Recruiting for Jobs in India


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  • In India we are looking for the same set of skills as elsewhere in the world, but given India maybe a challenging place to work, people with the RIGHT ATTITUDE tend to go a long wayHunger to succeed and drive to excel is key to being successful in IndiaYou are in the land of AryaBhatta (He who invented the concept of zero), you better play your best cards when it comes to exhibiting intellectual capability and analytical rigor Finally, Leadership, like any part of the world is a sought after quality
  • Recruiting for Jobs in India

    1. 1. Welcome to the Evisors Webinar Visit us online at Recruiting for Jobs in India featuring Jaineel Aga Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    2. 2. What is on the Agenda?  About Jaineel  Why India?  Industry: Bird’s eye view  How to Research Companies  What are Firms Looking For?  What to Expect (Differences) in the Recruiting Process  Consulting in India  Investment Banking in India  Q&A Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    3. 3. Boring Stuff..About me • Co-Founder, and Author, Best Book on Getting Consulting Jobs in India • Investment Professional, Baring Private Equity Asia • Management Consultant, The Parthenon Group (Asia & Middle East) Work Experience Education • Master of Engineering Management, Duke University & Fuqua School of Business • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Mumbai Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    4. 4. Why India? Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    5. 5. India will be one of the biggest markets for multinational companies across industries FII Net Cumulative Investment, India, US$ bn 122 68 5245 36 26 161513 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 +25% 89 57 Ø 7.9% 2011 7.7% 2010 8.7% 2009 6.7% 2008 8.4% India Real GDP Growth Rate, % "Majority of our growth now in terms of production facility and volumes will be focused on serving the Asia Pacific customers starting with India“ – CEO, Ford, 2012 “Without question, the Indian economy is too important to any marketer. India is fundamentally important to our growth strategy over the next ten years” – CEO, Omnicom, 2011 “In India, in particular we have witnessed exceptional growth. Year-to-date we are up almost 40 per cent in this country” – CEO, Kraft Foods, 2012 “I just took over as global head of sales for PC products, and I chose to come to India for my first international trip - that itself should indicate how important this market is for us” – Global Head Sales, Samsung, 2012 Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    6. 6. Excitement lies in Manoeuvering through the Labyrinth called India Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    7. 7. Industry: Bird’s Eye View Job Market Private Sector Public Sector • Plagued by bureaucracy, reservations and relatively low labor productivity • Not the most ideal job to enhance your resume • Most of these jobs will be open only for Indian Citizens • Examples : Government Offices, Government Banks, Railways, Passport Office, Telephone Exchanges etc Crème de la creme Tier - I Tier - II Private Equity/ Financial Services / Consulting / Audit Firms/ Tech firms (Like Google) Foreign Headquartered Companies (GE, P&G, Pepsi, Samsung) / Indian MNC (Infosys, Mahindra, Tata) Indian PSUs - (ONGC), BPO/KPOs, Retail Customer Executives/ Sales Rep etc NGO/ Not For Profit For most of you this will be the focus! Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    8. 8. How to Apply to Indian Companies? Company Shortlist On Campus Placement Apply through your Network Post Resume to Executive Search/ Headhunters Post Resume on Online Job Portals like Apply Online on Company’s Website Each of these strategies have a different efficacy rate depending on the industry and company one his targeting. Hosted by:See the rest at
    9. 9. What is the most effective method? Networking DecreasingEfficacy Crème de la creme Post Resume to Executive Search/ Headhunters Campus Placement from Top School* Online Application/ Email to HR Tier I Campus Placement from Top School Networking Online Application/ Email to HR Non Profit Online Application/ Email to HR Campus Placement from B-school Tier II Post Resume on Online Job Portals like Naukri, Linkedin Networking Post Resume to Executive Search/ Headhunters Campus Placement from B-school *Note: This may be the most effective for students in Indian B Schools where companies come for placements, not necessary for students coming from abroad ** Note: Referral Bonus is a big thing in India Networking** Post Resume on Online Job Portals like Naukri, Linkedin Post Resume on Online Job Portals like Naukri, Linkedin Hosted by:See the rest at
    10. 10. How to Research Companies? • Google Search is generally the most effective tool - NO BRAINER! • Blogs are an excellent sources of information. Indians are obsessed with career forums and blogs and there is a lot of rich information out there to find out about companies/ interview processes etc. Take for example –, Paagalguy, MBA Crystal Ball • Company websites – Most MNCs have a global website with links to the India office. Generally these serve as a rich source of information • LinkedIn – Network, Network, Network….. Employees are the best source of Information about any company in any part of the world! • Niche Indian Professional Networks – Apnacircle, Zoominfo, Platinumcircle Hosted by:See the rest at
    11. 11. What will Surprise Me? • Two Page Resumes - Indian Companies don’t mind seeing a 2 Page Resume for a college student fresh out of college – This one took me by surprise as well when I returned from the US – but mind you, International companies especially in the crème de la crème category may follow international resume best practices – so take a call with caution before dedicating 2 pages to exhibit your awesomeness • Analytical Tests - Many technology oriented companies generally have a couple of analytical tests even before the HR round. This is almost certain for tech companies, especially if they are recruiting from campus. • Compensation offered – This does not apply to the crème de la crème category but an annual compensation of US$ 30,000 is a perfectly respectable salary in India even after B-school! Don’t let that discourage you! • Bonhomie – One thing that struck out of the India offices as compared to the global offices is how politically incorrect we can get! This actually makes the office atmosphere a lot more cheerful, friendly and honest! The genuine friendship you develop in India will surprise you! Hosted by:See the rest at
    12. 12. What are they looking for ? LEADERSHIP DRIVE RIGHT ATTITUDE INTELLECTUAL CAPABILITY / TECHNICAL SKILLS India maybe an overwhelming place to work, people with the RIGHT ATTITUDE tend to go a long way Tech Services/ Researchers/ Quant Roles Financial Services / Consulting/Industry Top of Corporate Ladder Experience Hosted by:See the rest at
    13. 13. What to Expect in an Interview? Consulting Banking PE/VC Technology Industry NGO Dedicated HR Interview Generally coupled with the Case Interview Generally done by the Headhunter Very importan t to assess FIT Quant/ Logic Interview/ Puzzles Case Interview For Operations / FMCG Technical Interview Accounting/ Valuation Accounting/ Valuation Especially Engineerin g companies Super Day / Partner / MD Investment Ideas Probably meet the “Head of Vertical” Probably meet the “Head of Vertical” Almost Certain Maybe Unlikely Hosted by:See the rest at
    14. 14. Management Consulting in India • Market Dominated by 5 -10 players • Recruiting practices / Training in line with global offices • Niche specialties mirroring market need – Eg. Parthenon – Strong Education practice , Monitor Inclusive Markets for Social Enterprises etc. • Huge variation in compensation structure – Consulting arms of Big 4 do not command same premium as other pure play consulting firms • Most consulting firms cater to case work in South Asia/ South East Asia hence good opportunity to travel • Many Hybrid Consulting - Market Research firms have emerged in the last decade • Business School is the best platform to get recruited although lateral hiring is not uncommon • Favorite B Schools – ISB, IIM, Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, LSE, Cambridge, LBS, INSEAD • Average Compensation post B-school: US$30K – US$65K with 20% Average Bonus (Could vary significantly with company and performance) Hosted by:See the rest at
    15. 15. Investment Banking in India • Market Dominated by 5-10 Global Banks – DB, GS, Barclays, HSBC, Nomura etc. and 5-10 Domestic Banks – Edelweiss, JM Financial etc. • Culture of International Banks and Domestic Banks could vary significantly • Sales and Trading opportunities are fewer due to less evolved trading market – Fewer exotic products relative to US/Europe • Equity Research is very popular - Both Cash and Derivative Segment in India is growing – Derivative Segment is led mainly by Index Options • Number of Boutique Investment Banks have mushroomed over the past 5 years – sometimes catering to specific industry/ geography • Almost 100% catering to domestic (Indian) markets and Clients for front desk and plenty of Back / Mid office desks to work in Collaboration with London/New York/ Tokyo and Hong Kong Markets • Favorite B-Schools: IIM, Wharton, Harvard, LBS • Average Base Compensation varies between US$ 30K – US$ 70K with average bonus of 50-100% (Could vary significantly with company and performance Hosted by:See the rest at
    16. 16. Questions & Answers Question 1: How do tier 1 firms view Indian MBAs vs. American MBAs? Hosted by:See the answer at
    17. 17. Questions & Answers Question 2: How do Indian recruiting cycles compare to American recruiting cycles? Hosted by:See the answer at
    18. 18. Questions & Answers Question 3: How would you characterize geographic differences within India? Hosted by:See the answer at
    19. 19. Thanks for Joining & Good Luck! Book your session with Jaineel at Contact: Hosted by:See the rest at