IBPA University 052510 -Session 702


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IBPA University 052510 -Session 702

  1. 1. Tips and Tools for Building Your Online Visibility Without Breaking the Bank IBPA Session 702 May 25, 2010
  2. 2. The evolution of publisher’s websites …..after a commercial for the new online digital catalog software EverPub|Publisher
  3. 3. EverPub|Publisher Features Complete “off-the-shelf” online digital catalog with unlimited EverPub webpages Customizable Publisher home page, administrative controls, and direct author access Customizable design for each publisher Authors are able to manage their own information according to rules established by the Publisher Widgets (JavaScript) and RSS feeds available Training, Support, Backup, Maintenance, and Hosting Mapped to the Publisher’s URL Search engine optimized home page and book pages Free software enhancements
  4. 4. EverPub|Publisher Benefits No additional cost to add more titles No need to make additional investments as Social Media tools and strategies change Search engine optimization is built in to increase the visibility of your website and your publishing program EverPub|Publisher software is built on a powerful and reliable content management system Authors can take a larger role in your web presence for their books Daily offsite backup provides confidence for your data integrity New features, enhancements, revisions, will be added to EverPub|Publisher at no cost to the publisher
  5. 5. EverPub|Publisher sample home page Your banner here! Publisher selects the titles in the home page scroll. Publisher selects titles to be featured. Publisher selects which author status links to be included in home page updates. Author login. Category groupings. Other imprints from the Publisher.
  6. 6. EverPub sample page YouTube booktrailer Buy buttons Blog feed Description with highlighted keywords Twitter feed Reviews LinkedIn feed Downloadables Metadata Author picture Author Bio Facebook Fan Feed Author contact information Upcoming author appearances
  7. 7. Administrative dashboards: for books, authors, and configuration Provides granular control over each book and author Author access limited to Publisher controls Complete control to add books, make changes, and adjust priorities with immediate results
  8. 8. Now onto the IBPA presentation….. Publisher’s websites were flat, 2-dimensional representations of their catalogs
  9. 9. They were rather passive
  10. 10. But today they have become lively and fun.
  11. 11. Changing your perspective Digitization Bandwidth Mobility The new WOM - Social media
  12. 12. What is SEO? In 2 minutes or less? Doubtful.
  13. 13. GOOGLE’s Overall Ranking Algorithm Overall Ranking Algorithm Copyright © 1996-2010 SEOmoz.
  14. 14. SEO Definitions
  15. 15. SERP Search Engine Results Page SEM or PPC Search Engine Marketing or ORGANIC Results Pay Per Click
  16. 16. SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving ranking in search engine results via non-paid or ‘organic’ techniques
  17. 17. SEM Search Engine Marketing is the strategy of improving your search engine results by using Pay Per Click programs or other paid programs
  18. 18. Keywords a word that a search engine user might use to find relevant web page(s). If a keyword doesn't appear anywhere in the text of your web page, it's highly unlikely your page will appear in the search results (unless of course you have bid on that keyword in a pay-per-click search engine). SEOGlossary.com
  19. 19. On-Page SEO What you include on your website in the content, design, and coding methodology. It includes: Keywords Keyword Density Metadata HTML Coding SEO friendly URLs SEO friendly descriptions for your images
  20. 20. Behind the scenes coding
  21. 21. Off Page SEO The quantity and quality of the websites and links that point to your book. 21 Strategies to build your SEO……
  22. 22. 21 Ways to build Off-page SEO 1. Community Creation in 12. Business Reviews Social Networking Sites 13. Local Listings & Yellow Pages 2. Blogging 14. Article Submission 3. Forum Postings 15. Press Release Promotion 4. Search Engine Submission 16. Classifieds Submission 5. Directory Submission 17. Social Shopping Network 6. Social Bookmarking 18. Answers 7. Link Exchange 19. Document Sharing 8. Link Baiting 20. CSS, W3C & RSS Directories 9. Cross-Linking Submission 10. Photo Sharing 21. Widget / Gadget Development 11. Video Promotions For more information about this list go to blog.everpub.com Seomoz.org 2008
  23. 23. TOOLS Keywords Wordtracker, KeywordDiscovery, Yahoo’s Keyword Selector Tool Site checkers Alexa Site Registration DMOZ.org
  24. 24. Basic website elements and design
  25. 25. Planning Who is your customer? What is your budget? What kind of effort can you support? What is your goal?
  26. 26. Planning Potential strategies 1. Direct book sales 2. Book promotion, information and indirect book sales 3. Author and book acquisition 4. Building a category or vertical web destination
  27. 27. Website layout Home page Sub-home pages Micro-sites Site map Book catalog About us/contact us/press/submissions static pages Credibility/endorsements
  28. 28. Think about the flow of your visitor Think about the flow of your visitor
  29. 29. Website design More art than science?
  30. 30. Website design questions What’s happening behind the scenes? Are the basic SEO pieces included. What are the keywords? What does the content look like? The overall complexity of the site. Ratio of navigation to content.
  31. 31. Heatmaps See where people click. Visualize the user experience on your site.
  32. 32. Sample Heatmaps About Us Product Page Jakob Nielsen 2006
  33. 33. Google Heatmap
  34. 34. Free Heatmap www.feng-gui.com
  35. 35. Reasons to use heatmaps See where people don’t click and why. It helps to… Optimize landing pages Optimize link & advert placement Minimize shopping cart abandonment Maximize conversions of online forms Predict how visitors will use your site in the future. Simplify web usability testing
  36. 36. Time to convert your website of isolation to
  37. 37. your website as your book marketing platform.
  38. 38. Market your site and your individual pages SEO Cross-linking within your site (carefully & logically) Active social media efforts Spreading your content Cross blogging
  39. 39. Once they visit You want them to stay. And come back again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
  40. 40. Using your marketing platform Passive Book metadata Author contact information Curated information Give to get (FREE) Credibility & trust (Endorsements) Content is King!
  41. 41. Using your marketing platform Interactive Multi-media User commentary Downloadable content Search inside Calls to action
  42. 42. Using your marketing platform Outbound Email campaigns – newsletter, blasts RSS feeds Viral video
  43. 43. Key website goals Target direct marketing Fresh content Free downloadables Multi-media
  44. 44. Email marketing programs
  45. 45. Email marketing programs
  46. 46. Email marketing programs
  47. 47. The good. The bad. The ugly.
  48. 48. Here is a nice book page AND a separate, unconnected page that is directly from the author. There isn’t even a link on this page to the author page. They should be working together to promote the title.
  49. 49. Amazon Author Publisher is nowhere to be found
  50. 50. A little bit challenging to read…..
  51. 51. Flash video is not so SEO friendly.
  52. 52. “What’s new” includes more than just new books. It includes events and projects. Daily TV programs – posted on YouTube EverPub.com
  53. 53. Sub-home page for browsing Different sort approaches EverPub.com
  54. 54. Interweave book landing page Long page goes beyond the fold but has many strong components and increases the content for keyword density EverPub.com
  55. 55. Perfect amount of copy TOC within page Look inside via Scribd Vast majority of page devoted to book, not corporate or navigation use EverPub.com
  56. 56. Author information Other title suggestions Reviews – Amazon and print Trust emblems for direct purchasing EverPub.com
  57. 57. Press Release Preview Multiple purchase options Author info w picture Reviews Media contact info Facebook and Twitter Discussion Wall EverPub.com
  58. 58. PoliPointPress home page Blog Newsletter signup Download EverPub.com
  59. 59. Strong metadata Video Amazon reviews Additional book suggestions Look inside TOC Multiple purchase options Endorsements Additional links Facebook Hi % of page devoted to book, not toolbars EverPub.com
  60. 60. EverPub book landing page All important metadata Video Social media links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog Reviews Author bio Author contact information with separate blog, FB, and Twitter accounts Downloadable files Multiple purchase options SEO embedded in design Next author appearance EverPub.com
  61. 61. Related website links Look inside Share Print Prominent BUY button EverPub.com
  62. 62. Audio player and download Press & customer reviews Additional book suggestions Customer wall EverPub.com
  63. 63. KOGAN home page Video News headlines Free! Free! Free! Easy navigation Clean, practical design EverPub.com
  64. 64. Free marketing & sales resources are used as a way to build their newsletters and direct marketing program
  65. 65. Random House Book landing page Previews Separate author section Reviews Discussion Great information but you need to link off of the page to get to it
  66. 66. For more information about EverPub and our services: contact Neil Levin neil@everpub.com 301.446.0829