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Karan Singh is a magician, hypnotist, artist and a mind reader. He also calls himself a social media junkie who also loves technology and food! He uses Evernote to plan his performances.

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  1. 1. HOW A PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLUSIONIST USES EVERNOTE TO PLAN HIS PERFORMANCES Name: Karan Singh Profession: Magician and student Location: New Delhi, India Blog: Twitter: @karansinghmagic Bio Karan Singh is a magician, hypnotist, artist and a mind reader. He also calls himself a social media junkie who also loves technology and food! Where I use Evernote: Mac OS iPhone iPad The Way I use Evernote I am a magician, I am an artist, I am a performer, but what I do best is give people a shocking experience they never forget. With every performance I need to think new, I need to change my story, I need to alter the way I physically and mentally narrate that story and I need to think bigger each and every time. And I’ve been doing this for 10 years now. So what’s core to my unique passion, is the experience. If people don’t get a shocking experience each and every time I perform, I become redundant. And the challenge quadruples when I perform in front of
  2. 2. someone I’ve previously performed for, because it’ll be the next level of unexpectedness that I have to hit to take him or her with surprise. With that context, one tool that’s integral for designing my performances is Evernote. The app has helped me a true partner, in a trade that restricts keeping close professional alliances. (You never know who picks your tricks) Getting onto Evernote Earlier I used Google docs and even the Pages app on Mac, but that needed me to go to Gmail, then the docs, then edit them; it' was a long process, but with Evernote, there's the friendly little logo of an elephant on your home screen and you just click on it and write the things you need and unlike Pages for Mac, everything gets pushed onto your phone/tablet making it a wonderful experience. I first read about Evernote on Mashable and then looking at the tweets about the app I ended up downloading it. For me Evernote is like my whole life in notes which probably nobody can understand. I use it to plan my performances and managing my social web presence. Both are very important aspects of what I do because without planning, none of my performances couldhave been a success. And my social web presence enables me promote myself, eventually translating event invitations. The details: Ways I use Evernote all the time 1. Designing performances: This is the most important use case of Evernote for me. I communicate at multiple levels with my audience while performing – verbally, physically (via hand movements, where I stand, how I stand while performing, where should the audience be etc.) and mentally; and the sequence of all those actions and reactions
  3. 3. have to flow through in an immaculate manner to have the desired effect. I plan all of this intricacy via Evernote. 2. Making Tricks: Ideas come at the weirdest of places and at the weirdest of times. There have been times when am laboring to find an idea and times when am at a mall and a sip of hot coffee sparks ideas by the dozen. Evernote then becomes the central repository of all my on-the-go ideas. I just need to input it on my iPhone and I negate the risk of losing out on the idea. 3. Research: I have multiple tricks and then I have some tricks that I perform in multiple ways. I’ve performed for and with companies like Philips, Google and Blackberry, and at each of those places my performance delivery has been customized to better suit the audience. For e.g. for When I performed for Google, Android had recently started getting big, so I looked up an app named Goggles, clipped every article I could find about it onto Evernote and read about it. Then I made a trick based on the Goggles app, where a person is asked to think of any city in the world, and the picture of that city is displayed on the phone or tablet. All that was possible because of prior intensive research. I am a fan of the Evernote web clipper which helps in the research. I can conveniently clip all articles I want to read and/ or save in it. 4. Blog Ideas: Blogging is a very important part of who I am and it cannot be an effective activity unless it is planned well. At the start of every month, I jot down a number of things I may want to blog about in that particular month. Because more often than not, when I feel like blogging, I can't think of a topic I might want to blog about, so I find myself going to back my notes and picking up one of the ideas I jotted down at the start of the month. 5. Facebook: Weirdly, this is also one of the most important uses of Evernote for me because 95% of the places I'm invited to perform at are because of my Facebook Page. Every Monday, I come up with two
  4. 4. posts to put up every day, one link either of my YouTube videos or Blog and one of an interesting status or quote. And my entire facebook page is planned using Evernote Most useful feature The automatic synchronization of my notes on all Evernote platforms is one of the most useful features I would say. It's not possible to have access to a laptop at every second, if you get an idea which you want to make note of, take your phone out, jot it down, get home and it's waiting for you on your laptop. Everything works just perfectly. Tips I would like to offer other Magicians and Friends If I had to tell a magician about using Evernote, I'd quote Houdini and say, "Every magician or escape artists has hundreds of acts and tricks, less than a handful know which one to do when." For me, Evernote helps me manage that. Evernote helps deliver magical performances that eventually get me more business. ***