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What Do Medical Assistants Do?


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Are you curious about the medical assistant profession? Here are some basic day-to-day responsibilities medical assistants are trained to handle.

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What Do Medical Assistants Do?

  1. 1. Medical Assistant Programs at What Do Medical Assistants Do?
  2. 2. Are You Curious What A Career As A Medical Assistant Is Like?• The medical assistant profession is as varied as the daily tasks that medical assistants perform. Doctors, as well as nurses, rely on their medical staff team daily. They need help and medical assistants perform the daily tasks needed to keep the office running.
  3. 3. Medical Assisting As A Career• A medical assistant may find themselves taking blood pressure, handling patient histories, and contacting patients on a normal day. – Those with training may take blood samples or perform ultrasounds as well.
  4. 4. Medical Related Duties• Medical Assistant training, prepares you for medical related duties such as:• Giving medical support• Taking blood pressure• Withdrawing blood• Performing ultrasounds
  5. 5. Administrative Duties• These are administrative duties medical assistants may encounter: – Answering phones – Scheduling appointments – Scheduling patient tests – Updating patient files – Handling office correspondence – Handling patient histories – Contacting patients – Submitting medical claim forms
  6. 6. Emotional Duties• These duties may not be written into a job description, but are often looked for as potential in a medical assistant applicant. Doctors rely on medical assistants to comfort and explain medicine to patients.• Excellent medical assistants should be able to: – Aid patients – Explain medical procedures – Provide comfort before a procedure – Provide comfort after a procedure – Cheer the office with a warm smile and upbeat attitude
  7. 7. Join Everest College’s Medical Assisting Community• Visit the Everest College Facebook page to hear from medical assistants and current or prospective students.
  8. 8. Request More Information• Please call 1-(866) 210-6524 or visit to request more information about becoming a medical assistant. We look forward to hearing from you!