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What is EverString?


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What the heck is EverString really? Find out how EverString helps you grow with predictive marketing, how the EverString Audience Platform works, and what you get out if it.
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What is EverString?

  1. 1. WHAT YOU GET PREDICTIVE SEGMENTS: Leverage thousands of data signals to create highly defined, data-backed groupings of accounts for marketing outreach in order to drive programs, events, product releases, and more. PREDICTIVE INSIGHTS: Go beyond typical firmographic and demographic data by mapping signals like growth trajectory, company maturity, and more. EverString delivers these insights directly into our platform and your systems so you can customize account outreach. PREDICTIVE DEMAND GENERATION: Receive net-new, look-alike accounts and contacts to help you build pipeline. Increase your database size and market to your best fit accounts. PREDICTIVE SCORING: By comparing your data model to your current database, EverString can prioritize your existing accounts so you know where to focus sales and marketing efforts.