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Cut The Cruft - Everett Sizemore - MozTalk Denver - 2016


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This is Everett's deck from MozTalk Denver, Content Edition, in 2016 in which he discusses how to prune cruft from your website to improve sitewide quality indicators for better rankings.

Published in: Marketing
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Cut The Cruft - Everett Sizemore - MozTalk Denver - 2016

  1. 1. Relevancy ≠ Quality
  2. 2. Potential Ranking Factors • General Content Quality • Authority, Expertise, Authoritativness, Trustworthiness (EAT) • PageRank (PR / Links) • Brand Reviews / Brand Sentiment • Engagement Signals • User Experience • Keywords and Topics • Freshness (QDF) • Diversity (QDD) • Query Intent • Location / Local Intent • Search History / Other Personalization • Anchor Text • Search Vertical (e.g. images) RELEVANCY examplesQUALITY examples
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. QUALITY INDICATORS TACTICS (How to Optimize for Quality) Grammar, Spelling, Depth… Hire a copyeditor. Learn to write better. Expertise, Authority, Trust (EAT) Make content deep and useful. Call out your awards, certifications, news coverage, and use trust symbols. Make it easy to contact you, and easy to find policies like terms of service, returns and privacy. PageRank (PR) from Links Build high quality links. There are thousands of great articles out there about it. Reviews Ask your best clients/customers. Short-Clicks Improve Out-of-Stock pages with in-stock alerts and related products. Be less aggressive with your pop-up strategy. Also see query refinements, pages per visit and dwell time. Query Refinements Only attract the "right" audience and deliver what you promised in the search results. Choose keywords by relevance, not just volume. Think about query intent. Dwell Time On Site Make your pages stickier by improving the overall design. Add images, video. Run GA reports on the stickiest traffic sources and develop a strategy to increase traffic from those sources. Pages Per Visit Improve internal linking, suggest related content, customize 404 pages… Split up long posts into a series. Conversion Rates Do A/B testing, make your messaging very clear, follow CRO best practices… Ad Placements No ads above the main content on the page and do not have an annoying amount of ad blocks or pop-ups. CTR From SERPs Craft better title tags, URLs and descriptions. Grab attention. Gain trust. Make them want to click. Add schema markup when appropriate. Page Speed Visit Mobile Experience Responsive and/or adaptive design, less text, easy navigation, loads lighting fast, shorter forms…
  6. 6. Fixed Internal crawl errors & links to redirected URLs Pruned low-quality pages Improved some canonical issues Performed link clean-up and submitted disavow file 96% Increase in Organic Revenue (6 month period)
  7. 7. 31% Increase in Organic Traffic 28% Increase in Revenue (year over year) Content audit Pruned thousands of pages
  8. 8. Link Audit / Clean-up & Linkbuilding Technical & Content Audits Pruned over 80% of product pages 77% Increase In Organic Traffic 434% More Revenue from Organic Traffic (year over year)
  9. 9. 38% Organic Traffic Growth (July-Nov. year over year) November 2015 was up 76% YOY Pruned 90% of their blog posts Pruned URLs had no external links and no traffic in the last 90-days
  10. 10. 38% Boost in non-blog traffic 800% Increase in Leads Old blog posts with no traffic were removed via Noindex meta tag. Recurring event pages were consolidated and the new pages made evergreen
  11. 11. ahrefs performed a content audit on their blog. They Pruned their blog from 541 posts to 304 posts. There’s a post about it here:
  12. 12. Middle 400 Average QR of 35 Bottom 500 (aka “The Cruft”) Average QR of 5 Top 100 QR 50 Before Pruning Site-Wide QualityRank: QR 30 Top 10% (high performing pages) Middle 40% (average performing pages) Bottom 50% (below-average performing pages)
  13. 13. Bottom 200 Average QR of 30 Top 100 QR 50 After Pruning Site-Wide QualityRank: QR 40 33% Improvement Middle 200 Average QR of 40
  14. 14. Pages with some visibility in the SERPs appear above the water line. The middle section has very little visibility, but most of the pages have potential. The lowest section is cruft: Noise, junk, bloat, crap… Cruft keeps the other pages from being more visible.
  15. 15. Keep indexed. Improve if necessary. Weighing down the rest. Remove from the index. Re-release if/when improved. Prioritize and improve as soon as possible.
  16. 16. Mostly Cruft No Outstanding Content Average Content Being Weighed Down Severely Could probably cut 50% of the site and see immediate improvements
  17. 17. Hidden Diamonds Smaller site. Little or no pruning necessary. Potentially great content remains unknown due to lack of promotion and resulting lack of links. Internal linking needs to be improved.
  18. 18. Good Content Pulled Down by Dead Weight Common on large sites Good content under the surface with little visibility Average content weight down severely by cruft
  19. 19. Penguins Love Icebergs But they hate keyword stuffing as much as spammy links. “Penguin is a webspam algorithm and we try to take a variety of webspam issues into account and use them with this algorithm. It does also take into account links from spammy sites or unnatural links in general... but I wouldn’t only focus on links.” ~John Mueller
  20. 20. Penalized Site Panda Lurking Beneath the Surface Heavy Pruning Recommended Warning!
  21. 21. Not Worth Fixing You can think it, but don’t say it: “We do not set our team up for failure. Your site is not worth saving and you should blow it up.”
  22. 22. w w w. g o i n f l o w. c o m /c o n t e n t - a u d i t - s t ra t e g i e s /
  23. 23. @balibones
  24. 24. I told you this slide would be online. • • • • What, Why, & How of Pruning for SEO (Bill Sebald Mozinar) • • • • • • • • • •