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Where You Can Sell Your Event Tickets


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Looking to post an event in minutes and sell tickets to your event with event hosting websites. To learn more visit:

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Where You Can Sell Your Event Tickets

  1. 1. W H E R E Y O U C A N S E L L Y O U R E V E N T T I C K E T S
  2. 2. OV ERV IEW There's a lot of things that goes into organizing a successful event. Fortunately, there's some great ticketing options that will free up time and let you focus on making your event awesome. Event hosting websites is one of the best option where you can create, promote and sell events tickets online.
  3. 3. With the help of event hosting websites, you can publish your event page where attendees can register and buy tickets. Online ticket sales system for events gives you complete control over your ticketing, promotion, and attendee management requirements. You can always come back to edit your published event. So, now it is easy to sell event tickets online but now the question is where you can sell your event tickets.
  4. 4. EVENT TICKET RESALE SITES If yo u are lo o kin g to sell even t tic kets o n li n e, th en yo u m u st b e u sed even t tic ket res ale sites. W h ile sellin g even t t ic kets th e first p lac e th at yo u h ave to p ay atten tio n at is resale sites. M ean in g p eo p le resell its` even t tic kets th at th ey’ve p revio u sly p u r c h ased fro m a p rim ar y seller. 1
  5. 5. Th ere are m an y g en eral ru n - o f- th e- m ill, b u y- an d - sell w eb sites. eB ay is a g o o d exam p le o f o n e. Y o u c an u se th is w eb site as an o p tio n to sell tic kets fo r even ts. Th e m o st in terestin g th in g h ere is an au c tio n m ec h an ic . Th erefo re, p o ten tially yo u c an sell even t tic kets o n lin e an d at h ig h er p ric es. 2
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE FORUMS 3 Create a Facebook event and promote it. Add payment instructions in the description Write selling posts in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. Hashtags. They’re a complementary addition to your posts Paste the event link in forums
  7. 7. SELF-SERVICE TICKETING SITES 4 This types of platforms will help you handle a routine job: Payments accepted, tickets issuing, keeping of guest statistics, tracking of sales, etc. Itmight be as useful as your right hand.
  8. 8. TRADITIONAL TICKETING AGENTS 5 Traditional ticketing agents can do the dirty work for you: promotion, sales, and distribution. Ifyou’re already a big name or you’re a large conferences organizer, it might be your go-to choice. Keep in mind, if you need small-and-medium- sized-events solutions, such agents most likely will be overqualified for you.
  9. 9. L E A R N M O R E A T S A Y H E L L O