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What makes a great event planner?


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I’m sure you have been at events where you thought: “Wow! Whoever organised this did an amazing job”. For years I have been teaching future event planners how to organise and plan events. In the past some sceptics argued that event management courses were Mickey Mouse degrees. But an industry that is worth £40bn to the UK economy and employs 30,000 people needs good event planners.

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What makes a great event planner?

  1. 1. what makes a great event planner? by Jarno Stegeman The Event Tutor
  2. 2. Event planners are not only project managers. They are hard working go-getters who make it look so easy. And that’s when people realise that being an event planner is an actual job. So, what makes a good event planner?
  3. 3. The UK event industry contributes £40 billion to the UK economy employs 30,000 people time to educate future event planners
  4. 4. event planners plan, produce, & organise, amazing experiences bring creative concepts to life carry responsibility for the well-being of their visitors
  5. 5. what qualities make a great event planner?
  6. 6. passionate Truly believe in what you want to achieve with your event. Organise the events that you love. What drives you to organise events?
  7. 7. organised Plan your event carefully! Look at the details and the bigger picture at the same time. Proper planning will make you think twice about the decisions you make.
  8. 8. cool You are able to pick up the pieces. You have a plan but what happens if it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped? Prepare for eventualities.
  9. 9. strong You do not have to be an ***hole in order to be a good event planner. But you do need to be able to speak your mind. You made a plan remember? That plan represents a vision of what your event should look like.
  10. 10. compassionate You are working in the service industry. People make long hours. People make mistakes. Sometimes it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself, put up a brave smile and soldier on. It’s a small world so you might end up working together again in the future. Stay professional at all times.
  11. 11. versatile You need to be able to work on different things at the same time. At smaller events this probably means you are involved in everything. This starts with the planning process and finishes with the post-production of your event. At larger events you still need to be able to multitask and, more than anything, you need to be able to delegate.
  12. 12. a great colleagueYou cannot organise an event all by yourself. You need help at one point. Are you able to work with others? Are you able to put your trust in someone else? At smaller events you should be the person that is able to walk around and solve any issues. Your team is doing the jobs you have given them. At larger events you should be the person that has an overview of what is happening at your event.
  13. 13. Overall you need to stay calm, process everything quickly, collect your thoughts and…. get on with it!
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