Organizing Your Life for Career Success


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  • Hi….my name is Justin Klosky. I am an organizational expert and founder of the O.C.D. Experience. I am here today as I am a huge advocate of what Evisors is building and because I feel it is necessary that everyone understands how vital organization is to thriving in life, love and of course your career. Everyone has a different idea of what organization is, however I have created a business that breaks organization down into three different words: ORGANIZE….CREATE….DISCIPLINE Still playing off the acronym of what we all know OCD to stand for, obsessive compulsive disorder, I have taken my own personal OCD and created my own O.C.D.. The O.C.D. Experience. From my own battle with OCD I have learned that it can be very exhausting, mentally draining, detrimental to relationships and even life threatening. However, I have lived many years trying to figure out how to get the best of my OCD instead of letting it get the best of me. It took practice, patience, focus, and a lot of DISCIPLINE……..AND to this day still does. Currently I teach people all over the world how being organized leads to being more efficient, effective, productive, clearer, stronger and more focused in every aspect of your life. Let me give you a little background…. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself, and how I got to grow my business to where it is today, ONLY because the only way I ever cared about listening to something in my life, was if there was some kind of personal connection for me. SO…long story short…. (1:25 MIN)
  • I was an organized kid. I counted methodically. I was obsessed with shapes, patterns, depths, and it was unexplainable to me. It wasn’t until I shared my great new activity with friends (much to their ridicule) that I realized I was different, that I suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, and attentiondeficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD. My mom said no to putting me on med and instead put in in cute clothes… (2 min)
  • I wish I had known at the time that my condition would eventually lead not just to a career, but to a philosophy and mindset. Being unusual and different is a scarlet letter in the world of child social politics, so perhaps knowing where it would lead me would have offered some solace. Nerds never have it easy growing up and being different only becomes cool when you get older. What I didn’t know then was that one day I had to make a choice: be taken over by my obsessions and compulsions or embrace them and take control. (2:24min)
  • To this day, I am still constantly assessing patterns, habits, systems, flaws, and the functionality of everything around me.
  • But for a different purpose: to help others create organization and efficiency.
  • I’ve channeled my... eccentricities into a system that not only helps me maintain control and balance of my own life, but that has helped individuals and multinational corporations alike take back control from the growing mass of goods and information that has become a part of our everyday lives.
  • I’m transforming the stigma associated with OCD and creating a new acronym for it:
  • Organize & Create Discipline. Now I am here to share a few tips with you and empower you to take control of your life to be able to have solid career success. (3:07min)
  • I have worked as an actor starring on soap operas for years, in talent management, executive assisting powerful industry leaders and the one thing that made me stand out and excel in every job I had, no matter how different the jobs were was the fact that I could organize anything and keep things organized. (3:26min)
  • It actually saved my butt from being fired many, many times! There wasn’t one job I had where I wasn’t a pain in the ass. I say this, not because I am proud of it, but because it is the truth and so all of you realize you’re not going to be liked immediately at every job you work at. I always had my way of doing things and some people didn’t like that, but the way I operated was the only way for me to be able to excel and focus. The other ways just made me even more crazy. Once people got to know me and knew that my approach never came from a place of ego, but a place of honesty and necessity they realized that they had something special in their employee. Most employers know that they can teach any employee the basics of any job, but one thing they couldn’t teach was how to get it all organized and tools to make their business more functional through it all. Lucky for me I was OCD and O.C.D. was coming  Organize & Create Discipline was it. (4.20min)
  • The reason why I named by business Organize & Create Discipline was because I needed people to understand how important the DISCIPLINE was in the organization process. If you want to succeed in any area of your life, let alone your career, you must get your shit together! Literally and figuratively. There is an art to organization and making things pretty is a small part of that art, but there is so much more that a lot of professionals tend to leave out and that is the upkeep of it all. Finding a functional way to streamline your life so the little things don’t distract you from the more important things. It is finding the deeper level of functionality so that systems stay strong and so you shine in the process. Thus the DISCIPLINE in my O.C.D. Experience. (5:00min)
  • Take a simple example…how many people have a desktop that looks like this? How many people have seen desktops that look like this? How can this be an effective way to find anything on your computer? More importantly think of it this way…what if every area of your life looked liked this desktop? How does it make you feel? How quickly can you navigate through this desktop to find what you are looking for? How overwhelming is it? How would this effect your performance at your job? (5.27 MIN TOTAL)
  • NOW….how does this make you feel? Calmer. Simpler. More functional? It may seem obvious that having a clear surface for your desktop OR ANY surface for that matter will allow you to breathe more and navigate things easier, but if that is the case then why do 85% of you have a desktop with a cluttered surface? Imagine if your boss came over and saw this desktop versus the previous one. Would they feel more confident that you were on top of your work this way OR….
  • This way….. All of this stuff weighing you down! (6min)
  • Where did it all go? Just like a well managed file cabinet everything is filed, meticulously away in the folders of the computer. Easy to find. Simple for ANYONE to jump into if they needed to. Confidence rubs off in many ways and when your space and your digital life is organized you are way ahead of the curve.
  • Take it a step further…why do most people have a desk with a cluttered surface? Yes…this is AL Gore….I don’t care how smart someone is, a messy desk is a messy mind and there is no way he can focus on anything in this environment let alone find anything within seconds. The idea is to be efficient as possible and not use extra energy and power to do any task in your life, but the most important one at hand. In Al’s case, this should be cleaning off his desk and making sense of everything in front of him. Imagine Al’s space if all his paper was digitized and he stayed on top of all of his work and piles?! He would have a desk to work on and would really be able to focus. (7min)
  • A bedside table covered with books, papers, mail, and remotes. A coffee table covered with all of the things you said you would put away later. An overflowing suitcase from a trip you got home from over a week ago. Pictures you keep saying you are going to put into an album, but have yet to organize let alone scan and send to your favorite online photo book company. We all can relate to at least one of these scenarios, maybe even all of them, but what matters most is the simple fact that the more you put off to tomorrow the more you will have to do tomorrow. It isn’t all going to disappear unless you deal with it OR there is a fire or a flood. You might say, well that is obvious and it sounds so simple…WELL if it is, why did it end up like this to begin with? And why do people call me to help them figure out a solution to this ongoing problem? These examples are to jolt you into thinking about all of the spaces in your life. If one is out of control there is another reason to allow another one to be out of control and before you know it, EVERYTHING is out of control. This will effect your life and your job and most importantly your mentality more than you know, distracting you from excelling in anything in your life, especially your career. (8 MIN TOTAL)
  • NOW IS ALWAYS BEST TIME and NO that quote isn’t missing THE…. I bring this back to what this discussion really is about… ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE FOR CAREER SUCCESS! Just like making a commitment to go to the gym and lose weight and get healthier it is time to commit to taking control of everything in your life that takes up space. Most importantly the things that we can prevent from taking up space. I want all of you to think about taking control by FIRST eliminating all of the things that are taking up space and pulling you away from focusing in your career. The only way to begin doing this is to start doing it TODAY. We spend so much time complaining about what we have to do that we just eventually stop doing it and even forget the significance of what we were going to do! Eliminate bad friendships, toxic intimate relationships, your own mind devil, the chores that you keep putting off like your oil service, teeth cleaning, and think about taking control of something that effects you everyday of your life. You may not recognize it because it is so common, but it pulls your focus more than you can imagine. PAPER! Thriving in a world that is filled with constant distraction and stepping out of it all able to focus on what is truly important to you. Getting yourself digital will put you way ahead of the curve. STOP printing out emails, piles of paper that get recycled in the end STOP filing mail, bills, reports that you can scan or download online STOP taking notes in your paper notebook STOP updating important documents with a pen and paper STOP buying post it notes…they end up cluttering your desk and monitor STOP writing out your shopping lists on scraps of paper STOP creating endless files and file folders in a massive filing cabinet wasting tons of space in your home or office STOP saving manuals for electronics, appliances, and furniture directions STOP saving magazines with those recipes that you say you are going to make one day and those articles you are going to read on your downtime STOP buying empty photo albums with aspirations to “one day” make an album of that vacation from 5 years ago STOP carrying around every membership card that you belong to bulking up your wallet or purse STOP using a hand written calendar that needs to be reconfigured every year STOP STOP STOP (10:10 MIN)
  • How are you going to do it….well we are going to start with one thing at a time. Everyone listening please stop, remove yourself from your computer for two minutes and take a walk around your home or space BUT before you take that walk I want you to look at your home from a unique perspective and write these 3 things down to look for around your home. 1- How much paper is throughout your home? 2- Where is this paper in your home? 3- Now that you are thinking on a digital level where can you decrease paper quantity immediately? Go for your walk and come back in two minutes starting now…I am timing it. PLAY SOME MUSIC! (13:30min with walk)
  • How did your walk go? What did you find? I am sure most of you couldn’t grab all of the paper cluttering your space, but did you look on it with a new perspective? Remember our STOP list from before…I wish I could hit on every aspect of going digital in your life, but I want to at least explain how going digital will allow you to be prepared, and allow you to focus on what matters most to you…at least all of you listening today…. this would be your career.
  • We don’t all have the time to do everything we want in a day, let alone a month and the year! Some of you have aspirations to create the next Twitter, Google and Apple and that won’t happen if you are disorganized. First thing you have to do is TAKE CONTROL! Everything is easier when thins are Calmer. Simpler and More functional? So it will be up to you to create this structure and live by it. I live an Organized & Disciplined life. Meaning that the moment there is something to get done, it is done, or my OCD eats at me. Not all of you have OCD gnawing at your mind, but implement a practice to ignite a bit of that…. (13:45min)
  • How many folders do you think here….? Deep within this folder structure….? Any guesses? Come on…type em out….let me see em. Here you go…. 1,754 folders 20, 305 files If you were to take all of these folders and determine how many filing cabinets that would equal, what do you think it would be? (14:11min)
  • I estimated it would be at least one large 3 drawer, 4 foot long, filing cabinet, not including the space for all of the digital video DVD’s that would be necessary if we were talking about media files also. This isn’t including any of my personal documents on my computer as well as my pictures, family movies and music, which adds up to about 500 gigabytes of space. AND I delete and reorganize my files CONSTANTLY making sure what I have I truly need. Imagine if you had all of that paperwork at your desk on the left to look at and deal with on a daily basis? Reorganizing and refilling as new projects came up and your bosses gave you more responsibilities? How would that effect your career path? How would that effect your productivity? (15:20)
  • START creating a digital filing cabinet for yourself and start thinking about developing this filing cabinet for the future of your career. ASK your employers for a good scanner and set it up in arms reach and a of course a shredder in an easy to reach area in your office. You must also think about how you want to back up your digital life. When starting this process ask yourself what you truly need to scan and file. Start by going through the documents in your filing cabinet and file folders and begin scanning them based on necessity. Just to give you the big picture here…. that top left image of my desk with the laptop on it and candy next to it…. (15:27)
  • The two drives to the right of the silver speaker houses my entire business and life. I have one backup running there and one connected to my wireless internet consistently backing files up during the week. I am very OCD and also have another copy of the backup stored outside of my home, just in case it burns down, but that is a whole other story. One simple rule to follow when scanning: (15:48)
  • Do you think you will truly EVER need to look at this document again? Be hard on yourself and if you do, take the 2 minutes to scan it, rename the new file and create a file folder in your DOCUMENTS folder where this type or file will live. There is no sense in filing documents you won’t look at again and spending your time up keeping them all. Housing them all is a whole other story. (16:11)
  • Being successful at your job won’t just be based off how organized you are, but how effective you are at your job. AND in order to be effective you have to be organized. Funny how that works. A sick cycle. Set yourself up to be as effective as possible in your career. This can even happen before you step into your job or career. CONSTANTLY update your resume…this can be done while you are at your current job, as you will always have more insight to what you are doing when you are in the present moment. After milestone projects, advancement, responsibility changes are all good times to update your resume. You don’t want to be updating your resume at 2am, competing for the job of a lifetime only to find that you were beat out because you didn’t make the deadline. Who wants to spend hours upon hours updating their resume, trying to remember all of the past experience when you could do it a step at a time? (17:00min)
  • Your relationships are one of your most precious resources! Treat them that way. Again, it is all a revolving cycle. When you receive a business card or make a connections through your job that could be valuable to you down the line make sure you add this contact to your database and keep all the information current and updated. We are in an age where careers are more portfolio careers. They lead us from one opportunity to another. It would be a shame to miss out on something life changing because you were disorganized and didn’t have all of your information right at your fingertips. Make sure you use the notes field of your contact and note where you met the person, and their spouses information. Also make note of their birthday in their contact profile and call them on their birthday if they end up being a meaningful person in your life. Subscribe to LinkedIn and make sure that you are keeping your profile up-to-date and current. You might want to grab hold of an app called CardMunch by LinkedIn which will do all of the contact inputting for you. Just take a picture of a business card, and it connects you to them in LinkedIn and also sends you a virtual contact to important into your smartphone. Get with the digital times. (18:03)
  • Keep things separate! Make sure you have a separate email address for your personal life and your professional life. They say don’t mix business with pleasure…well this couldn’t be more true when applying for jobs, corresponding with prospective employers, and professional dealings. Make sure that your cell phone has a professional greeting on it and shows a bit of your personality as well. We all want to stand out in our own way and that is our time to shine before even meeting someone. Make sure that you are organized and disciplined on checking your voicemail and deleting old messages from your phone. One of the most unattractive traits any employer can find is a full voicemail box, leaving them unable to record a message. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be the beginning of the end for a lot of candidates so make sure you organize those right as well. If you align your personal email with your personal Facebook and set privacy restrictions correctly you will be protected. (18:52)
  • It also is a good idea to create a business profile for yourself on Facebook and Twitter. This will give a chance for employers to see another side of you without even interviewing you. Be smart about the content you put on there and make sure you represent yourself like you would at a job interview. Many careers are built off of strong online profiles and presence these days and organizing these profiles in a strategic way will put you ahead in the game. Get organized an create a MASTER DOCUMENT for yourself with all of your user names and passwords. All of your sites could get confusing and we all know how important remembering your user names and passwords are in this day and age. Most sites aren’t allowing users to reuse already chosen passwords, making it impossible to remember newly created passwords. Get your passwords organized in a password protected document or by downloading one of my favorite apps: KEEPER (19:41)
  • Eliminating paper can be easier if you let other people do the work for you. Now that you are the employee with a paperless desk you have to start acting like one. Save your company money by printing less, it will save paper and ink and a lot of time filing things you don’t need. Instead… Start saving work attachments locally on your computer. This will aid you in finding things at work much faster. If you can find it online, stop wasting your time filing it, scanning it, and dealing with it. You will start to get the idea of what is vital to save and what isn’t by how often in your past you needed to refer to it. Think long and hard if you need to. (20:17)
  • You will want your email inbox as empty as possible at all times! MEANING….the only emails that should be in your inbox are emails that you have yet to deal with. Everything else gets filed immediately after responding either in the appropriate file folder for the project OR in the MASTER FILE FOLDER that you will create. Each year for my business I create an O.C.D. Experience folder that houses all of the non project based emails that have been dealt with allowing my inbox to stay free and clear of inbox warriors, as I like to call them. Emails that just distract you from the other emails you truly need to deal with. When I created that picture I had 22 emails in my inbox  (20:54)
  • NEXT!..... STOP taking notes in your paper notebook STOP buying post it notes…they end up cluttering your desk and monitor Here is the end result of too many notebooks, too many documents, too many pictures, too many lists, too many many many…before you know it you can’t deal with all of the manys! You can have ONE notebook for writing things down when you are on the phone. For jotting down numbers or information which will immediately go into your smartphone or your computer after that important phone call, but limit that notebook to only ONE! If you are a creative person who likes to journal or a song writer who needs that special song book you can have that other special notebook. BUT for everyday, notes, lists, to-do’s start disciplining yourself to use…………… (21:31)
  • Your SMARTPHONE or the 21 st century word for notebook, laptop! There are tons of apps and different solutions for streamlining your paper life to a digital life and the simplicity shows for it. Look how different this office is. Not just because I made sense of EVERY piece of paper in it for the client Every piece of mail that was unopened for over 6 months to a year. Every post it that fell off the desk or computer screen onto the floor or behind the desk never to be seen until I started organizing it. NO MORE! It is time to start utilizing technology to make your life more effective, efficient and simpler. SIMPLIFY YOURSELF to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE! It really is that easy. We live in such a fast paced society that the idea of having all of this paper, and stuff to lug around, move, refile and deal with becomes a job in itself. It takes some work to start a digital filing system, but at least you know the work you will be putting in will be lasting, unlike the file folders and tabs that you have to change every year. (22:20)
  • Post it’s now become the notes app on your phone that synchronizes between your computer, your phone and any device you give it access to. You can even share your notes with a simple text message and email. There really is almost an app for everything, BUT the hard part isn’t find the app, isn’t using the app, it is making sure that you DISCIPLINE yourself to start changing the systems in your life to work for you. The purpose of getting organized is so you can focus and excel in the things that really matter to you. Don’t forget that and don’t let things start to take control of you. (23:06)
  • How are you ever going to be able to find the right partner, excel in your career and live a less complicated life if you can’t get your tangible stuff in order first!? How will you be able to walk into work impress your colleagues and higher level executives then excel beyond recognition if you barely treading water at home and in your personal life because your weekends are busy playing catch-up to all of the things that you want to get organized? How are you going to find that special someone if you are scared to bring them to your home in fear that your mess will detract them from wanting to get to know you more? (23:33)
  • If you are capable of finding things in your own home without hesitation, can navigate through your space without distraction then you will be that much more prepared and in shape to do it in a variety of other situations in your life. Most importantly for our discussion YOUR CAREER!
  • NOW REMEMBER THIS…. How many of you are excited to be able to open up every cabinet, closet, drawer and find that everything has a place? You won’t believe how much that will effect every other part of your life, leaving you that extra time to focus and kick ass in your career.
  • Once again…my name is Justin Klosky. I am an organizational expert and founder of the O.C.D. Experience. Make sure that you are following through on commitments to yourself, and your career goals and that you stay focused along the way. Do not forget that you have the power to manage every aspect of your life, especially if you are organized and stay disciplined about being organized. (25min)
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