Networking Your Way to a Job


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  • You already do itThink about where you need to make shifts
  • Linked in story about getting job
  • Introduce: Introduce – katzmanAmy – give recognition, appreciation, give to someone else and credit them
  • Abigail - friendships gro in timeAmy – patience to give back
  • Networking Your Way to a Job

    1. 1. Relationship Networking Converting Conversations into Connections Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    2. 2. About Michelle  Author: The 11 Laws of Likability  CEO: Executive Essentials providing communications, hiring, & management training  Professor:NYU Stern Business School  Clients: JPMorganChase, Morgan Stanley, Citi, GE, Deutsche Bank, Columbia Business School, MetLife, Sony Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center, J&J, Hachette, Rutgers CMD, MoMA, and more.  Press: CBS Money Watch, Gayle King, Martha Stewart Living, NPR, New York Times, Working Mother, Real Simple, US News & World Report,, USA Today, AOL, Hoovers, Forbes, & Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    3. 3. What are your networking tendencies?  Who?  What?  Why? Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    4. 4. Why Network?  90% of all executive level jobs come from networking (Executive Registry)  51% of all jobs from networking (Career Xroads Hire Report)  89% of companies will use social networks for recruiting and 65% have successfully hired from social media (Career Enlightenment)  People are more productive and happier in their jobs when working with people they like Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    5. 5. A New Approach: Relationship Networking What it is not:  Manipulative  Tactical  Work only  Strategic  Short term  About you What it is:  Authentic  Natural  Anything  Personal  Long term  About the relationship Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    6. 6. What happens when it doesn't work? Where does it fall apart? Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    7. 7. Common Responses…  Nothing to say  No reason to reach out  Don’t think they are interested  Nothing to offer  Don’t want to bother them  No time  Doesn’t matter Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    8. 8. Three Laws for Conversation 1. Curiosity 2. Listening 3. Similarity When you don’t know where to start… Start by being curious. Hosted by:See the rest at
    9. 9. Start and Keep it Going Ask • Use open phrasing • Leverage your curiosity Extend • Listen and probe • Listen and share Connect • Establish similarity • Seek next step … Hosted by:See the rest at
    10. 10. Three Laws for Conversion 1. Familiarity 2. Giving 3. Patience Consider how applying these laws impacts what you talk about during the conversation. Hosted by:See the rest at
    11. 11. Increase Familiarity The Law of Familiarity: People like who and what they know. How to Do it: Light touches Leverage Technology Use Social Media Hosted by:See the rest at
    12. 12. Technology Tools   Google Alerts Hosted by:See the rest at
    13. 13. Use Social Media  Chat, status  Updates, answer questions, start group, join interest group  Share resources, retweet, comment Don’t overuse social media. Stay in their mind – not in their face. Hosted by:See the rest at
    14. 14. Give First – and always ask The Law of Giving: Do because you can – giving creates value. How to Do it: Introduce Invite Inform Hosted by:See the rest at
    15. 15. Be Patient The Law of Patience: Give it time – things happen. It may help to remember:  It comes back to you (or someone else)  You’ll get a chance to help  Friendships grow in time Hosted by:See the rest at
    16. 16. Questions & Answers Question 1: If you cannot connect to an influential person, how do you manage this kind of relationship? Hosted by:See the answer at
    17. 17. Questions & Answers Question 2: What are the benefits and pitfalls in using social media? Hosted by:See the answer at
    18. 18. Questions & Answers Question 3: Where do you strike that balance between promoting your personal brand and bragging about yourself? Hosted by:See the answer at
    19. 19. Questions & Answers Question 4: To what extent should I try to be funny while maintaining my authentic self? Hosted by:See the answer at
    20. 20. Questions & Answers Question 5: How do you build the relationship to the next level? Hosted by:See the answer at
    21. 21. Questions & Answers Question 6: How can you network efficiently? Hosted by:See the answer at
    22. 22. Connect With Me! Hosted by:See the rest at