Choqoa presenting at Pecha Kucha - Hasselt


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Enjoy the Choqoa presentation I did at the Pecha Kucha in Hasselt. Catching and sharing my passion in exaclty 400 seconds.

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  • Choqoa is a small project about my huge passion A passion that became and obsession And now I’m on a mission
  • Theobroma = Food of the Gods We need to rediscover the true taste of god-worthy chocolate
  • The past: where did it go wrong? It went downhill in the mid 19th century when we dropped the centuries long tradition of drinking chocolate and changed to eating chocolate (blame the Dutch inventor Van Houten for this)
  • The Present: chocolate as a disconnected product If it is brown and it melts we call it chocolate (praline, bonbon, confections, candy, cakes,...) Many occasions & emotions – but we don’t have the criteria to help us judge on quality anymore
  • The Future? there are plenty of other foods for which we do have an idea of varying quality in source material, passion of making, differences in price, etc...
  • Help to bring you back to the source of chocolate, because we don’t know or understand cacao. (the 16th century drawing depicts cacao pods in the three rather than on the tree)
  • Create awareness and save the amazing varieties in beans, just like wine coffee etc, and start to appreciate the intrinsic richness of taste, flavours and aromas
  • I do 2 things at present to help you rediscover chocolate: Choqoa Discovery Packs: a selection of about 5 different bars so you can enjoy fine origin cacao
  • I take it personal, for the first 100 ordered Choqoa bags I drove about 500km across the country to deliver them all in person, and take pictures of very happy people to use as Social Media Currency
  • I do 2 things at present to help you rediscover chocolate: Choqoa Tasting Events: because there is so much more fine chocolate to discover, I give a more in depth journey through the life of cacao and people can share their tasting experiences on the spot
  • So-called Social Media are my playground for connecting and sharing the passion, I do put a lot of effort on direct conversations
  • Is my story true? Is it really that bad with the current state of chocolate...
  • What’s next? I don’t know, I have my passion growing like cacao, and the way cacao grows inspires my further developments... Who know’s... One day I will have my own cacao plantation?
  • For now I invite you to take a little piece of my passion with you, and I hope to see you soon again!
  • Choqoa presenting at Pecha Kucha - Hasselt

    1. 2. “ Theobroma Cacao” (Linnaeus)
    2. 8. What is “Chocolate”?
    3. 12. Trinitario Criollo Forastero
    4. 16. What I’m Doing With It
    5. 20. Let’s become Cacao Aficionado’s! <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>