7th grades unit 4


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Unit 4: Home sweet, home

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7th grades unit 4

  1. 1. UNIT 4:«HOME, SWEETHOME»Objective: Recognize vocabulary of the unit: «Home, sweet home» Identify «will» for expressing future October, 22nd
  2. 2. • Which of these problems are affecting your city/country?• What can we do for avoiding these problems?
  3. 3. VOCABULARY• Environment: medio ambiente• Pollution: contaminación• Flood: inundación• Air pollution: contaminación aérea• Ozone layer: capa de ozono• Harm: dañina• Rainforest: selva tropical• Solve a problem: resolver un problema• Pour into: derramar dentro de• Hang: colgar
  4. 4. • Drought: sequía• Earthquake: terremoto• Tornado: tornado• Greenhouse effect: efecto invernadero• Catalytic converter: convertidor catalítico• Warning: precaución• Ecological disaster: desastre ecológico• Acid rain: lluvia ácida
  5. 5. • Burn: quemar• Coal: carbón• Half: mitad• Heat: calor• Mealt: derretir
  6. 6. FUTURE TENSEExamples:• Scientists think that temperatures will go up between 2 and 6 degrees over the next century• This will cause sea ice to melt and result in a rise in the sea level
  7. 7. FUTURE TENSE (WILL) AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVEI will help you carry the bags They will not buy that house Will she sing at the party?(yo te ayudaré a llevar tus (Ellos no comprarán esa (¿Cantará ella en la fiesta?)bolsas) casa) Use «will» to express a voluntary action We use «will» to express a promise