Thefont of ‘NCE’ tends to be the Fonts and Textsfocal point due to it being The fonts the creator has usedbigger than the rest of text. suggest a professional manner inWith the colours and font, I which they have worked, the fontthink this would have a target helps the reader follow as it isntgroup age of 16-19 as its ‘childish’. They have also used thequite simple and also it being same font throughout meaning thea school magazine. continuity doesn’t make it confusing.
  2. 2. Masthead Cover ImageThe masthead follows the The central figure has had somecode and conventions of lighting effects put apon him, thisother magazines as it covers negates the ability to be havingthe width, however the use grabbing eye attention but thisof the red font makes it a bit may be the effect the creator wasdistracting but it does looking for and creates a sense ofcreate the focal point for mystery as it says there are twothe magazine. sides to it, which would be good for a discussion magazine. ContentThe information is very lacking Puffs and Layeringdue to the manner the page is The creator has attempted to putsupposed to be, as its layering on the central imagesupposed to give the reader however the use of colours for itinsight into what the magazine makes it clash and difficult tocontains. However they have read. The puffs explaining aboutused buzzword on the side uni is a good idea as it relates towhich would make the reader the target audience they wereopen up to see what it is. trying to sell to as uni is a hot topic for students.
  3. 3. Layout House styleThe layout of this contents Similar to the layout, its quitepage is very basic but yet simplistic as it contains only threeeffective. The information colours. However these are coloursisn’t cluttered together, its already in the pictures meaning thatevenly spread out allowing they arent just put there from theeasy reading for the reader. paint palette, the use if this makes itAlso I like the feature of more professional and less of a tackythere being a main story feel about it which may sway peoplewhich grabs the readers away from it with different colours.attention and gives a widerinsight into what themagazine offers. Layering and effects There is hardly any use of layering, however the lack of this decreases the chances of it looking cluttered, so this can be seen as a good thing, however the use of layering would improve the amount of skill put into this. However the creator has used good images as they all promote a direct mode of address for the reader which makes them more involved in the page.
  4. 4. Layout House styleThe layout of this is very The house colours seems tosimple but very text consist of the differentheavy in the middle of the shades of blue, this couldpage, this could be seen be the schools colours soas quite boring as there this shows intertexualityisn’t much innovation between the text and thewithin the page. However message its relating to.the pictures go with the However personally Im nottext as they are labelled keen on the use of yellow inwith numbers to the middle, it clashes withresemble which page they the writing which strainscorrespond to . I like what the readers eyes with thethe creator has done with use of blue over it.their title with showingthe two different shadesof blue, this gives it a nicetouch and grabs theattention of the reader. Mode of address With the criticism, the creator has however used good images as they also promote good eye contact to the reader which gives the page more interaction for the reader.