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Enterprise IoT in Australia – From the intelligent hardhat to the smart pineapple - Nicki Page, MOQdigital


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Nicki Page
Chief Executive Officer, MOQdigital

Keynote @Everything IoT Global Leadership Summit 2017, Sydney Australia

Published in: Technology
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Enterprise IoT in Australia – From the intelligent hardhat to the smart pineapple - Nicki Page, MOQdigital

  1. 1. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Achieving Digital Transformation Alex Snelson Partner Lead, Cloud & Enterprise Business
  2. 2. Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping the landscape Sources: 1McKinsey, How IoT Can Support A Dynamic Maintenance Program, 2016 2IDC, 2016 ~80% margin1 driven by apps, analytics, and services in 2020 Average increase in income for the most digitally transformed enterprises $100M 2020 2009 30B Things Income Intelligence “Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide SaaS services.“ - Satya Nadella 2 2
  3. 3. Digital transformation hinges on four imperatives Engage your customers Empower your employees Optimize your operations Transform your products Systems of Intelligence
  4. 4. The Internet of Things is the key to digital transformation Source: Redefining the Connected Conversation, IoT Trends, Challenges & Experience Survey. James Brehm & Associates, 2016. 60% Of those working on IoT are aiming to grow revenue and profits 73% Of the companies surveyed are currently active in IoT 50% Reduction in downtime with predictive maintenance According to a recent IoT survey…
  5. 5. Capitalizing on IoT Connect your things Turn data into insights Transform your business The Internet of Things starts with your things
  6. 6. IoT is already delivering tangible results Gathers data from sensors and systems to create valuable business intelligence and reduce downtime by 50% Cutting fuel usage by 1 percent could save $250,000 per plane per year Chillers now run 9x faster than unconnected equipment, avoiding more than $300,000 in hourly downtime costs Gathers data from sensors and systems to keep employees on remote sites safe