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  2. 2. ABOUT PRECIOSA® ANDPANTONE® PANTONE® FORM ALLIANCE Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the In today’s fast-paced world that hurtles information at us inlaunch of the colourful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® ever-increasing abundance, there isn’t always enough time to siftforty-seven years ago, enabling designers and printers to faithfully through all the latest fashion trends and predictions.articulate and reproduce accurate colour anywhere in the world.Each colour in the system is identified with a unique number In order to simplify at least part of the fashion design process twofor precise specification. Pantone achieved global acceptance and industry leaders, Preciosa, the foremost manufacturer of apparelquickly became the standard in the printing and graphic arts and fashion jewellery components and Pantone, the industryindustries. standard and international authority on colour have joined forces and signed an exclusive strategic agreement on Apparel & FashionIn addition to colouring our world and constantly improving and Jewellery Colour Trend forecasting.evolving the field of colour communication, PANTONE is thecolour platform upon which our interiors, exteriors, fashions and For the Spring 2011 collection Preciosa and Pantone have createdhome products are created and manufactured. Pantone collaborates a colour tool which coordinates Preciosa’s crystal beads, rhinestoneswith corporations on colour consistency, directs designers on and other crystal accessories to the predicted Pantone trendcolours and trends, and licenses paint and designer-inspired colours, thus simplifying the decision-making and buying processproducts for consumers around the world. for fashion designers, industry leaders and enthusiasts.As the company moved into more lifestyle-oriented industries, Preciosa, the manufacturer of Genuine Czech Crystal since 1948, isthe concept of a numbering system associated with corresponding a leading international producer of cut crystal, specializing mainlycolour names became even more important in communicating the in the production of quality machine-cut stones, beads and otherexactness of a colour. Today, Pantone, a wholly owned subsidiary fashion jewellery components in a broad variety of shapes, coloursof X-Rite, Incorporated, has emerged as the vocabulary of colour and sizes. The company’s headquarters and all manufacturingin all aspects of the visual world, providing products, technologies facilities are located in the heart of the Europe, in the centre ofand services for the colourful exploration and expression of Czech glassmaking region which has been making fine cut glasscreativity and is equally prominent in the consumer realm. since the 1700’s. A combination of hundred year-old glassmaking tradition andPantone has provided a colour reference for each stone colour, when possible,which represents the closest available PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System® skills, modern flexibility, dedication to research and innovation,Colour under daylight lighting (D6500°K). The colours shown are simulations and a strong technical capacity give Preciosa the advantage of beingand may not match PANTONE-identified colour standards. Refer to PANTONEPublications for accurate PANTONE Colour standards. PANTONE® and other able to provide unequalled value on the marketplace: a top qualityPantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Portions © Pantone LLC, crystal product at a reasonable price point.2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s.and Pantone LLC. Preciosa guarantees the stability of shades, perfect colour and sparkling brilliance of its entire range of products and colour palette. Furthermore, Preciosa components are recognized as one of the most resistant stones in the marketplace. The Genuine Czech Crystal mark, available only ®Preciosa is also an ecologically responsible global company dedicated to from Preciosa, guarantees you the finest, superiorsustainable development. Preciosa’s crystal components are certified accordingto the European Standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys – Volume 3 Issue 1996/A1, quality Czech-made product.Year 2001 and the American norm ASTM F 963-07 and are compliant with theInternational Standard OEKO-TEX 100. Genuine Czech Crystal is a registered mark in the EU.
  3. 3. KINGS DINNER RICH GOLD COPPER FROSTED ALMOND PANTONE® 16-0836 TPX PANTONE 16-1325 TPX PANTONE 13-1012 TPX This collection of colours is rich and COPPER awakens your taste buds, FROSTED ALMOND sparkles like onlyopulent. With RICH GOLD, a luxuriously leaving your mouth watering with the the very best champagne, a smooth royal shade of gold, you are not just spicy warmth of its palette. and velvety hue that will leave your a guest at the King’s table, you are an guests tingling about an unforgettable integral part. evening. PRECIOSA® GOLD BERYL PRECIOSA CRYSTAL VENUS PRECIOSA GOLD QUARTZ No. 10430 No. 00030 234xx Ven No. 00530
  4. 4. RAIN FOREST AQUA EVERGLADE ERMINE PANTONE 15-4717 TPX PANTONE 19-5226 TPX PANTONE 18-1022 TPX The freshness of cool ribbon of water EVERGLADE is as rich as a luscious ERMINE adds a hazy summer glow to cascading down to tropical paradise tropical forest full of dazzling wild complete this colour trio, leaving youinspires this palette. AQUA is calm and flowers and dense vegetation. with a sense of lush serenity as onlytranquil, yet at the same time crisp and a walk in the rainforest can. refreshing like a mountain spring. PRECIOSA TURQUOISE PRECIOSA EMERALD PRECIOSA SMOKED TOPAZ No. 63030 No. 50730 No. 10220
  5. 5. MAGIC DAWN OCHRE BERRY CONSERVE HEATHER ROSE PANTONE 14-1036 TPX PANTONE 18-3013 TPX PANTONE 17-1608 TPX When the sun makes its first The bright BERRY CONSERVE reflects HEATHER ROSE, with its classical appearance over the silent Scottish the sky and landscape’s strong purplish pinkish colour is romantic and at the moors the sky is imbued with hue, evoking the mystery of the Celtic same time enchanting. As dawn a mystical but wonderful feeling of traditions of old. breaks, this colour palette awakens the warmth. OCHRE has the blondish but soul to a magical day. neutral flare of the sun’s first rays.PRECIOSA CRYSTAL BLOND FLARE PRECIOSA AMETHYST PRECIOSA LIGHT ROSE No. 00030 239xx BdF No. 20050 No. 70020
  6. 6. KINGS DINNER MC Bead Round | ART. 451 19 602 MC Bead Rondel | ART. 451 69 302 MC Chaton | ART. 431 11 111 MC Rivoli | ART. 436 11 177 MC Drop | ART. 1182 MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 | ART. 438 11 612 Bugles | ART. 351 27001 | 4“ 17050 RAIN FOREST MC Bead Rondell | ART. 451 69 302 MC Drop 681 | ART. 451 51 681 MC Bead Olive | ART. 451 29 901 Pressed Beads | ART. 111 92 803 | 21/17mm 23980/94103 Rocailles | ART. 331 19 001 | 10/0 57430 Rocailles | ART. 331 19 001 | 8/0 17140 Rocailles | ART. 331 19 001 | 8/0 53410 Two-Cut Beads | ART. 351 31 001 | 10/0 50060 Two-Cut Beads | ART. 351 31 001 | 10/0 53410 MAGIC DAWN MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 | ART. 438 11 612 Nacre Pearl Round | ART. 131 10 011 MC Flower 1H | ART. 433 52 302 Ball | ART. 7192 6002JEWELLERY DESIGN BY PENTIMENTI, POUZAR, KATEŘINA KRAUSOVÁ, Discover other products of Preciosa group atWWW.PENTIMENTI.CZ and Preciosa Customer Centre T +420 488 115 555 © 2010 Preciosa, a. s. Opletalova 3197 F +420 488 115 665 September 2010 466 67 Jablonec nad Nisou E SAP 3051914 Czech Republic © Pantone LLC, 2010. Produced under License Agreement No. 1211R between Preciosa, a.s. and Pantone LLC.