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EveryonePrint 4.1


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We are very excited to announce the release of next major version of EveryonePrint version 4.1. This is a major release with many new features and enhancements.

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EveryonePrint 4.1

  1. 1. New Features Overview May 2016
  2. 2. • New MDM AirPrint feature • Support for XenMobile MDM • Single-sign-on support for MDM solutions (AirWatch, Good and MobileIron) • New HP MFP panel display release terminal • New API calls to script creation of printers and Wide Area • Mobile Print configurations, job submission and more • Added Estonian language .. And many many more smaller features and improvements! 2 EveryonePrint 4.1 - What’s new?
  3. 3. • Get native printing on Apple iOS devices, across very large and complex environments, with extreme ease, using the new EveryonePrint MDM AirPrint feature. • Feature available with nearly all MDM solutions • Show only relevant printers to users based on attributes like: Geo location (geofencing), AD membership and organizational groups, Security policies, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) vs corporate owned, Custom tags/groups or time schedules 3 New MDM AirPrint feature
  4. 4. 4 Support for XenMobile MDM • Deploy and manage the EveryonePrint iOS and Android Apps using popular mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems • Now also support for XenMobile Your favorite not mentioned? Fear not, we have numerous in pipeline, email to inquire about your MDM solution’s status.
  5. 5. Single-sign-on for MDM solutions (AirWatch, Good, MobileIron and XenMobile) 5 • EveryonePrint Apps pushed to mobile devices using an MDM solution, now support single-sign-on, so App is automatically configured and logged on when used
  6. 6. New HP MFP panel display release terminal 6 • With EveryonePrint running standalone, you can now use the HP MFP panel display to release your print jobs
  7. 7. Expanded API for automation and integration 7 • Use EveryonePrint API to automate large scale deployments by scripting creation and management of print queues and Wide Area Mobile Print features • Open EveryonePrint for customer’s or third party applications to send jobs directly into EveryonePrint using the API
  8. 8. Added Estonian language 8 • Now 23 languages available in total!
  9. 9. Other new features 9 • Added support for single-sign-on with OKI panel display release terminals (use USB card reader authentication etc) • Friendly LDAP error messages in Admin UI • Ability to show/hide the username line in welcome emails • Ability to have custom QR/bar codes • Equitrac guest integration, ability to set email address as “full name”
  10. 10. • Xafax is official EveryonePrint distributor in the Benelux. • Find us on the EveryonePrint website 10 More information?