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Everyone print 3.3 New Features


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We are very excited to announce the release of EveryonePrint 3.3.

A major new update with many new features and general improvements.

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Everyone print 3.3 New Features

  1. 1. New Features OverviewJune, 20133.3
  2. 2. • New Apple iOS AirPrint system – no more app!• Now native Android printing!• Added support for multiple LDAP servers forauthentication• Added option to disallow open email registration• Added possibility to have device groups based onWindows security groups• Added support for Windows 8 Driver Print clients• Ricoh device embedded release terminal (SDK10)2EveryonePrint 3.3 - What’s new?.. And much much more.
  3. 3. 3Apple iOS AirPrintStep 1:•Add the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway to the wifi network•Any printer in EveryonePrint is announced to iOS devices via Apple Bonjour
  4. 4. 4Apple iOS AirPrintStep 2:Users click “Print” in any application supporting printing and choose theprinter broadcast from EveryonePrint.
  5. 5. 5Apple iOS AirPrintStep 3:a. If EveryonePrint is configuredfor authentication-> users must authenticate whenchoosing printer(only done once!)
  6. 6. 6Apple iOS AirPrintStep 3:b. If EveryonePrint is configured forrelease code print-> users install EveryonePrint app, andcan see their release code in the appafter sending a job
  7. 7. 7Apple iOS AirPrintEveryonePrint app used for Release Code print, available for free fromiTunes store.
  8. 8. 8Android PrintStep 1:•Add the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway to the wifi network
  9. 9. Android Print9Step 2:•Users download (free) EveryonePrint Android App from Google Market
  10. 10. 10Android PrintStep 3:Configure the App to connect toEveryonePrint Mobile Gateway andauthenticate if required byconfiguration
  11. 11. 11Android PrintStep 4:Users print using “Share via…” or“Send to…” and choosingEveryonePrint, or choosing “Pick fileto print” from within EveryonePrintapp.
  12. 12. 12Android PrintStep 5:If using Release Code printing, usermust return to app, to view releasecode.
  13. 13. • Authenticate against multiple domains, multiple OU’s etc.Multiple LDAP servers13
  14. 14. • Option to let users only register email addresses they’veemailed fromAdded option to disallow open emailregistration14
  15. 15. • Create device groups in EveryonePrint matchingWindows group memberships, and users will see onlytheir allowed printers.User Windows security groups tomanage user access to devices15
  16. 16. Added support for Windows 8 Driver Print16
  17. 17. • Added Top 5 users to Dashboard• Ability to modify the AirPrint virtual printer name• Remove redundant instructions from simple direct print• Improvements and corrections in translations• Added option to hide "Simple Driver print"17Other new features
  18. 18. • EveryonePrint 3.3. download18Download EveryonePrint 3.3