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New year resolutions for corporate employees 2013

New Year Resolutions for Corporate Employees

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New year resolutions for corporate employees 2013

  1. 1. New Year Resolutions for Corporate Employees 1WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Your State of Mind Today… Your environment is changing Client buying behaviour is changing- Emerging customer has distinct preferences. But we are not changing fast enough.... At times not changing at all Market is growing but we are reacting rather than driving the changes Our Focus on Topline But...need of the hour; Bottomline What Should we do ? 2WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. New Year Resolutions for Corporate Employees 3WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. Jan 2013 Resolution Learn how to delegate and do more of it. Do Less, Achieve More: The Beauty Of Effective Delegation 4WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. Fen 2013 Resolution Get a mentor It need not necessarily mean paying a professional mentor – it could be anyone who you respect and who you can talk to about your career and business matters throughout the year. 5WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. March 2013 Resolution Learn something new Depending on how you choose to learn, you may meet new and interesting people, who may become customers, colleagues, or friends. How will you find the time to learn something new? By delegating, remember? 6WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  7. 7. April 2013 Resolution Join a new business organization or networking group Theres nothing like talking to other business people for sparking new ideas, refining old ones, and making contacts. 7WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  8. 8. May 2013 Resolution Give something back to your community There are all kinds of worthy organizations that make a difference in your community. Make a New Years resolution to find a cause that matters to you, and give what you can. 8WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  9. 9. June 2013 Resolution Put time for you on your calendar All work and no play is a recipe for mental and physical disaster. So if you have trouble freeing up time to do the things you enjoy, write time regularly into your schedule to "meet with yourself" and stick to that commitment. If you wont invest in yourself, who will? 9WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  10. 10. July 2013 Resolution Set realistic goals Goal setting is a valuable habit - if the goals lead to success rather than distress. Make a New Years resolution that the goals you set will be goals that are achievable, rather than unrealistic pipe dreams that are so far out of reach they only lead to frustration. 10WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. August 2013 Resolution Dont make do; get a new one Is there a piece of equipment in your office thats interfering with your success or something that you lack thats making your working life harder? Make a New Years resolution to stop putting off getting what you need. The irritation of making do just isnt worth it. 11WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  12. 12. September 2013 Resolution Drop whats not working for you and move on If a technique or a product or a business relationship isnt working for you, stop using it. Dont invest a lot of energy into trying to make the unworkable workable. Move on. Something better will turn up. 12WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  13. 13. October 2013 Resolution Build trust with your colleagues before a crisis comes Because trust is largely about relationships, communication is critical. 13WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  14. 14. November 2013 Resolution Dont delay tough conversations Whether you need to tell someone you disagree with his/her approach or are upset by his/her behavior, its all too easy to put it off in hopes of finding the "perfect time." Chances are, that time will never come. 14WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  15. 15. December 2013 Resolution Encourage and promote training, mentoring and external education Invest in Yourself and Your Team in 2013 15WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
  16. 16. Last Words.... Achieving a healthy work-life balance is like maintaining a good relationship; you have to keep working on it. But if you apply these New Years resolutions throughout the year, your success is guaranteed! 16WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd
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