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Jmac mlove11


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this is the deck i opened 2011 confestival with - enjoy :)

Published in: Technology, Education
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Jmac mlove11

  1. 1. last time here, I spoke about world changing traits we could adopt
  2. 2. this time, it’s a message about something we already have
  3. 3. but let’s start at the beginning
  4. 4. we are here to discuss and discover, our passions and inspirations, enabled by mobilised technology
  5. 5. we will be challenged, as will thetechnology we rely on for delivery of our ideas
  6. 6. we will challengeourselves
  7. 7. our experiences, socialinfluences, and decisionmaking processes, will all beworking over-timeunder the surface, our brainsare operating many conflictingsystems, all arguing andcollaborating in real-time, likea silent committee
  8. 8. we willchallengetechnology
  9. 9. throughout the history of MLOVE, thethinking shared has tended to require mobilised technology to behave in a more human way
  10. 10. however, as David Eagelmen recently saidin Wired, technology tends to be composed of dictatorial hierarchies, specialised systems that are too polite to argue
  11. 11. it is unlike our democratic architecture,the team of rivals we have in our brain
  12. 12. so, we will face challenges withinourselves due to internal conflict, andchallenges with technology, due to it’s lack of conflict
  13. 13. now, something core to every single one of us
  14. 14. Martin Nowak,talks about howa particularbehaviour isfundamental inthe developmentof mankind
  15. 15. cooperationcooperation is the process ofworking or acting together, whichcan be accomplished by bothintentional and non-intentionalagentsin its simplest form it involvesthings working in harmony, side byside, while in its more complicatedforms, it can involve something ascomplex as the inner workings of ahuman being or even the socialpatterns of a nationit is the alternative to workingseparately in competition
  16. 16. Nowak shows that evolution is dependent on a high degree of selflessnessas Edith Wharton said, “you can either be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it”
  17. 17. to some, Darwins realisations of “thesurvival of fittest”, could be interpreted as a proxy for un-cooperative behaviour, but actually the “fittest” part is now proven to be “fitness in cooperating successfully”
  18. 18. we are literally built to be super cooperators
  19. 19. as humans, our survival is criticallydependent on our appetite forcooperation
  20. 20. the question is, will we cooperate, or will we destroy ourselves by failing to do so?
  21. 21. the opportunity here, is to useour in-built human capability, inharmony with each other, andwith cooperative technology
  22. 22. that’s what MLOVE means to me
  23. 23. hence my passion picture istattooed on my arm. harmony.
  24. 24. I have faith we can inspire each other here, to work and play together productively, and I challenge us all to harmoniously cooperate
  25. 25. after the last plane has left, the castle is empty, and the fire has gone out, I urge youall to continue cooperating, and to spread the behaviour to everyone you can
  26. 26. "The only thingthat will redeem mankind is cooperation"Bertrand Russell
  27. 27. namaste