Leading the digital revolution in Africa & the Middle East


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Leading the digital revolution in Africa & the Middle East

  1. 1. This document is offered compliments of BSP Media Group. www.bspmediagroup.com All rights reserved.
  2. 2. leading the digital revolution in Africa & the Middle East Mark Wigington AfricaCom November 2013 1
  3. 3. Group Results 2011 2
  4. 4. Group Results 2011 3
  5. 5. overview of Orange strategy in Africa & the Middle-East 4
  6. 6. our international development in Africa & the Middle East our objectives for the consumer market in 2015 reach 300 million of customers in the world double our turnover in the emerging markets to reach €7 B by 2015 be #1 or #2 everywhere in our footprint regional « clusters » key growth market opportunities 5
  7. 7. our international development in Africa & Middle East our objectives on enterprise market in 2015 growth in emerging countries B2B convergence strategy target of € 1 billion turnover in 2015 in emerging countries small size opportunities in “verticals”, IT, integrated services Russia North America France . Europe Africa&ME Egypt India Asia-Pacific 3200 p. Brazil Orange Business Services 220 countries and territories Latin America Mauritius The 4 main support centers 6 6
  8. 8. What is Cloud? Cloud is traditionally segmented around IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Application (SaaS) Platform (PaaS) Infrastructure (IaaS The cloud computing is still evolving and additional services are being added 7 Communication as a Service, Security as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Business Process as a Service etc..
  9. 9. Orange Portfolio – Two Pillars SaaS out of the box solution IaaS Flexible Computing Cloud pro 8 My Office Storage Public, Private, Hybrid, Internal..
  10. 10. Providing basic cloud services included with access All Soho & SME purchasing Orange ADSL or Wimax offers 9 All Soho & SME purchasing Orange Mobile Broadband offers All Soho & SME purchasing Orange Mobile Data plans Customer base who will start using basic Orange cloud services and who will be encouraged to purchase Freemium additional services from us model
  11. 11. My Office + domain name + personalized email addresses • 1 free .com domain name • 10 mailboxes (10 Gb each) • free web site for 1 month (business card) 10 web site creation • more domain names • more mailboxes • web site (simple business card or complete shop on line)
  12. 12. Cloud Pro When mature : Provide small companies with a suite of applications adapted to their needs and available in an online market place Microsoft Office 365, group contract managed by Corporate collaborative work office automation accounting and finance marketing and communication customer relationship management subscription on line or in shops cloud services with revenue share between Orange and service providers International partners and partners from your countries 11
  13. 13. Orange Cloud for Business Orange onecloud project revenue boost Orange Affiliates customers OBS customers Orange Consumer Cloud savings & internal transformation Orange Affiliates internal needs Orange transformation - Sirius onecloud: think, design, build and run on a converged portfolio cloud infrastructure OBS Data centers 12 Orange France Data centers Orange Poland Data centers Orange AMEA Data centers?
  14. 14. onecloud - Flexible Computing for Orange • Enterprise grade IaaS cloud service built on a VMware multi tenant technology. • Self service customers can provision infrastructure solutions in their own Virtual Data Centre environments (VDC) Cloud consumers France • Delivered on highly available and secure Orange managed infrastructure. (Monsouris, Lodz and Normandie) Poland Governance & Catalogue Cloud Suppliers • Open to all Orange group affiliates via country VPN or GIN. Cloud provider France Cloud provider OBS OBS Fonr Cloud provider Poland AMEA • Building block approach for compute, network and storage Other Spain Other Belgium • Public and private catalogues. Upload your own images and templates. • Operated by Orange operations teams. • “Pay as you go” or “fixed contract” consumption models • Application portability from existing VMware environments 13 Orange presentation France Telecom - Orange restricted
  15. 15. Value proposition based on Virtual Data Centre (VDC) Concept Country project … entity … Cloud resource pool Page 14
  16. 16. Multi purpose virtual data centres B2B customers SME customers SaaS applications Customer Service Lifecycle Management Country Operations Countries France Poland Spain Other OBS onecloud for Mauritius onecloud for Ivory coast onecloud for Senegal onecloud for Cameroon AMEA Belgium orange cloud platform compute storage network Virtual servers File Block elastic e security zones onecloud Operations Cloud IT Factories connectivity: GIN, VPN, Internet IT Factory France IT Factory OBS IT Factory Poland Other physical resources DC, power, aircon, servers, storage, firewall, load balancing, Page 15
  17. 17. simplified roadmap Q3 2014 • • complementary services Professional Services Transition management Q3 2014 Premium Services managed services catalogue managed application monitored OS Q1 2014 Flexible Computing Express Flexible Storage intensive usage, APIs HOSTING Q4 2013 Flexible Computing Advanced IaaS products Q3 2014 simplicity, plug & play sync & share, archive storage compute Network and Security Page 16
  18. 18. mark.wigington@orange.com THANK YOU 17 Orange presentation