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Bullet Dance4 Life En E


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d4l russia newsletter_english variant July - September 2009

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Bullet Dance4 Life En E

  1. 1. Newsletter, July-September In early 2009, the dance4life International Foun- dation has decided to radically transform the logo of dance4life Project: the project. The updated shape of the “4” and the new colors make it more functional and universal. with renewed vigor and a new form a sheet of paper in the form of a comics speech bub- ble shaped like the renewed “4”. The new dance4life brand was developed by De- sign Bridge Company, which is known worldwide - it was due to the company that such global brands as Lipton, Nescafe, UEFA Champions League and KFC, started life anew. Now it is our turn to be updated. All new features of the brand were tested by the dance4life Russia team in the first stage of the re- branding, which took place at the meeting of the FOCUS-MEDIA Board of Trustees. Specially for this memorable event we ordered a five-kilogram cake in the form of renewed “4”, with mascarpone inside and marzipan icing outside, which did not leave anybody indifferent. The participants were asked to spray the new brand on T-shirts using graffiti cans and specially made stencils. One of the trustees of “Within the framework of our activities we travel the project - Katherine von Gechmen-Waldeck - with around the world. This helps us to see the opportu- pleasure painted a T-shirt for Alexei Vorobyov, her nities and challenges faced by many nations. HIV is protégé and dance4life Ambassador. Also, everybody still a major threat to young people throughout the could write his/her comments on the new brand on world. We are proud that we can help delivering the dance4life message in the best possible way by our ability to create a brand» - said Frank Nas, Design Bridge Managing Director.
  2. 2. Scaling thinking, total winning In July 2009, the “FOCUS-MEDIA” Foundation was invited to speak at the “SELIGER 2009” All-Russia Youth Forum, organized by the Federal Youth Agency, as an expert organi- zation to support youth initiatives and implement special programs on health within the “Technology of Good” ses- sion. The dance4life team, together with experts from Vologda, Gatchina and Mi- churinsk, organized the “Life Skills” train- ing course and non-professional dancers competition, which was attended by the young people from at least ten regions of Russia. The contest was an incitement to the partici- dance4life style which were awarded to the Forum pants to organize festivals in their own cities and to newly wedded couples on the SELIGER stage. unite creative groups with local NGOs. A number of “Info-booth” actions, a quiz with prizes awarded and The main outcome of the event was: the new re- evening master-classes in body percussion gions were interested in the project; the huge number - all these activities have of participants were provided with information on HIV caused a great response and STIs prevention. More than 8 thousand people and lots of positive emo- learned about dance4life and more than 500 par- tions in the audience. ticipated in the “Life Skills” lessons. In addition, the project was joined by young people representing Together with the many art trends, who actively helped us during ac- SO2DA group, the project tions, flash mobs, and, in general, realized their crea- team produced twen- tive ideas in the dance4life project. ty design T-shirts in the
  3. 3. DJ FEEl released a video on MTV As part of the dance4life Ambassador’s mission, DJ FEEL first recorded the Russia’s dance4life move- ment hymn - dance4life Russia. The Anthem. - to- gether with Vladimir Pozner. Then he shot a relevant video. The video was included in his album “The Con- cert”. The well-known St. Petersburg music clip-maker Serge Grekov was director of the clip. The scenery was represented by the St. Petersburg streets, and the actors were dancers of different genres, as well as passers-by, pretty girls of the city and the DJ’s dog - Fleura. The shooting props included three kilograms of ice cream and four liters of milk. The plot is simple: the central figures of the clip - DJ FEEL himself and Vladimir Pozner – are walking around the city and enjoy the views: dance competitions, urban-dance, dancing children ... Doutzen Kroes,, Pavel Datsyuk. What unites them? damali, Tanzania, where she contacted HIV-posi- tive folks, who revealed their status and now, to- gether with their peers, conduct lessons on pre- Not so long ago, in this March, the well-known su- venting HIV. permodel Doutzen Kroes (the Netherlands) joined the dance4life project. First, Doutzen learned information Less than six months about the project, contacted the existing dance4life later, one more show ambassadors, met with the international team, but business star - Will. only after her visit to Moscow she took a final decision - and the Black to support the project. After Doutzen had met with Eyed Peas group Russia’s team and studied the national freestyle, she demonstrated their support for dance4life at the was inspired to make her next visit to the village Ki- world opening of the 10th Sensation Festival in Am- sterdam, presenting an unscheduled show together with Fedde le Grand, dance4life Ambassador. As to the Russian Ambassadors, Pavel Datsyuk, the legendary hockey player has given his prior con- sent to participate in the project. Pavel, who is Red Wings’ player (Canada), came to Moscow to discuss a preliminary plan of cooperation. The FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation is going to ask the Dance4life Interna- tional Foundation about including Pavel in the ranks of the International dance4life Ambassadors. Pavel Datsyuk will be the first dance4life Ambas- sador among sportsmen!
  4. 4. Dance4life, ROSDANCE and RADIO RECORD develop youth music festivals WITHOUT drugs As part of the St. Petersburg performance of the world-famous DJ Tiesto and the best DJ of Russia in 2007 and 2008, according to the DJ.RU version, - DJ FEEL - and the Moscow music festival of electronic music “TSEKH” (SHOP), the dance4life team organ- ized a number of preventive events, with the support of the ROSDANCE Company and RECORD Radio. During the open-air event on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg, the Moscow dance4life team, to- gether with St. - Petersburg and Gatchina dance4life volunteers, in addition to performances on stage, distributed informational materials, organized flash mobs and a fundraising event. In Moscow Crocus Expo - the largest exhibition complex in Russia - tens of thousands of quality dance music fans and the most current electronic DJs of the In the SHOP - dance4life video was broadcast on all world gathered at the legendary event with a unique monitors. concept - SHOP. In the SHOP - the best dance4life dancers danced on Over the years the festival has become something the stage. more than just a dance event. The technical equip- In the SHOP - more than 1 000 people participated in ment is compared well with that of the best shows of the dance4life quiz. the world, the stage performances are created by In the SHOP - hundreds of people painted the the best directors and producers, performances and dance4life logo on their bodies. installations are exclusive. In the SHOP - more than 1 000 people made dona- tions to the dance4life development in Russia. The main heroes of the “TSEKH-2009” festival were: In the SHOP - thousands of people were awarded international dance4life Ambassador DJ Tiesto and with more than 3 000 condoms, 1 000 bracelets, 500 Russia’s Ambassador DJ FEEL. badges and 100 T-shirts with the new brand.
  5. 5. News rain from regional partners Izhevsk At the end of the vaca- tions, from 28 to 31 of August, 2009, there was a Republican session of volunteers on the “Peer to Peer” program in Udmurtia. About 250 boys and girls from all over the country gathered to share experiences and plan volunteer activities in Udmurtia. The most vivid and memorable event of the session was the launch of the International dance4life Project! There was an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. With a genuine interest the Lipetsk participants were discussing the problems of HIV in- The project volunteers planted a flower bed of red fection, the youth were concerned about, and to- flowers shaped like the ribbon of solidarity with peo- gether performed the energetic project dance. ple living with HIV. In the days following the launch the project team On the Youth Service Day, an event present- and the guys from the “Light” volunteer teaching unit ing the project rebranding was held: the volunteers held “Life Skills” lessons for the participants and to- performed a dance in T-shirts with the old logo, and gether with the volunteers of the republic identified then, unexpectedly took the shirts off and appeared the ways of further realization of social projects. before the audience in the new brand. The end of the summer gave a strong start to vol- unteering in Udmurtia! Volgograd Orenburg Sensation! The dance4life project won the hearts of the participants of the “Orlenok” (Eaglet) All-Russia Children Center in Tuapse District. Over 1500 boys and The dance4life rebranding has agitated Oren- girls from 50 regions of our country took part in a bright burg. event of the last of the summer. The guys learned the An event was organized as part of the All-Russia project non-stop: first, they were struck by a bright action “Youth Train”. The event involved 130 volun- presentation of the project, then the project team teers. visited specialized sessions: “Explore Russia,” “Young The highlight of the program was: celebrities, Rescue”, “Team of the 21st Century”, held in August participants of the “House 2” project - Olga Buzova 2009, and afterwards they were training the dance, and Yevgeny Kuzin. They showed great interest in the taking the “Life Skills” course, and, finally, the guys real- project, learned the dance and, together with the ized their social projects on the day “Be a dance4life volunteers, participated throughout the event. Volunteer”. In the evening they had a mega-party At the evening concert at the “Orenburgie” - the final dance4life event at Star Square. For two hours the children danced, fulfilled the tasks and, in Center, participated by Vlad Topalov, “T9” group and conclusion, performed the dance4life final dance! “ChP” group, with the audience of more than 2 000 “Orlenok” gave us lots of emotions, joy and smiles! people, Olga and Eugeny, staying on the stage, said they liked a great deal in Orenburg, but most of all they were struck by the dance4life project. They kept Rostov-on-Don repeating: “dance4life”! It was impossible to trace the large number of sto- At the initiative of the Y-PEER Network, a “Peer to Peer” interregional festival of youth theaters was ries in the media about the project that day. held in Rostov Region, September 22 to 26, 2009.
  6. 6. Rostov dance4life team took part in organizing team, Dance Saturdays have come to the south of and implementing this important event. Visitors the country. The purpose of the project is to raise the from 11 regions of the country, including dance4life awareness of youth about HIV and AIDS issues and participants from Ulan-Ude, Balakovo, Chelyabinsk, the dance4life international movement. In support Barnaul, Tomsk and Gorny Altai came to the Don of dance4life, many dance groups performed and land. The subjects of theatrical performances were: healthy lifestyle contests, with prizes and gifts being HIV infection, drugs, reproductive health. awarded, were organized on Dance Saturdays. Rostov volunteers also performed a play at Thanks to the support provided by the AIDS Center, the Festival to show the problem of drug use and information booths were installed, where everyone friendship of young people. could test his/her knowledge on HIV and AIDS and The experience of participation in the festival get professional advice and small gifts. showed that the use of theater in pushing back HIV The Dance Saturdays Project was also supported is encouraging to students. After each performance by the Youth Department of Rostov-on-Don City Ad- the audience actively participated in the debate, ministration and the «Make a Connection» Program. trying to answer the questions facing them and figure out what led the characters to particular situations. “Our dance4life team has got unique experience in preventing HIV and promoting healthy lifestyle. We are leaving the festival with great inspiration. In Rostov, we will make new performances to help youth be healthy and happy”- said Ksenia Skogoreva, dance4life volunteer. A series of Dance Saturdays was held last summer in the Rostov-on- Don parks. This project was initiated in the Republic of Buryatia in 2008. Now, at the initiative of the Rostov dance4life
  7. 7. Special Heading: interview4life with Svetlana Izambayeva What inspired you to participate in the project and why have you become an Ambassador? I have become Ambassador for the dance4life project because I think it necessary to speak on the issues of HIV and other dangerous social diseases. When I was a teenager and studied at school, no one told me anything about the problem. So I was not aware of the need to properly take care of myself, be able to say ‘no’ and necessarily use a condom. To be able to say ‘no’ is very important for every self-es- teemed young woman. That is the information I want to convey to the audience of the project. After all, dance4life is notable for its addressing young people, and it is young people that are primarily affected by HIV. Furthermore, the project is interesting in that peo- ple are provided with information and united through the dance - it is very important because dull lectures and numbers are not always exciting for either adults - make the world cleaner, kinder, lighter. I believe that or young people. It’s great that this project works. each of us can do it. Because each of us has some- thing inside, that can help us change the society. Do you love to dance and do you think dance music is a weapon to combat What are your work and life plans in the HIV? near future? As to my life plans, of course they are related to I like all kinds of music, depending on my mood. my children. I have two of them: daughter Eva-Mar- More often it is light, calm music; as to the text – it ia and the younger boy Adam. must bear deep meaning. I love to dance very much. Concerning my work plans, I would really like to Moreover, I conduct a club for women with HIV. To- present a TV or radio broadcast discussing the issues gether we tried to express our feelings and urgent of women’s health and rights - women in general, problems through dance, with the help of a profes- not even associated with HIV infection. According sional choreographer invited. We “danced the prob- to statistics by regions, the primary and secondary lems through”. Unfortunately, not all people are able prevention in Russia covers mainly urban areas. The to speak aloud about their problems, not all have coverage of villages is less than 1%; for comparison, been taught this ability. It is much easier to do this overseas, in America for example, the coverage is through dance. Dance helps both express one’s pain 80%. People usually listen to radio, watch TV to a and deep feelings and unite different people. lesser extent - in the morning and on weekends. We want to find a radio station that operates in every Would you participate in projects related village and make a live broadcast, with experts to be invited. We want to make an interesting broad- to HIV, if you were not infected? cast in a single format for radio and television. And I think that if I knew about HIV-infection as much also, with regard to my plans, I certainly hope to as I know now, I would participate. Before I learned win the trial and take care of my brother, whom the about my diagnosis, I was a very active person, in- guardianship department is now trying to put in an volved in all school creative activities. At that time, orphanage after our mother’s death. Why, I am his there were no volunteer movements or teams in the sister, willing and able to educate and support him. village I lived in; we organized and realized all kinds of The fact is that there is a resolution of May 1, 1996, in creative activities ourselves, we danced. Later, when the RF legislation saying that people registered as in- I trained to be a hairdresser, I became interested in fected can not take care, patronage or adopt chil- science – psychology and social assistance in partic- dren before they are struck off the register. I believe ular. I want to help people in word and deed, as they that this resolution directly discriminates against had once helped me. I feel that God has a reason to HIV-positive people and people who have hepa- give me this trial and I believe that this is my destiny titis or infectious disease. It is ridiculous that people
  8. 8. with infectious diseases may have children, who are HIV, you need to learn to live again. Second is the healthy, but can not take care or adopt a child. And development of nationwide women’s movement. what about those who can not have children and When the movement is established, and it WILL be would like to take a child from the orphanage? They, established by all means, we will lobby the interests too, can be loving and beloved parents. And they of all women whose rights are violated. They will be can bring so much happiness to children who are not only women with HIV infection. We will build ca- deprived of parental love. pacities to help women self-develop and reveal their status, otherwise their will be only quantitative, rather What do you like to do in your spare than qualitative, indicators. Svetlana cannot be “re- time? produced” to represent every city of Russia. In many Russian cities, there are many girls, strong and crea- I try to spend all my free time with my family – chil- tive but reserved for some reasons, who need help to dren and husband. Walking with the family is happi- regain themselves. ness. Generally, to be a mom is a great joy! I spend a I’m sure there will be anything if God wants it. lot of time answering letters of girls who ask questions, seek advice or support. I enjoy it, especially when I What is your motto and credo? get feedback, when people write with gratitude that From my childhood I have been very fond of I have helped them - either by answer or my own ex- Mayakovsky’s poem about the poet’s conversation ample. with the Sun, where there are the words “... shine al- ways, shine everywhere, shine and nothing else mat- What is happening now in terms of your ters, that’s my slogan and the Sun’s.” My name is work? Sveta (the name is originated from the Russian word ‘свет’ – light, shine) – and that’s my credo. Shining. I am now actively developing two actually paral- Shining with love, optimism and kindness. When you lel directions. First, I develop women’s group of mu- shine, people beside you begin to glow, too. When tual aid. With the help of dance, through art, through you smile, people smile in response. You give your an active life position, we can teach people, who love - people feel it. You share information with peo- have learned that they have HIV, to live with dignity, ple, and people themselves begin to reach for new to live a full life. After you have learned you have knowledge. That’s my motto and credo! FOCUS-MEDIA Foundation 16 Polessky proezd, building 1, office 221 125367 Moscow, Russia Tel.: 276-11-23/24/25/26