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VP Music and Culture


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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VP Music and Culture

  1. 1. This document is offered compliments of BSP Media Group. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. AFRICACOM Laurence Le Ny – VP Music & culture ORANGE FT Group Tuesday 12th November 2013
  3. 3. 32 countries worldwide 2 AFRICACOM presentation 231million 172 million customers Orange restricted mobile customers
  4. 4. Lebanon Iraq Tunisia 95 million Jordan Morocco Bahrain Egypt Orange customers Mali + 4.9% Senegal Niger Guinea-Bissau revenue growth Guinea Ivory Coast 800 million € Cameroon Equatorial Guinea investments Central African Republic Uganda Democratic Republic of Congo Kenya 4.1 billion revenue Mauritius Botswana 21,000 employees 3 AFRICACOM presentation Orange restricted Madagascar
  5. 5. Orange is a major actor in music products countries ring back tones UK Poland France Romania ringtones Mauritius Jordan Egypt Slovakia downloads Senegal video on demand live events rights owners collecting societies streaming providers multiscreen 4 AFRICACOM presentation Orange restricted
  6. 6. Ring back tones drive the value today in AMEA RBT 10 countries IVR mobile 1st 2nd 3rd Senegal 5 AFRICACOM presentation Egypt Orange restricted Cameroon
  7. 7. Is streaming the new usage in AMEA? mobile ADSL Senegal Jordan Ivory Coast + mobile ADSL Mauritius 6 AFRICACOM presentation Orange restricted
  8. 8. product low pricing smartradios light & full streaming full catalogue bundles local & international soft / hard & standalone simple customer journey offers weekly /daily brand recognition prepaid market operators 7 AFRICACOM presentation Orange restricted local marketing & editorial partnerships
  9. 9. to succeed we must be flexible. creative. fast. thinking & acting locally.
  10. 10. thanks