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Price Benchmarking of Outsourced Services


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Everest Group's capability overview of the Price Benchmarking of Outsourced Service

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Price Benchmarking of Outsourced Services

  1. 1. Price Benchmarking of Outsourced ServicesCapability OverviewOctober 2011
  2. 2. Benchmarking helps quantify misalignment but does notidentify the root causes; Everest Group provides additionalcontext to help drive a focused negotiation Indexed onsite rates for Project Manager role1 FTE PRICING EXAMPLE Median rate, base index=100 High-end 116 60% outliers 85 Benchmark price range 73 62 57 45 Low-end outliers Service Service Service Service Service Service Provider P id 1 Provider P id 2 Provider P id 3 Provider P id 4 Provider P id 5 Provider P id 6  Resource up-skilling  Resource ‘force-fit’Benchmark  Irrelevant ‘value-add’  Low cost T-2 providerroot causes oot  Multiple M lti l competency JD t  Cross subsidization C b idi ti1 Rates are representative of pricing from deals of similar size and scope Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Most benchmarkers can’t offer both metrics and contextEverest Group’s consulting experience and focused research positions ituniquely to offer actionable benchmarks Benchmarking Services Continuum Everest Group Comprehensive benchmarking solution including normalized data, analyst advice on focus areas, andPure benchmarking Strategy firms industry insightsservice providers  Visit outsourcing as a Focus on metrics business strategy May include  Usually lack practical Benchmarking practice purchased and implementation Dedicated practice with ~50 benchmarking clients; only secondary data experience benchmarker to combine deep outsourcing advisory ‘One size fits all’  IP development experience with focused primary research metrics dependent on the Formulaic willingness of the benchmarks lacking client to make Advisory practice Research practice judgment investments Leading global Dedicated practices for Limited ability to  Limited outsourcing advisory firm ITO and BPO for tracking contextualize understanding of with 16 years of end-to- deals, buy-side and benchmarks market trends and end deal solutioning supply-side trends and trends, Little or no investment impact experience sourcing landscape in IP development Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Everest Group’s benchmarking solution not only offersaccurate comparables based on a robust benchmarkingprocess,process but can also be layered with significant ‘value-add’ ‘value add’Typical Benchmarking Scope (Everest Group’s Differentiated Benchmarking Process)Differentiated approach that pp Benchmarks sourced fromyields benchmarks: ‘close-to-heart’ contracts Normalized to client identifying: nomenclature Cost and Price Contract  Service levels and T&Cs Provides buy and supply benchmarking assessment marrying standards and side context to metrics client relevance Includes analysis of  Pricing implications benchmark drivers Comprehensive benchmarkingOptional Value-add portfolioEmerging trends and Operations metrics andcontract evolution themes insights directly impactingincluding: commercial and service Process maturity Delivery level negotiations: Deal scope & tenure Contract metrics  Staffing mix Technology leverage evolution themes assessment  Offshore leverage service provider i id  Utilization etc etc. landscape etc. Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Most importantly, Everest Group does not perform ‘one sizefits all’ benchmarking; it maps the client to accurate proxiesOverview of Everest Group’s price benchmarking methodology Group s1 Understand 2 Map client 3 Identify accurate 4 Normalize 5 Exclude client’s nomenclatures proxies in Data outliers sourcing to standards databases environment Filtered Inputs from Finalized dataset for Normalized Final benchmark client’s dataset for client sourcing benchmarks nomenclatures benchmarking client’s and user groups for client requirements q requirementsUnderstand key Buyer/service provider Isolate deal data points Historic data is normalized  Perform analysis tocharacteristics such as nomenclatures tend to with characteristics that to factor ForEx and inflation cluster similar skills for Role or resource unit differ in terms of match client’s movements in service price analysis descriptions descriptions, descriptions SLAs etcetc. requirements including: req irements incl ding delivery deli er location in order to Volumes of roles / Everest Group maps reflect current pricing trend:  Remove the low and resource units for each these nomenclatures to its  Buyer industry: e.g.,  Base rate card (typically in high end price outliers to contract category standardized format for Energy US$, GBP, EU) is converted preserve data accuracy Delivery locations apples-to-apples  Deal size / scope: e.g., to local currency (LCU) at Service levels comparison. More than US$5 million delivery location using ForEx  Retain the 20th Pricing model (e.g., It includes: ACV assumptions in the deal percentile to 80th FTE-based, transaction-  Standardized function  Role / resource units:  This LCU rate is trend percentile values, and based etc.) description e.g., Software Engineer/ adjusted for inflation to arrive calculate the median  Standardized resource LoCs at commensurate 2011 LCU pricing for each role units  Volumetrics: e.g., 100- rate  Standardized SLAs and 150 FTEs / 50000-7500  The 2011 LCU rate is other relevant drivers transactions per year converted back to base rate  Delivery locations: D li l ti card currency (US$ GBP d (US$, e.g.US T-1, Bangalore etc.) using ForEx rates in recent 2011 deals Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Everest Group draws benchmarks only from ‘live-deals’ that itadvises/tracks and hence, is well-positioned to provideinsights on benchmark drivers Based on final-bids from Live-deals only; No purchasedExpected outcomes: or third-party data Close mapping of client skill-set requirements with commensurate pricing 20-50-80 percentile ‘final bid’ price range for each role; low and high-end outliers are removed to preserve accuracy Rates for onshore, landed, and offshore delivery from large contemporary (2009-2011 ) IT/BPO deals Pricing range for each service provider category (Global and Indian service provider) L Long tterm d l pricing f each role and l deal i i for h l d location ti Typical onshore pricing per FTE in US US$ per hour, 2010Role characteristics Median rate 200Tenure: 1-3 yearsQualification: Bachelors degree/Engineering 150 XXDescription: RReviews, analyzes, and evaluates b i i l d l t business systemst XX 100 XX and user needs Documents requirements, defines scope and XX objectives, and formulates systems to parallel overall 50 business requirementMapped client role/skills:IT System Analyst Indian service MNC service provider provider Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Alternately, Everest Group can also provide ‘ground-upbenchmarking’ that helps simulate service provider costs andprovides ‘behind the curtain’ view on pricingExpected outcomes: Captures all major Insight into service provider operating costs, mark-up and pricing cost components in Average price estimate for a given role in a given delivery location over 150 locations Cl it on l Clarity location-specific cost-side d i ti ifi t id drivers ((wage, real-estate inflation, resource availability etc.) l t t i fl ti il bilit t )Contact Centre Team lead– Price build-up per FTE in Spain pp p Billing rate: g(Mapped Client Role: Supervisor) US$XX/hrUS$ per annum XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Salaries Management, Real estate Equipment Other direct Total direct Typical margin Billing rate and benefits administration and facilities and telecom operating operating & service Overhead expenses cost per FTE provider corporate over headsNote: Hourly rates will be built up from annualized rates based on annual billable hours. This benchmarking approach can be used for low-maturity roles and locations or as an alternative approach (in addition to direct benchmarking) to understand ‘behind the curtain’ service provider costs Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 7
  8. 8. In addition, Everest Group can provide operationalbenchmarks directly affecting commercial negotiationsStaffing mix technology premiums offshore leverage deal tenure etc mix, premiums, leverage, etc. Staffing pyramids for service providers Price premium analysis for specialized vs. generic technologiesTypical staffing pyramid( y y(by key roles) ) Functional Specialized Generic Price Typical SPOC area technologies technologies differential (by delivery model) Key insights: Project Onshore Landed Offshore Consulting ERP (Oracle CRM (Ariba, XX% Key insights:  XXX Manager (%) (%) (%) Apps, SAP, Peoplesoft, XX XX XX Basis/FICO, Vitria), Delhi, Team Lead  XXX Siebel), Web- Dot Net, VC++,  XXX CICS, C++, Cold Fusion, XX XX XX Filenet, Data XML, Vignette, XX% Technical Senior Level  XXX warehousing, Documentum, delivery  XXX XX XX XX MQ Series, Visio, Rational / Junior Level Pega, SOA, RUP  XXX Ajax Total 100% 100% 100%On-off delivery mix for service providers Long-term vs. Short term deal pricingTypical onshore-offshore delivery mix Onshore (by infrastructure tower) Offshore XX% XX Key insights: Key insights: XX XX XX XX  XXX  XXX XX%  XXX XX%  XXX XX XX XX XX  XXX  XXX Desktop Server Database Network Analysis Design Build Testing Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 8
  9. 9. In conclusion, Everest Group brings a wealth of experienceand benefits in a benchmarking engagement Reliable benchmarks tied closely to client’s outsourcing portfolio Essential context behind the benchmarks and the drivers for change Valuable insights on the emerging trends and their pricing implications Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Everest GroupLeading clients from insight to actionEverest Group locations Dallas Headquarters: +1-214-451-3000 New York: +1-646-805-4000 Toronto: +1-416-865-2033 London: g @ gp +44-870-770-0270 Delhi: +91-124-496-1000 | | Proprietary & Confidential. © 2011, Everest Global, Inc. 10