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5 Reasons Your ERP isn't Providing the Desired ROI


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Every Angle Software Solutions have produce this short infographic to summarise 5 key reasons why ERP systems fail to provide the a sufficient return on investment. More information is available via the link the the complete eBook contained within.

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5 Reasons Your ERP isn't Providing the Desired ROI

  1. 1. The Business does not take enough Ownership of the ERP System “IT is given responsibility for implementing tools and designing business processes that they will never directly use” A summary of Sean Culey’s eBook * Statistics from Aberdeen Group ERP was viewed as a Silver Bullet “Technology can accelerate a transformation, but technology cannot cause a transformation” – Jim Collins Strategy remains unclear “Technology cannot be the answer if you are unsure of its purpose” ERP success requires T-Shaped people “More time and attention is often spent on the technical implementation rather than spending time to ensure the integrated nature of the ERP is fully understood” Lack of Ownership and Accountability for Data “Data is seen as boring and unglamorous, and is therefore often an afterthought” 1 2 3 4 5 IMPROVE OUTCOMES!CONTROL PROCESSES!UNDERSTAND ISSUES! Click here to download the full eBook 5 Reasons Your ERP isn’t Providing the Desired ROI “Best-in-Class implementations are 35% more likely to have business professionals accountable for their success”* “25% of Best-in- Class companies are more likely to use the ERP as a mechanism for visibility”* “Best-in-Class organizations are 69% more likely than all others to have a job role dedicated to data management”*