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UNCCAUSE 2013-Apple BOF-Unifided Casper Suite for UNC System


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Published in: Education, Technology
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UNCCAUSE 2013-Apple BOF-Unifided Casper Suite for UNC System

  1. 1. Apple BOFUnified Casper Suite for the UNC System Everette Allen - Kevin Snook -
  2. 2. UNC System Wide Casper License ● ● ● ● ● Annual support fee of $13.28/OS X and $9.28/iOS. Price good for 3 years as long as UNC maintains a level of 8500 devices or more. The proposal is for a hosted solution only. Access to apps (admin, imaging, composer,etc) Access to technical support resources via email and phone, JAMF knowledge base and JAMF nation community resources.
  3. 3. UNC System Wide Casper License JAMF Software will deliver: ● A hosted environment providing a JAMF Software Server (Tomcat and MySQL) ● A data center located in North America ● An environment that is globally available to all end users ● 24/7 availability ● 99.9% uptime ● Secure backups of the management environment, retained for 30 days ● Ability to migrate from an on premises solution to a hosted solution ● Option for cloud evaluations to automatically move to production ● Verified JSS identity using public certificate authority ● JAMF Software performs upgrades to platform operating system ● JAMF Software performs upgrades to the Casper Suite ● JAMF Software performs upgrades to other required software
  4. 4. So What is it really? Casper JSS Version 9.2+ (Tomcat, MySQL, SSL) Dedicated server instance Hosted Amazon AWS Maintained, Updated and Secured by JAMF Shared by all participating in UNC System license Uses Sites feature to secure
  5. 5. What about security? LDAP over SSL JDS is SSL on 443 (https webdav) Federated Management by site Even Global Admins can’t see your site
  6. 6. What do we need to provide? ● $$ for either 10+ OS X($132.80) or 10+ iOS ($92.80) seats ● LDAP access via SSL to 2 ip addresses ● 1 Group in Directory - Site Administrators ● 1 Group in Directory - Package Creators ! ● Optional:
 *One or more JDS servers w/ Disk Space*
 1 Directory user - Global Admin team(training required)
 1 Directory Group - Site Technician
 1 Directory Group - Read only Reporting
 1 Directory Group - Read only API access
  7. 7. Why Should We Buy in? ●Inexpensive ●No overhead ●Easy
  8. 8. Demo with ASU and NC State • Separated ASU IT and NCSU OIT Sites • Sharing of packages and scripts • When finished we will have 6,000+ devices
  9. 9. How Do We Join? Contact your local CPI representative or UNC GA to get a copy of the license. ! Contact JAMF Software to purchase licenses.
  10. 10. Other Sessions ! Managing Macs with JAMF’s Casper Suite Tuesday - 2:45 Salon A ! Wireless Projection with Apple TV Tuesday - 8:45 Salon F